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military trained prisoners take over the world

Updated on June 18, 2014

Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Chapter One

The sun shone down on a partly cloudy day. A light breeze blew through the trees sticking out of the grass. In the barbed wire topped chain link fence that surrounded the yard, there is but one gate. The two of them sat with arms across a wooden picnic table hands held. Kelly and Henry giggled and made eyes at each other. Kelly said to Henry " I love you. Do you think we will ever get out of here?" Henry stuttered "Sure we will". A doctor in a white coat walked by and He said "It is time for group lets go inside." The badge on his coat read "Doctor Rex Kline Department of Psychology Fort Haegan Mental Institution, Englewood Colorado. Henry called him Rex Kleenex because he was always sniffling into tissue and offering everyone tissue. He entered the door of the hospital and disappeared. Being from California Rex never did adjust to to the Colorado climate. He expected people to break down and cry all the time. Kelly and Henry followed him into the hospital for group.

They walked hand in hand past the rooms where they both slept. Wondering if this would be the only home they would ever know. Would they have a chance to be together. Could they ever see their child some day. A child lost in a double blind system. Kelly decided then that she would open the file from her end. This way her child could find her some day. If the child wanted to look for her. Otherwise there would be no way of finding one another. This was the best she could do from her end of things.

There are double doors at the end of the hall leading to the group room and beyond that the shower room. Henry and Kelly could see the circle of chairs and Doctor Kline and his tissue box. It was quiet except for their foot falls on the tile. A toilet flushed in one of the rooms which there is one of in every room plus one sink in each room. Two other Lavatories for the men and women staff. There was also an examination room and a quiet room. This room is padded on all it's round white walls. It's current occupant is in a crossed arm back strapped jacket. Called a straight jacket.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

The room every one walked to was at the end of the corridor of the east wing of the hospital. As he walked, he passed rooms across from one another at equal intervals. Each room was a basic ten by twelve by ten foot cube and painted eggshell. Each room had one bed and one set of bedding. One steel door, that was locked at ten p.m. and unlocked at six a.m.

Every door has one six inch by two foot vertical window, with diamond wire safety glass. This sits above the knob that locks the door. On the back wall of all the rooms is one horizontal window which is six feet off the ground and six inches high, running the ten foot span with double thick glass blocks. Henry could stand on the bed and look out on the street and the yard. The world seen through double thick glass blocks makes it a foggy and slightly magnified sight. Especially on psychiatric drugs.

The drugs they were on were all different depending on the symptoms each of them have. Each drug has a different effect on each of the patients. This is something that is discussed in the groups with everyone. This morning every one has lined up for their medication to be dispensed to them. If they did not take their medication they would be restrained and the drugs injected into them. This is a very scary experience to have happen to them. However not as frightening as electric shock therapy. Where doctors strap patients down and place electrodes on their temples, zap.

Doctor Kline was already seated in one of the seven plastic folding chairs, wearing his long white coat with his badge on it. On the chair next to him sat a box of tissue and a clip board. The clipboard held some files and loose paper. Doctor Kline reached into his breast pocket and pulled out his reading glasses. He opened the glasses and placed them on his face. Half glasses is all they were really. Glasses of a man who always looked to closely at life. Pulling the pen clipped to the the top of the clipboard off and removing it's cap, he started writing down the names of the five other people arriving for group. He thought today would be a good day for Gestalt and tissue box could represent anyone. The doctor wrote down Debby Willhams, Tom Write, Toni Ford, Henry Ruttledge and Kelly Monroe as they entered the room.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

He is excited to be one of the controls for this experiment. Thinking of the experiment in genetically predisposed mental illness is stimulating to Doctor Rex Kline. Not because he would have sex with Kelly, Debby or Toni while they were sedated he did that any way. The other staff did not care Rex could do what ever he wanted with this group as long as they conceived. This could be blamed on Henry or Tom the scape goats is all they represented. It was unlikely that either could get erect on the drugs they each are on.

Except for Toni who was a very serious military psychopath and trained killer. She is kept in check by her medication and does not mind sex. Doctor Kline does not like how she drools from the Tylosalt and Isptrol.

Standing at five foot eight inches tall and one hundred eighty well distributed pounds. Toni Ford, with her blonde hair and blue eyes, has a body that can stop trucks. She is a good enough mechanic to get them rolling again, with five years experience in the Army motor pool. She is the only knowing, willing volunteer. It was either this project or life in Fort Hay Worth Military prison in Kansas. The court martial said it was a clear case of cross ranks sexual harassment bordering on rape. However this did not excuse the single strike kill Toni struck the man. Just one knife edge judo chop collapsed the lieutenants throat. Being only a private Toni was at a rank disadvantage. She is, however, not at a physical one. The man's advantage was a figment of his imagination. Toni Ford pled guilty to justifiable homicide by reason of temporary insanity. She was calmly seated already, when Tom, who had a useless crush on Toni, entered the room. He knew why she was there because she had already told the group why. Now she said nothing most of the time.

