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Updated on November 27, 2015

See the caterpillar,drag his way across the door,

trying to find the greener grass,always wishing he had more,

creepy crawlers seem to scare them,pretty winged ones are adored,

imagine what could be done and the heights that he could soar?

,imagine all of the places,that with wings he could explore,so with silly imitations,his back he would decor,

blades of glass he tried on,but unfortunately they tore,two stuck pieces of cardboard wouldn't get him off the floor,

With a desire that can't be fulfilled,whats the point on living for?,to live to never live out the dreams he keeps in store?,why'd he have to be a caterpillar, when thats not who he was in the core?, seeing all the trouble, down came one of the pretty winged ones and swore:,"life is a about keeping both joy and hope alive,its not about keeping score,some day little caterpillar, you will become everything that you wish for'


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