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X-men: Summers Family Tree

Updated on June 26, 2016

The Summers Family

It's hard to find someone in the Marvel universe who hasn't been touched by the Summers Family in some way or another. You have the leader of a nation, the wandering space pilot,the time traveling hero and multiple incarnations of the Phoenix force. It's quite the family name to live up to.Then add in the high probabilty of breeding Omega class Mutants. You get an Omega X-men Family.

I'm going to try to keep the descriptions brief. If you desire to learn more pick up the comics

Marvel Genealogy - Sinister has done half the work for us

Mr.Sinister has always been obsessed with the Summers family tree. The Summers have a strong apititude for creating Omega Class mutants. For that they must be hounded by Sinister all their lives. As Nathaniel Essex he steered the life of Daniel Summers (father to Corsair and Grandfather to Cyslops). As Mr. Milbury he ran the Orphanage that raised both Alex and Scott Summers. More recently he enginered a clone of Jean Grey to fall in love with Scott Summers.

Watch for my upcoming Mr. Sinister lense


Christopher Summers

Air Force Major Christopher Summer took is family for a joy ride in his personnal airplane. What he didn't expect was that he would be attacked by aliens called the Shi'ar. The Shi'ar being on an exploratory mission wanted to go unseen and thus had to destroy all witness. As the plane was going down Christopher (Air Force Major) realized he only had one parachute(Brilliant!). He put is two young boys Scott and Alex into the one chute and prayed they would hit the ground intact. While Scott and Alex survived Christopher and his wife were captured and taken back to the Shi'ar home world. Once there his wife was killed and he was sent to the slave pits of Alsibar.

While on Alsibar he starts a rebellion with himself and the other prisoners. They Steal a ship which they name the starjammer and start getting revenge on the Shi'ar as pirates...but good pirates. He later runs into the X-Men on a Shi'ar world fighting the Shi'ar imperial guard. The X-Men Phoenix using her telepathy discovers his reletionship to her teammate Cylops but agrees to keep it a secret. Eventually both Scott and Alex learn the truth about their father.

In a recent story arc Christopher Summers was killed while fighting his 3rd son (Vulcan).

In New Mutants Scott names one of the squads "the corsairs' in honor of his father.

Powers: None, Yup that's it. Corsair was a great pilot and is in extremely good shape for his age due to a long military career.

Corsair and Friends - Starjammer comics


Scott Summers

This is the big one. He simply has to much information to cover. So I'll be giving the quick version. While Scott's family was on a trip in his fathers plane they were attacked by a Shi'ar ship. Scott and his brother used the sole parachute to escape and believed their parents gone. Scott would eventually end up in an orphanage run by Mr. Milbury aka Nathaniel Essex aka Mr. Sinister. Mr. Milbury subjects Scott to a battery of tests and experiments until he turn sixteen and runs away. Once on the street he is taken in by Charles Xavier and after his mutant power manifest becomes the first of Xavier's X-men. Later Joined by Beast, Angel,Iceman and Jean Grey. The latter of which he begins a romantic reletionship with.

Scott is the only Original member thought to be alive after the incident with Krakoa. He then takes to to training the next group of X-men. As members come and go Scott remains a constant at Xavier's school for the gifted feeling his powers restrict him from living a normal life. Although after the death of Jean he does leave briefly.

Later he marries and fathers a child with Madelyn Prior. Who is actually a genetic clone of Jean Grey created by Mr.sinister. The child would grow up to be the time traveling hero Cable. Eventually it his realized that Jean is in fact not dead but in suspended animation due to the Phoenix force. Scott leaves his wife and child to return to Jean(nice guy). As expected Madelyn Prior with a little currupting becomes jealous and attempts to exact her revenge. Mr.Sinister shows up and explains that she is in fact just a clone and that he has been pulling the strings in Scott's life since he was a child. Madelyn not being able to face the truth that she is a clone of the woman her husband left her for kills herself. Scott seemingly defeat Sinister in anger and try to move on with his life. Unfortunately his son his infected with the techo-organic virus and he is forced to send him to the future with hopes of a cure. Feeling Jean his slipping away from him he begins a psychic affair with Emma Frost (white queen).