Tom weighed quite a bit too much at three hundred forty pounds. Standing at five foot five inches Tom is almost as big around as he is tall. His red hair is balding on the crown of his head. This makes his head look wreathed in fire. He is clean shaven. Rolling slowly, Tom enters the room through double doors. He sits in his own motorized wheel chair to the right of doctor Kline, while Toni occupied the chair to doctor Kline's left. Making flirtatious eyes at one another, Toni laughed at Tom. This interaction happened at every weekly group.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Following Tom closely is the orderly named Rick a large man. Strong enough to pick Tom up and take care of his needs. A previous player with the Denver Bronco's. Rick is a mostly unknown third string defensive line backer. Tom already had Rick's autograph though it is almost worthless.

Tom is a huge football fan. Dressed in grey scrubs Rick sat in the empty chair between doctor Kline and Tom. They all watch thin and sexy little Debby walk into the room. Debby sits down in the chair across the circle of chairs from doctor Kline's chair. She turns the chair around and straddles it, then smiles at doctor Kline in a sexy way. Her green skirt rides up giving the room a good look at her white panty covered crotch.

This is what the doctor liked about her. So he said nothing about it.

The room is a twenty by twenty by ten feet tall cube. The chairs are arranged in a circle as always, when Henry and Kelly walk in holding hands and smiling. They wear olive green scrubs pants and shirt for the men and skirt and shirt for women, like all the other seven patients uniforms. They split into two groups. One control group and one base group. This is the control group. This experiment in genetically predisposed mental illness was taking place at institutions all over the nation. Patients cohabiting was the normal way of treatment progress. Everyone in the group is seated now.

All the patients names in this group are written down now, Kelly , Henry, Debby, Toni and Tom. Rick sat quietly alert. Doctor Kline said "Today we are going to try some Gestalt work. You will take turns pretending that the tissue box is someone who is not here that you want to say something to. Who would like to go first?" Debby raised her hand first, just before Tom. "Who would you like to talk to?" Doctor Kline asked. "My dead Father Bob." Debby said.

Debby said, "I killed you for what you did to me when I was a child I would have gotten away with it if I was not so proud of how I did it. I bragged to the police when they answered my 911 call. I laughed at how insulin and glucose look so much alike. It is not my fault you were a pathetic drunken diabetic. You had me do every thing for you to keep a roof over my head." Debby giggled. They all giggled. Except for Rick he had heard it all to many times already.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

That explains how Debby came to be in this situation. She Says "If the glucose would have worked for her she would not be here either". Glucose instead of insulin put her dear dead dad Bob into insulin shock which caused him to become comatose. Then he died then she made the call. She took care not to be messy until the very end of Bobs life. Cleaning him up and changing him like a doll. It took about a week for Bob to die. The house and bob were immaculate. When the police and paramedics arrived, Bob had no pulse or breath sounds though he was still warm. The paramedics started advanced life support on Bob. Three defibrillating shocks gave Bob a weak pulse. He was rushed to the hospital. Where he remains in a coma today. Debby told a jury of her peers what she had done, step by step. The jury found her guilty of attempted murder by reason of insanity. The judge sentenced her to life in a mental institution.

This was only possible because of her forthright confession. The immaculate house was repossessed by the bank. Debby never knew her mother. She had left Debby with her so called Father when she was too young to remember. He molested her most of her life. She is nineteen now, beautiful and fast with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Rex thought it was divine providence that brought them together under these circumstances, with him in power to have her sedated and restrained. Her deal got her here, no one else, Rex would tell himself to justify his own actions. It was harder to deliberately impregnate the women then he thought it would be. Taking months not days was not part of his plan. His boss wanted it that way. "Oedipus Rex" Doctor Kline would say. Debby stopped talking and started weeping. She missed her dad.

"Tom you had your hand up next." Tom was crying too, he is a big sensitive oaf. "I think that story is so sad. "Tom said. Tears dripped onto the inside of Tom's glasses lenses. "Can I have a tissue?" Tom says. Rick moved as if in a daze and handed the tissue box to Tom. Tom blew his nose and wiped his glasses with the wad of tissue he pulled out of the box. "Maybe we should hear from someone else while Tom collects himself," Rick says. "Mind your own business. Mother I wish you had never given birth to me. You were so fat now I am fat. Oh Mother I wish you were here. I want you to hold me now", Tom says. Rick laughs at him, "you do not Know what you want."


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Tom swings his fist vainly at Rick who moves away. "I told you what would happen if you got violent. I want Rick to restrain your arms now." Says Doctor Kline. Rick easily strapped both Tom's arms to the arm rests on his wheelchair. He passed the tissue box back to the empty seat.

