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Mary Moore New Zealand Harlequin author

Updated on May 31, 2012


Mary Moore wrote several Harlequin Romances in the 1970's and 1980's. The books were set in New Zealand. I am slowly reading all the vintage books and when I do, I add more book details to the descriptions in bold.

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When she arrived unexpectedly to visit her brother on his New Zealand sheep station, Susan was taken aback to be greeted by his partner, Andrew McKenzie, with the news that women were not welcome. However, she stayed 'the night. And then found herself staying for another night . . . and another ...


You were advised not to come, " Craig had told Joanne when she arrived at the New Zealand Farm she had inherited, to which she replied, " I was never madly good at taking advice. " It was obvious that Craig was lead to do his best to make Joanne sellout, but something made her equally determined to stay. .


Judy had gone to work on Mark Palmer's farm while she tried to make up her mind whether or not to continue her engagement to Bruce Clarkson. Misjudging Bruce and breaking her engagement was upsetting enough; meeting Mark only added to Judy's confusion...she'd fallen in love with a selfish, calculating, greedy man who would marry a woman for her least he'd been honest with her.


Fern Fraser had been hitchhiking when she was hurt in a crash, which led to the driver, Hamish Alexander, inviting her to stay at Matai Valley. Mr. Alexander was nice, which was more than she could say for his nephew Brett, who described her as a "footloose and fancy free type, going around the country bludging rides instead of paying her way." But Fern is a nurse who got fed up with her job and decided to travel around New Zealand. She doesn't tell Brett because he makes such foolish assumptions about. Mr Alexander who is very sick and he is looking for a wife for Brett. He and Brett own a couple of farms.


“You have no proof he’s my father!” Morgan had quickly answered Katriona Carmichael’s challenge. “Proof?” he echoed. “You’re so much like him it’s ridiculous—an attractive, utterly feminine version of a proud, stubborn bad-tempered old man.” Morgan’s words still rang in her ears. All her life she’d yearned to know she had a father, and the temptation to accept Ross Carmichael’s invitation to New Zealand was overpowering. Even more overwhelming was the urge to see Morgan Grant again.

When Morgan comes to see Katriona at her office, she avoids him. Katriona is sure he is another matchmaking candidate from her much-married mother. Katriona's mother would never talk about her father, so she assumes she is illegitimate. But Morgan says she is not, he also thinks Katriona wrote a letter claiming to be Ross's daughter. It turns out a relative wrote the letter and her father had known nothing about her. Her mother deserted her father when he was injured . This was after she killed Morgan's parents. Morgan works for Ross on his station. Katriona gets to New Zealand, from Scotland, and meets Ross. Ross unfortunately has to leave on business but asks her to wait until he gets back..

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This was the time for love to find a way. For five years Shannon had lived for her stepfather and his three daughters. Now she was going to live for herself! She would enjoy life, shun attachments and run before the wind .That's what she was going to do until she met two fatherless children and a mother whose problems seemed insurmountable. Shannon took up their cause like a gauntlet--a gauntlet tossed idly at her feet by hard uncaring James McCabe.


She found more than she'd bargained for! Rowan was thrilled to learn she had a twin sister, Regan, living somewhere on New Zealand's South Island. She was even happier when Jordan Hewitt offered to take her to meet her twin, even if she did have to go along with his strange charade. But unfortunately the whole plan backfired. Rowan found herself held in contempt by Drew, Jordan's highly principled brother -- a man whose respect she discovered she desperately wanted.

Rowan was adopted by a wealthy family and her parents tell her when she turns 20 that she has a twin. She meets Jordan, who at first mistakes her for his girlfriend, Regan. He won't tell Rowan where Regan is unless she agrees to pretend to be Regan on a date. His brother, Drew, gets involved and somehow decides that Rowan is a gold digger.


What was it about him that made her nervous? Serenity had little experience with men, but something warned her Hudson Grey was dangerous. She couldn't see how he could pose any threat to her, though. Her position as his housekeeper on Lake Haupiri station was only temporary, and he believed her engaged. He was planning to marry soon himself. So why was she being such an idiot? Because she didn't trust him, she realized... and she trusted herself even less.


He had stripped her of all her defenses. Vashti Hollis had always been in total control of her life--smoothly climbing the New Zealand corporate ladder by completely ignoring her emotional needs. Her mask of confidence was suddenly torn away, however, when she met Daniel Blake. He was a man who wanted to own her completely. And to be honest, she found herself wanting to give in. Now Vashti had a choice. She could lose her hard-won independence--or risk losing her newfound love.

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