Since the recent Avengers vs Xmen arc, Cyclops has been in Prison.

He makes the hard choices for mutant kind. Even at the cost of his humanity.

After the events of M-day he is kidnapped by Vulcan who is revealed to be the 3rd Summers brother. Vulcan exposes a plan Xavier put in motion to make Scott forget his brother and other dead friends. Disgusted Scott tells Xavier to leave the school as it is no longer his and he has lost sight of what it means.

During the Civil War Scott sympathizes with the Anti Registration movement but as leader for mutant kind refuses to get involved.

When the first Mutant after M-day is born Scott leads a team to Alaska to find the child. The child is eventually taken by Cable and Scott sends Wolverine and X-force to bring back the child. After all of this he does allow Cable to take the child. The Child would later show up as a teenager named Hope Summers.

Scott turns Asteriod M into an Island he calls Utopia off the coast of San Francisco and claims it as it's own nation. He invites all mutant kind to Utopia and for awhile lives in peace. Slowly a rift is formed between Scott and Logan ending in a climactic battle which causes Logan to leave with a handful of mutants to open the Jean Grey school for the Gifted. With key figures like Beast and Wolverine gone he begins to doubt himself.

In the Recent Avenger vs X-men arc Scott obtains the Phoenix force and begins to alter the world as he sees fit. Currpted by power he kills his long time mentor Charles Xavier and attacks his current girlfriend Emma Frost. Doing this cause him to become the Dark Phoenix. In a joined effort of the X-men and Avenger Scott is weakened enough that Hope is able to absorb the Phoenix and redistribute it amongst the world. The after effect being thousands of mutant coming in to the powers all over the world. Scott is placed in a specialized cell but shows no remorse. Saying he would do it all again if he had to.

Powers: Scott's eyes act as inter-dimensional appetures allowing energy from another dimension to enter his own. He is able to fire "optic blast" of varying degrees. The blast demonstrate a constructive force but have been shown to burn as well. As field leader of the X-Men he has developed fantastic tactical skills. He also acts as the team pilot.

Past/Current Cyclops

When the X-Man Beast wanted to show adult Scott Summers the error of his ways he brought a past version of Scott forward in time. This young teenage Cyclops is now stranded in the modern era and is currently the only Cyclops in Marvel comics due to the events of Secret Wars.

Cyclops confronts Dad


Alex Summers

For some reason In the new X-men:Apocalypse movie he is much much older than his brother Cyclops.

After being dropped from an airplane Alex and his brother Scott were found and sent to an orphanage. Unlike Scott Alex was adopted out quickly. Unfortunately the family who adopted Alex had recently lost their beloved son Todd. The Blanding treated Alex as if he were the son the had lost (Todd). Alex did his best to keep the new family happy but when confronted by the bully who was responsible for the death of Todd. His powers emerged and he incinerated the boy. Mr. Sinister who had taken an interest in the Summers bloodline was impressed but Alex's enormous power. Mr. Sinister decided it would be best to psychicly block Alex's powers until he was older and erase his memories of the incident.

Years later while in College Alex had his first run in with the X-men when a villain called the Living Pharoah kidnapped him. The Living Pharoah sharing similar powers with Alex was able to feed off him and become near unstoppable. With the X-men near defeat Alec broke free of his constraints and saved the day. At this point is power was limited by how desperate Alex was. His control over his power would be a reaccureing problem for years to come.

Later taking the code name Havok, Alex went on possibly the widest array of adventures that any X-man has. He spent a great deal of time as an on and off again member of the X-men,led a government funded X-force,fought an intergalactic Civil war to defeat is brother vulcan,lived in an alternate reality has the hero "mutant x" and took the lead as head of Starjammers.

