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mental Closet...Slightly Untidy.

Updated on November 30, 2009

Mental Closet Slighty Untidy!!!





I thought I might
have a new poem
while I was rooting around
in the clutter
of my brain cavity.

Thoughts were all

lying in a jumble
like the puzzle
on the funny pages,
scrambled with no clue
until fully assembled.

I searched and sorted
through stuff that hadn't seen
the light bulb over my head in years.

Cobwebbed gray matter
left to wallow in the mass
like fruit suspended
in two month old jello.

But then suddenly
I came upon a memory
long forgotten
and it overwhelmed me.

Creativity vanished
under a brainwave of nostalgia
as I surfed the flow.

I studied that
dusty file turning
each page reverently
even though
it was just a kiss
from a girl who never was
more then just a few kisses.

But God the possibilites
even now through my mind flew.

Her dark hair in lengthy tresses
and brown eyes that grabbed
and held me
like the fingers
of an eager bride.

The feel of her hair
across my chest and neck,
tickling me as she bent
to plant a kiss on my lips,
in a manner so graceful
and loving that,
I thought for sure
she was the one.

Like a thirsty colt
suckling milk
I strained to hold
her lips there forever
but she was gone in
just several months
till now.

When she tumbled
all these many years later
out of the clutter
of my mind's
collected obscurities.

No poem...
this time
just a fond
face crinkling

grin over
of a kiss
and the smile
it still brought to me.


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