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mending hart

Updated on August 20, 2015

mending hart

I am at a loss,

short of breath, short on rest.

Lost somewhere in between

your memories and my dreams.

Dizzy from love,

Misplaced feelings to overcome.

Disoriented and intoxicated

from the volatile fumes you create.

A tragedy in the making

straight from the start.

Premonitions validate

this fear of a broken heart.

Yet, I am still weakened by your breathing

and the overwhelming feeling

of your skin pressed against me.

Yet, I have already seen our ending.

You are no more than a muse,

My heart I only thought was mending.

But as the seconds tick away the days,

Our love begins to fade.

So, once again,

In the end,

Only art can mend a broken heart.

~zayleen pain 8/28/15


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