Currently he leads the team "Uncanny Avengers"

Powers: Alex has the passive abilty to absorb "cosmic radiation". He is able to release this radiation through body usually through his arms or chest. At a low frequency this causes his targets headaches and illness and on high frequencies can cause great amounts of force or make things explode. He also has a natural immunity to most forms of radiation including his brother optic blasts.


Gabriel Summers

Katherine and Christopher Summers (Corsair) were captured by the Shi'ar during a family outing. Katherine was pregnant at the time of abduction. While it appeared her unborn child was killed along with at the hands of Shi'ar emperor D'ken the fetus was actually taken from her lifeless body and put into incubation. The idea being as reached adolesence through incubation he would be used as a slave.

Years later Gabriel is sent to earth as a slave for a Shi'ar agent on earth. After escaping he is found by Moira MacTaggert who introduces him to Charles Xavier. Gabriel eventually joins the X-men. On a mission to Krakoa Gabriel using the code name Vulcan is thought to have been killed. Krakoa is launched into space and Charles Xavier erases the memory of the incident from everyones mind.

Years later after the events known as "M-day" he is awoken and returns to earth to seek his revenge. Using Marvel Girl's telepathic ability he forces Xavier to reveal to everyone what happened. As it turns out Gabriel was able to hurt Krakoa and save Scott. In doing so reveals himself to be Scott's brother. The X-men while horrified buy this revelation decide Gabriel is to dangerous to be left alive and attack him. After easily repelling their attacks he renounces his heritage and leaves earth to find the man who killed his mother.

Now being called solely Vulcan. He takes his revenge on D'ken and declares himself Shi'ar emperor. Through a a Shi'ar Civil war he is forced to fight his brother (Havok) and kill his father (Corsair). After a fight with Black Bolt (of the inhumans and current Kree leader) he is thought to be dead.

Powers:Vulcan has the near limitless power to conrol and redirect energy....of any kind. The potential for this crazy.

Vulcan Comics

Super Summer Bro BRAWL!!

You have the master tactician, the powerful hot head and the near god like but unstable lost son

But which one would win in a fight?

Who Wins?

See results


Nathan Summers

Cable is a character out of time. He first shows up to fight Stryfe's Mutant Liberation Front. The New Mutants were also in conflict with Stryfe and asked for his help. Before long he was leading the team. After the some time the team changed it's name to X-Force. Around this point it's revealed that Cable has actually come from the future to prevent the rise of Apocalypse. As it turns out he is actually the son of Scott Summers and Madelyn Prior sent to the future.

As a baby Nathan Summers was infected by the techno-organic virus by Apocolypse. Slowly the virus ate away at his body,turning one of arms into organic metal. Luckily a woman claiming to be from the future name mother Askani (Rachel Summers) showed up and offered to take him to the future and save him. With no choice Scott and Jean accepted the offer. Later they would be brought to the future as well to raise the boy for 12 years. Jean (the source of his mothers DNA) taught him to use his telepathic abilities to keep the Techno-organic virus at bay. Nathan would grow up in this world and before losing his parent (who he didn't know were his parents) would defeat Apocalypse.

At one point Cable would gain full advantage of his powers and use them to make the whole world inot "good" people for a time. Although he has since never been able to reach that potential.

During the Messiah War Cable takes the child into the future to protect her. He meets a woman named Hope and settles down for a while the child grows. It seems he has found a normal life for himself and the child. Unfotunatly it doesn't last and Hope is killed while defending the child. Cable escaped through time with the child and names the child in honor of her adopted mother. During the Second Coming story arc Cable is supposedly killed by the TO virus in his bloodstream.

Cable would later return and be purified by the adult Hope now channeling the Phoenix Force. With the TO virsu gone and his body healed he vows to be there to help in the future.

