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Medical Astrology - Book Review

Updated on December 19, 2017



The subject of astrology has been called many things. Its sobriquets span the divide between scorn and adulation. Attempts through the ages to exorcise it have proved futile, yet its usefulness remains dubious. A thing that draws such diverse attention must surely have some interesting quality to it.

I have had the opportunity to have a close look at this quality over the last couple of decades. Starting as a skeptic, I stand as one who cautiously accepts its veracity but not it's utility in advancing individual interests. One of the developments from this long exercise has been the need, interest, and pleasure in networking with other researchers across the world. One of them is Ciro Discepolo, who has been practicing astrology for over forty years and has published as many books and more on the subject.

This hubpage is a review of one of his books titled "Fundaments of Medical Astrology"


Bottom of things

We humans have this congenital defect of trying to get to the bottom of things.

Perhaps some mutants amongst us are free of this malady, but I don't think I can count myself in the ranks of those happy beings. Not that we are always awfully successful in our near-nefarious pursuits, but they do provide us with different perspectives of life - those blissful mutants would disdainfully say "to be utterly confused about everything in the bargain".

One such perspective that comes up from these never-ending quests of the probing kind is that life as we know it is a symbolic expression of interacting concepts. And these symbolic expressions can have relevance at various levels of thought. Here is an example.

Linearity and curvature

In general, a straight line is indicative of masculinity and a curved line that of femininity. One manner of their interaction is symbolically expressed as:

* At the conceptual level, it is representative of the interaction of two related but diverse processes.

* At the scientific level, the straight line represents the action of force and the curved line the effect of such an application.

* At the romantic level, it is the weather-beaten notion of a heart and cupid's arrow.

* At the medical level, it is copulation.

* And at the crass level, it is derision.

If one were to analyze the mechanism of existence in the context of the assumption that there is one set of basic laws that govern everything in the universe, then the symbolic representation of these laws would explain parallel processes that happen at various levels of understanding and make them correlatable. The subject of astrology does exactly this.

Astrology, symbols, and correlations

(with relevance to diseases)

Planets and nodes, signs of the zodiac, specific angular positioning of a given pair of planets or nodes, and planet/sign combinations – each of these is associated with a particular disease. There can be more than one such combination connected with a disease and also more than one disease linked to a combination. The more number of combinations for a given disease appear in a birth chart, the greater is the possibility of the disease manifesting in the individual represented by the chart.

Considering headache in its various forms as the disease in focus and deciding to use Chinese characters to represent it (just an aesthetic indulgence), the various astrological combinations associated with it can be represented as follows:

In plain English this would read:

Headache manifests when any one or more of the following combinations occur in a birth chart:

* Moon in Aries

* Sun in the 1st house

* 6th house in Aries

* Mars conjunct Saturn in the 1st house

The severity and persistence of the ailment is greater when more than one of the above occur in the chart.

As symbols are interpretable at various levels, the same combinations could also be use to describe situations in which the ailment will manifest, the trigger that might cause it (such as a nagging spouse, an overbearing boss or a defiant subordinate, overindulgence in amorosity, persistence in gluttony), the period that it would last and the palliative that is likely to be used for alleviation.

The book in focus

"The Fundaments of Medical Astrology" authored by Ciro Discepolo is one of the many books available on this subject. The author also being a practicing astrologer, the feature for which his books stand out is the inclusion of numerous birth charts as examples to explain a concept. This makes understanding what has been described much easier. Needless to mention, the book in focus sports this feature too.

The initial chapter describes the linkages between planets and signs and the different body parts, organs, functional systems. The chapters that follow gradually illustrate the application of such correlations to specific ailments and their likely period of manifestation.

The highlight of the book is the reproduction of an article by Andre Barbault that analyzes the subject from a philosophical perspective. This is a "must-read" for all those curious or serious about the subject.

In one of the later chapters, Ciro Discepolo also presents a possible means of astrologically minimizing the severity of ailments using a method of self-relocation coinciding with solar returns that he has pioneered. He has named this method "Aimed Solar Returns".

The concluding chapters detail results of extensive researches made by his team on samples of hundreds of cases involving people with liver diseases and schizophrenia analyzing correspondence of actual incidence and indicative astrological combinations in birth charts of individuals.

On perspectives

Every school of thought has its own set of basic assumptions that describes a manner of "initial state". When logic is applied to express a sequence of causes and effects beginning from this initial state, it gives rise to a particular perspective of life. Both science and religions follow this procedure. I would say that every one of us do so to develop our respective perspectives about existence. Mine adheres to the concept of there being a common set of laws that governs every object and activity in the universe. From this view-point, the positions of celestial points in a birth chart and their subsequent motions in time should be correlatable to every happening in our lives. If they are alterable, the correlations will have no meaning.

Those who subscribe to a slightly different set of basic assumptions will be able to explain this scenario in a different manner. The contention would then be between the various sets of assumptions as to which one of them is correct. In my view, such contentions are meaningless, as assumptions cannot be proved based on arguments derived from them.

It all boils down to the fact that we like to see things from a perspective that appeals to us and is convincing to our thought-process. On this note, I would say that for those who are open to the notion of such correlations, Ciro Discepolo's book "The Fundaments of Medical Astrology" provides great insight on how to do this practically. And to those among them who also believe in the possibility of being able to alter likely happenings, the book explains a simple astrological method to attempt accomplishing this as well.


Your opinion please ...

Astrology is praised, condemned, or disregarded with or without being understood; not used, used or misused for various purposes; has drawn every manner of attention possible during its period of existence that parallels that of humans.

How do you see it?

The subject of astrology is ...

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    • wilfredpadilla profile image

      wilfredpadilla 5 years ago

      I really like how you format your lenses!

    • ronaldpakasi profile image

      ronaldpakasi 5 years ago

      Very interesting lens! Thanks for sharing...:)

    • profile image

      FashionMommy 5 years ago

      Great lens! Thanks for sharing.

    • beaworkathomemom profile image

      beaworkathomemom 5 years ago

      Thank you for interesting lens!

    • profile image

      Terrie_Schultz 5 years ago

      Interesting lens. I had my astrological chart done once, and it was amazingly accurate. I don't know how it works, but I think there is something to it.