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Mathematical Mind

Updated on January 10, 2011

Don't miscalculate me

Mathematical mind, mathematical mind

Why do you think I have a mathematical mind

Are all of you that blind

Can't you see I'm cool and I'm kind

Sure I can add, subract, multiply and divide

But I'm also the one that you could confide

I can make you laugh, I'm the shoulder you need

I don't need your reward for any of my deeds

Mathematical mind, mathematical mind

When you look at me is that all you find

Cuz I'm yellow and articulate and I know how to spell

Are those all the things that you need to dwell

There's art and culture and classical too

Yet you're shocked when I share the same interests as you

Mathematical mind, mathematical mind

Your ignorant thoughts have me in a bind

Why should I have to explain myself

I stuggle like you despite daddy's wealth

My passions don't add up to monetary gain

I do what I do to cope with my pain

My skills and my interests aren't necessarily the same

If you fail at what you love are you to blame

Mathematical mind, mathemical mind

I'm not a toy robot that you can simply wind

I have thoughts and feelings and aspirations to share

if you look past my book cover, I have a soul to bare

Loneliness, emptiness, needfulness are part of me

Despite that I still dream of what still could be

So I hope that you recognize me when I'm old

And recall my disclosures and the details I've told

That I'm not just a mathematical mind

Although I'm the witty and calculating kind

I'm sensitive to what you say and do

I care what you think and I hurt just like you

So try to understand and know me now

If you can't do the math I'll show you how





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