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Man of Steel: A ShadowSphere Review

Updated on October 16, 2014

Man of Steel: Why I liked it, hated it, and loved it.

I wanted to do a review on Man of Steel for a while now. I'm glad I didn't rush to put it out though. Mostly because I was able to soak it all in, other reviews and the movie itself. I've heard a lot of people that hated it, usually for reasons that could only be described as people that were looking forward to the movie as being a love movie or a happy feel good movie that all the previous movies were which I enjoyed by the way. Or they were just Batman fans that just couldn't help comparing it to the Nolan series. Others complained it was to violent and just a punching match.

My overall opinion of the Man of Steel is that it blows the rest of the DC live action movies out of the water. A step forward in the right direction. The 2 hour and 23 minute film was definitely worth the wait after Superman Returns failed to give us something new and exciting. A must see if you haven't by now.

Warning Spoilers May be Ahead

Why I liked it.

The Cast was perfect, every one of them embodied the character they portrayed. I liked seeing Krypton with more life than when it was shown as a desolate one city frozen planet. The Superman suit was great how he got it was kind of unusual. I did find the whole concept of there not being a natural birth on Krypton in centuries interesting to say the least. I liked how the fighting scenes reminded me of the old cartoons where entire building would come down from crashing into them. I was definitely relived to not have to see another Superman movie that revolved a good portion of the movie on the romantic side of Lois and Clark.

Why I hated it.

I don't actually hate anything about the movie just would of preferred a few things. The speed of the scenes, I would have liked them to spend a little less time with the flashback scenes. If the Fight scenes were a little more personal and slowed down a little would have been nice. I do miss the crystal concept, the basis of the Fortress of Solitude.

Why I loved it.

I loved all the unique changes to the story that they made. But, one of the best parts of this movie was the special effects from the first flight scene to the heat vision. I loved that they showed that Superman and Kryptonians are not only vulnerable to kryptonite and how Superman gets stronger over time. The ending of the film was surprising but I see where they were taking the series like any other comic book fan probably realized. If not their inclinations were confirmed with the name of the sequel Superman Vs. Batman.

Justice League: War [Blu-ray]
Justice League: War [Blu-ray]

One of the best animated films by DC. I might review this film.

Superman Returns (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Superman Returns (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Do a little comparison with the previous films.


Some Great Videos

Don't watch the How It Should Have Ended or the Everything Wrong With... video until you have watched the move. The first two videos are the trailers for Man of Steel.

Did you Love or Hate this movie? Or Both? Let us know your opinion in the Comments.

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What's Your Opinion? I will be adding and making corrections to this lens. Leave suggestions if you'd like.

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