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Middle School by James Patterson

Updated on February 7, 2016

The Middle School Series

James Patterson is one of my favorite mystery writers. He writes other adult books, too. But recently he has forayed into the book world of the Young Adult. My favorite Young Adult series is the Middle School series. He has written two books so far. I decided to read them because my daughter was going to be going to middle school. I also bought them for her to read because I thought she might enjoy them. And she did. She is supposed to read 20 minutes every night. When we told her that time was up, she continued reading.

The first book is Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life. The second book is Middle School, Get Me Out of Here.. They were written by James Patterson with Chris Tebbets and illustrated by Laura Park. The illustrations in the books are an important piece of the story and they are very well done. Both books center around a young man named Rafe Khatchadorian. He lives with his mother, Jules, her boyfriend, Bear, and his sister, Georgia. He

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life

Rafe is going into Middle School and is feeling very insecure. He has an imaginary "friend" who encourages him to make Middle School more manageable by giving his time there more meaning. What that turns out to be makes this book a mischievious look into the mind of a middle school student trying to make sense out of his life. The imaginary friend communicates through drawings (which are actually Rafe's drawings) in the form of illustrations in the book.

Rafe and his imaginary friend, Leo, decide to reek havoc on Hills Village Middle School by implementing Operation Rafe which stands for





His goal is to break every rule in the Code of Conduct handbook. At school, he meets up with people who change his life.

His arch-nemesis is Miller the Killer is a bully and makes life even more difficult for Rafe.

Mrs. Donatello, also known as the Dragon Lady, is one of his teachers who seems to have it out for him but, in the end, turns into his biggest ally.

He has a crush on Jeanne Galleta, who befriends him and teaches him "Don't give up - Buck up".

At home, there is Mom who is always on his side; Georgia, his sister, who is a pain in the neck; and then there is Bear, Mom's worthless boyfriend.

In the end, Rafe learns more about himself and understands more about what life is about. Mrs. Donatello notices his art work and helps him get into Airbrook Arts Community School, where she believes Rafe is more suited and will be much happier.

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life
Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life

Even though the book is geared towards young adults, the story line is enjoyable even for adults and the illustrations enhance the story line.


Middle School, Get Me Out of Here

Rafe's mother loses her job due to a fire at the restaurant she used to work at. They move 80 miles away from Hills Village to a city that is overwhelming to Rafe. They move into his grandmothers home which seems to small, even for her. Unfortunately, Rafe will not be able to go to the Airbrook Arts Community School, the school he was excited about. He feels he will be in the same position he had been in at the beginning of the previous year when he attended Hills Village Middle School. But he is pleasantly surprised when his mother helps him get into the Cathedral School of the Arts.

The first day of school is confusing to him. There are 3 periods of academics and 2 periods of art (which makes him happy). Unfortunately, all the other kids seem to have an understanding about art as a formal study and he feels left out. So again, he and Leo devise a plan to make life interesting and come up with Operation: Get a Life.

As in the first book, there are interesting characters that Rafe meets along the way who seem to be obstacles that have to be overcome.

Zeke McDonald and Kenny Patel like to do things to Rafe that embarrass him. Matty the Freak befriends him but eventually turns out not to be a friend. At home, Grandma Dotty helps him understand more about his family. He meets his Uncle Harry (who is scary) for the first time. His mother is always on his side and his sister Georgia is still a pain in the neck. Mrs. Donatello and Jeanne Galleta are his two biggest supporters and come to his aid again.

Middle School: Get Me Out of Here!
Middle School: Get Me Out of Here!

Rafe goes through Middle School in this book doing things that make life "interesting". But this time, he learns even more about himself and life as he matures into the beginning of adulthood.

At the end of the book, there is a preview of an upcoming Middle School book by James Patterson, I Funny: A Middle School Story, that features a boy in a wheelchair who feels he has to make everyone laugh.


Middle School Series Reviews

These are reviews by both James Patterson and kids reviewing the books.

Daniel X

A Space Age series for Young Adults.

By James Patterson & multiple other writers

Maximum Ride

An Adventure series for Young Adults

BY James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet

Maximum Ride Reviews

These reviews are of the books. There is also a trailer for the

Witch and Wizard

A Fantasy Series for Young Adults

By James Patterson

Witch and Wizard Reviews

Movie is coming AND graphic novel Battle for Shadowland

Young Adults Books Are For Everyone

When I was a teenager, there weren't so many choices for young adults. But now, there are so many choices. I am so jealous. Now I want to be a teenager again so I can enjoy all these new books.

Do You Read Young Adult Books?

I only read these books because I love the way James Patterson writes and my daughter was going into Middle School. There is also the issue of bullying in Middle Schools. But I found I really like them and I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. I've also started the Witch and Wizard series and I'm hooked.

Do You Read Books For Young Adults?

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