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Updated on April 17, 2012

I walked a many mile with a demon screaming in my ear..."KILL!!!!!!!!"...Chanting all for me to act?....Telling me "there is no time", for those restricted moral ethics, that been constructed in my mind. ...Lost forever? in forever?, never changing on this rock of intense magnitude...And explosive severity. (My mind is the Demons layer) between deaths eternal wake, it is a never ending ship of pain floating on deaths infernal lake!!! ...I cry!!!... There is none around to hear? no doctor on this land of meat, no creature of the earth or sky...that walk the earth or float the sea...That could evaluate my mind to see my pain would end this race of never ending shit and spit, a race of man who have grown to hate, and bite off his dear mothers tits. I hate to have to stand and watch these people on there worldly highs?? I would end my own life on earth to watch this world just up and burn, before I go I'd smile hard and then see who is the retard? Who can not manage all the pain, for one to go and bleed the vein, is he who is deemed crazy....lazy....selfish???...WRONG!!!. BY: Matthew "Scotty" Weese.


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    • goego profile image

      goego 5 years ago from Loserland

      Ever feel like your emotions fall on deaf ears???

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      wow ... the tone of the poet display some dark write

      "shit and spit"

      those two lines....

      Peace withn