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man made problems

Updated on October 12, 2015


Today, people think that having a good status symbol in the society is of utmost importance. They don't even know what status actually means. They think that status comes from owning a luxury car and a bungalow. Status is actually the respect that one earns from his or her good deeds. Households have more number of cars than the number of family members.

This thought process of people has led to many problems such as traffic jams, pollution, encroachment, road rage, and end number of such problems. Even for going to a place at a short distance, they use a car. In my view, they just want to flaunt their luxurious lives. Underage driving is another upcoming problem. I don't get to know how parents allow their children to drive at such a young age. They are putting their life in danger.

To reduce such problems we need strict laws and proper implication of such laws. Teaching moral values in schools is a must because students nowadays don't give value to relationships. Parents play a dominant role in a child's life and should teach him or her values and importance of life and not to flaunt things and take life easy.


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