Powers: Cable telepathic powers have often been limited by his need to control the virus in his own body. Though on occasion he has accopmlished feats of an Omega class telepath. Half of his body is made from Techno-Organic metal which give him strength and durablilty as well as the ability to interface with most forms of technology. His techno-organic eye gives him superhuman eyesight.



The baby Nathan Summers was sent to the future to save his life from the Techno-Organic virus. He was cared for by the Askani. The Askani believing he was destined to save the world cloned him. The clone child would be identical except for the lack of the TO virus. Apocolypse attacked the askani and believing the clone to be Nathan stole the child. Believing the child would be the perfect host body he raised him to be the cruel and pwerful Stryfe. After Apocalypse was defeated by Cable,Scott and Jean Grey, Styfe would continue to fight them at every chance.

Styfe found his way back 2000 years to the modern era. Once there he would form a terrorist group Called the Mutant Liberation Front. The MLF would go head to head against the New Mutants. Bringing him to confront Cable again. He would use his likeness to Cable to infultrate the X-men and attempt to assasinate Proffesor X. Cable defeats Stryfe but due to is telepathihc ability Styfe hides his consciousness inside Cable's mind.

Somehow Styfe was revived alongside the dark riders but was defeated again by the combined efforts of Madelyn Prior and Nate Grey.

Powers: Styfe has all the power that his counterpart Cable has. Only his is not limited by the need to control the Techno-Organic virus. Working with Apocalypse he gained many physical enhancements.


Tyler Dayspring

While Tyler's true parentage has never been revealed he at least started his life with Cable and the askani. He would later be abducted by Styfe. Years later he appeared as a soldier of Stryfe and in an altercation is shot by Cable. Returning from the dead, Tyler travels back 2000 years to get revenge on his father (Cable).

He would die again after an elaborate plot to use Deadpool against Cable. Afterwords weapons dealers from all over would looke for his legacy. Supposedly and ultimate weapon (Zero). Offcourse he ouwld return one more time. Claiming to be the hier to Apocalypse he would confront and be killed be Wolverine.

Powers: Can project hologrphic images of his or others memories.

Messiah Complex Comics

The Messiah Complex gives you a lot of the Summers family. Cable,Stryfe,Hope and Cyclops.

Hope Summers

Mutant Messiah

Hope summers is the first Mutant born after the event known as M-day. Which left all but 198 of the worlds mutants without powers. The Purifiers, a fanatical anti-mutant group want to kill her because the time travelling sentinal Nimrod showed them a vision. The vision shows the child grow to be something of any antichrist killing millions of human in an instant attack. This is also the era of mutant persecution that Bishop comes from. They attack her hometown killing all the newborn children trying to find her. Luckily she is saved by the X-man Cable.

Cable flees with the child through time being chased by Bishop. During one of their battles Bishop damages Cable time traveling device leaving him the ability to only go forward in time. After many jumps forward they find a safe haven and settle down for a few years. Cable even marries a woman named Hope who becomes the child's adoptive mother. With relative peace they live togethor until the child is seven. After an attack by an insectoid race calling themselves the United States Army it is revealed that Bishop has deystroyed all other continets in an effort to box them in. While on the run Cable's wife hope is shot and killed. The child is named Hope in her honor.

During the Messiah War arc Hope is kidnapped by Stryfe. Who is actually working alongside Bishop. X-force consisting of Wolverine,warpath,x-23 and Elixer are sent by Cyclops to go get her back along with Cable who only wants to save Hope. She is eventally saved but as Cable attempts to teleport them further she kicks away from him. Hope and Cable land two years apart in time but are eventually brought back togethor with Hope now age eleven.

Returning to the modern era and joins the X-men. Shortly afterword she begins to manifest signs of the phoenix force which immediately followed by 5 new mutants showing up on Cerebro. Cyclops sends Hope to track and recruit the mutants. These 5 become hope team referred to as "the lights". Hope continues to help new mutants with aid of the lights.

