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I am scared but fighting!!!!

Updated on August 22, 2013


If only death will make us meet,

Wait until I am dead.

If I live the right path but never be light

I would rather die than to live in Dark.

I tried to live the way you want

But if living in your life is like insane

And seems no more winnings

If the life I live is just full of pains.

If you only feel what I feel

And you see what I see

Then seems things will be more okay,

And no more questions to say.

And behind the smiles I know you cry.

If you only try to hide,

It would crush your heart.

And you know it’s not the real what you want.

Let the rain flow, until the floods show.

If you see the rain it means I am crying.

I just want to release the burden

Can you stop the rain and let the shine begins.

It seems I was living in Antarctica it was so Dark

And only once a year the sun comes out after a cold dark night

Then it is the start of a big celebration when the light is there.


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