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Sweet Series by Maya Banks

Updated on August 1, 2013

Maya Banks' Sweet Series in Order

Maya Banks' Sweet Series is one of the hottest erotic romance book series like Fifty Shades of Grey. The Sweet Series features six erotic romance books that tell the steamy story of a group of coworkers and friends from Houston, Texas.

With a new hero and heroine featured in each of the Sweet Series books, each one has an erotic tale unlike the last but still feature the same characters through out the series so that you aren't left wondering what happen to your favorite character from the previous book.

The Sweet Series is a must for anyone who likes a hot, sexy book like Fifty Shades of Grey. Best of all, while each book in the series is different from the last, they still blend incredibly well and keep up with all your favorite characters from the previous book. If you want a great, erotic romance series, I strongly suggestion Maya Banks' Sweet Series!

The Sweet Series is a very steamy collection of stories that revolves around a group of friends and coworkers, most of whom are employed by a security company in Houston, Texas. Each book features a unique hero and heroine, but previous characters are often revisited and you get glimpses of old friends and catch up on relationships from previous books.

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Sweet Series by Maya Banks Gets a New Look

Some of you may have already heard of, or started reading the Sweet Series by Maya Banks. You will notice below, that the book covers are much different then they were a few months ago. This is because the author has changed the covers so that they all 'match' and go together well. The previous covers were very provocative and may have been a little over the edge- while the new covers feature a 'sweet' new cover for each book. Don't be alarmed if they don't look the way you remember! They are still the same great books.

A Must Read for Fifty Shades of Grey Fans!

The Sweet Series is listed on the

Top 10 Books Like Fifty Shades of Grey

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