With the Phoenix Force heading to earth to bond with Hope the Avengers and X-men go head to head. The Avengers wanting to protect her from it and the X-men believe her bonding with the phoenix will jump start the mutant population. Wolverine finds Hope surrounded by her unconscious teamates and showing sign of the phoenix. Wolverine attacks her but is easily overwhelmed by the Phoenix powered Hope. Hope steals a ship and offers Wolverine a deal. If she can't contain the phoenix, he can kill her. The two head too the blue side of the moon to meet the Phoenix force but are followed by Cyclops,Emma frost,Colossus,Magik and Namor. The phoenix then bonds with the 5 X-men instead.

Currently she is training with Spider-man

Powers:Hope can Mimic and Manipulate mutant genes. Within proximity she can mimic other mutant powers.

Marvel Girl

Rachel Summers

Rachel comes from Earth-811, the main Marvel universe being 616. She is the daughter of Scott summers and Jean grey. In Her reality the assination attempt of Robert Kelly failed. The backlash was mutant registration and a reintroduction of the sentinal program. Rachel was abudcted and was hypnotized into using her vast telepatathic powers to hunt other mutants. Forced to kill other mutants she eventually seccumbed to her grief and attacked the man running the program (Ahab). Ahab was left scarred btu survived. With no more use for Rachel she was sent to the mutant concentration camps. There, she befriended the mutant rebel forces and her lover Franklin RIchards (of the Fantastic Four).

Intending to reverse all this she attempted to send herself back in time. She succeeded in going back but landed on Earth 616. Her father Scott Summers in this reality was married to Madelyn Prior. Who was pregnant with the boy nathan (cable) this caused a psychic backlash that gave Rachel extreme headaches. As Rachel was the first born in her reality.

Regardless Rachel joined the X-men. Finding a Shi'ar crystal with a portion of her dead mothers essence in it she vowed to take her roll as the Phoenix. The Phoenix then bonded with her amplifying her already great telepathic and telekenetic powers.With Jean Grey's return from the dead Rachel is able to meet her mother. Jean resent her as a manifestation of the Phoenix (who she believes stole her life).The two eventually share bond.

While trying to save a time displaced Captain Britan Rachel is pulled 2000 years into future. She lands in a time ruled by Apocaplyse. Always the rebel she gathers a group of survivors to fight Apocalyse and names them the Askani. Under Rachel's training the Askana would bring Nathan to the future with the hope of curing the Techno-Organic virus in him. Apocolypse wanting the child would attack and severely injure her. Hooked up to life support she would pull Jean and Scott throught time to raise Nathan was his adoptive parents Slym and Redd. Ten years later she would die sending Jean and scott back to their rightful place in time.

Nathan now an adult and using the codename Cable would find the and save the time displaced Rachel. After returning to modern earth 616 she would inroll herself in college in an attempt to live a normal life. She would rejoin the X-men soon after though. Taking on the name Marvel Girl to honor her newly re-dead mother. After the events of M-day sentinals were placed at the X-mansion. This reminded Rachel of the future she came from. Leading her to leave and Join Excalibur.

Currently Rachel is part of the staff at the Jean Grey school for the gifted. Although she sided with Wolverine in schism she still supported her father in the Avenger vs X-men arc.

Powers:Rachel has vast telepathihc and telekinetic powers. Comparable to Nate Grey. As they are both the first born children of Scott and Jean. While she does not have the finesse of most power house psychics in the Marvel universe she make up for it in power. She has had very little formal training in her abilities and thus "weaker" mutants of similar abilites of bested her in combat (psylocke,emma frost). She also has the ability to move herself or others minds through time. With the Phoenix force she is shown to have all the powers her mother had and more.

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost from Earth 1191.

Living in Atlantic City with her now aged father Cyclops. Ruby meets Layla Miller (who knows things). Layle convinces Ruby and her father to start the Summers rebellion. Alongside Layle Miller and Jaime Maddox she would fight and Elderly Dr.Doom

Powers: Ruby has optic blast Similar to her father but witht he limitation of needing to regenerate. She also has an organic ruby form similar to her mothers diamond form. In this form she does not age or need sustenance to survive. She fears her age will catch up to her if she leaves her ruby form. Thus she hasn't left it in decades.

Must have Comics


Nate Grey

Nate Grey is the results of genetic tampering by Mr. Sinister on earth-295. Sinister (Nathaniel Essex) uses the DNA of Jean Grey and Scott Summers to creat Nate. Nate was created to be the ultimate mutant a and destroy Apocolypse who ruled this timeline. During a raid of Sinister's lab Cyclops saved Nate and took him back to join the rebel forces. Forge took Nate under his wing and gave him Spiritual guidance. Later during the fight with Apocalypse Nate is sent to Earth-616 were he joins the X-men.

Powers: Nate is able to tap into the psychic forces of the astral plain. He can move through reality as well as move others. In combat he has shown telekinetic abilities and can fire Psychic blasts which can cause severe pain on contact. His telepathic and precognitive powers add to is already extensive power set. Upon investigation Moira Mactaggart determined his powers rival that of the Phoenix.

The Third Summers Brother

In modern day comics the third Summers brother is Vulcan and it has been for a few years but that's always subject to change. Here are the other possible Summers brother.

Adam X: Adam X was at one supposed to be a Summers brother. His story was overwritten by Vulcan's origin

Gambit: Gambit shares the same genetic material as Cyclops. He could have been the 3rd Summers brother.

Apocalypse: When the character was being created there was some talk of him being the third Summers brother. Obviously they went in a different direction.

Honorable Mentions

Below here are characters that could be,may be or are distant from Summer heritage

Adam X

Adam X The X-treme was another attempt at making a 3rd Summers brother. The original idea being that he is the son of Katherine Summers and the Shi'ar emperor D'ken. It was even hinted in the comics. The writer behind this left Marvel before this could come to fruition and Adam X was left behind. Do to resent events in Vulcan's story it seem impossible that Adam X was the son of Katherine Summers. In Vulcan's origin it is explained that he was pulled from his dieing mothers womb and that he is the child of Christopher and Katherine Summers.

Does anyone else think he looks like Jay from jay and silent Bob?


Jonathan Reed Richards

Hyperstorm is the son of Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards, Grandson of Cyclops and Reed Richards. Growing up in a world overrun by mutant and superhero hunting sentinals Jonathan his forced to use his powers to take over. As Hyperstorm he took control of earth and the eventually his reality.

Powers: Hyperstorm has the ability to alter reality on a universal scale.


Remy Labeau

Originaly Gambit was designed to be the third Summers brother but was instead given his own identity. His apearance (dark hair and red eyes) is similar to Scott's and his ability to Manipulate kenetic energy does fit the Summers profile. To this day it has not been established in the main Marvel universe (earth-616).

In X-men:The End it is revealed that Gambit was created by Mr. Sinister when he mixed Scott's DNA with his own. Again this is an alternate reality version and may not be true in the (earth-616) He does seem like he could be the lost Summers brother.

What do you think?

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    • takkhisa profile image


      6 years ago

      Amazing lens with such information.

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      6 years ago

      Love this lens. It is curious, though that the mutant line got very very strong when Jean Grey was added into the mix.

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      6 years ago

      Great legendary figures

    • ShadowSphereOT profile image


      6 years ago from U.S.

      Great lens. Cyclops was always my favorite of the X-men.

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      shawnhi77 lm 

      6 years ago

      Really nice lens. Its full of great information

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      6 years ago

      Very informative!

    • Projectlazy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      The Summers are kind of a consistency in Marvel. No matter when you read comics there's probably another Summers being debuted

    • Isabellas-cabin profile image


      6 years ago

      Great information! I know my kids really love this as well, but I do not follow the X-Men like I used to so I had my daughter read it.

    • Projectlazy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks to Everyone at /co/ for the help putting this togethor


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