"Who wants to go next?" Rex says. "I would like to talk to tissue box in the empty chair. Father you were horrible to me all through my childhood". Says Kelly "In what way was your Father horrible to you Kelly". Doctor Kline asks "My Sister killed herself because the abuse was so bad. I found her in the closet when I got home from school she had hung herself with one of your belts. There she was all limp and blue in the face. The way you called her stupid and ugly while you molested her drove her to it. She was just a child of seventeen. I was only a child of fifteen. You molested us both." Says Kelly.

"Let us give someone else a chance to do their Gestalt. Who's next to talk." Rex says "I guess that leaves me Doctor Kline. Henry has to think of what to say to the tissue box in the empty chair. He scratches his red haired head and salt and pepper and paprika beard. "I want to talk to the women of of my my dreams." Henry stutters. "We want to hear you talk to someone who is not in the room." Kelly giggled. "Ah Henry you are so sweet." The two of you can talk to one another later. Henry do you have someone else you would like to speak about." Rex asks "Well my Father used to abuse me." Henry Stutters "Tell the tissue box how you felt when he used to abuse you." Doctor Kline Says

Henry is slow and stuttered because of two electric shock treatments. He requested them to stop the voices in his head.

It is time for the group to stop. It is mid afternoon. The showers were behind the group room. Sometimes Doctor Rex Kline would watch the women take a shower on the remote cameras which were every where in this wing of the hospital.

The goal of this control group is to explore genetic predisposed mental illness. Through Doctor Rex Kline's insemination, or artificial insemination. It may well be that the drugs that are required by the state are interfering with conception. It could be that Rex just can not do his job. He only took this job because of the sex. Toni was the first to have a blend of frozen sperm injected into her uterus.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

The lot numbers were all logged secretly and Toni would never know one way or another, who the father was. Her only hope is that the drugs are interfering with her conception and this will cause the doctor to take her off the medication. This would take a court order and that would take quite some time. Toni knew that even if she conceived a child it would be aborted or taken away from her any way. She held no hope for a family. Even though they would be her offspring she would not know of them. Likely they would be sold to cover some of her hospital expenses. This of course would be taken care of legally with power of attorney already given to the hospital. Toni did not shed a tear because this was still better than prison.

Many years passed since Toni gave birth to twin boys The doctors were very pleased with her performance. Twins are likely with fertility drugs. They are also more likely to have telepathic abilities. The twins are sold separately, $25,000 each. Toni had no knowledge of what happened to her children after she gave birth to them.

The year is nineteen sixty-eight. One year before Kelly's child was born.

The son of Kelly is sold for $10,000. The doctors were not as pleased with this single child born with black eyes. The doctors say "This baby has a heart condition. It is likely congenital". This is a devaluing aspect of the child. Kelly and Henry might have conceived this Christmas how ever it will be difficult to ever be sure. Without a D.N.A. test. It is a hot August in Denver Colorado. When Jean-Paul is born at St. Joseph's Hospital with multiple complications. Like lactose intolerance and heart murmurs. The babies are brokered out by the state of their births for as much as they are worth. Through the adoption agency.

Kelly's breasts which had swollen with milk dried up. Her breasts grew sore and hung on her recently deflated stomach. Postpartum depression caused her to need antidepressants. She cut her blonde hair which used to get into her green eyes. She stands about five feet four inches tall. Carrying the fat of a woman who had recently carried a child. Kelly was sure it was henry's baby however there is no way she could know who Jean-Paul's father really is.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Henry is about five feet six inches tall and has a pot belly. He stutters when he talks and he shuffles when he walks. Otherwise he is in good health physically. However it was impossible for Henry to be the father because he lied about a vasectomy. This would have disqualified him for the project. He is smart enough not to say anything and the scar is too small to notice. It is only the injected sperm or that of the doctors.

After the medication stopped and the fertility drugs started along with the cervical inseminations the women became strange. Starting and stopping pregnancy often. God only knows how many times the conception was successful, yet the pregnancy did not take. "If the protect life movement knew anything about this project we could have protests. So no one is allowed to say anything about the project." Doctor Burns said.

Doctor Burns is head of the project on genetically predisposed mental illness. He works for National Laboratories throughout the United States of America. This is likely where people who say they have been abducted by aliens end up. One research facility or another. If this happens to you it is likely that there is a good reason.

Doctor Rex Kline sat at his desk looking at those files he had on his clipboard in the group room while he paid some attention to Toni taking an evening shower on the security monitor in his office. Everyone else is in their room, he can see them on the split screen. It is a quiet night otherwise. Rex thinks maybe Toni is giving him a show since she is being provocative towards the camera. Like she has done many times before. Rex starts to get erect and stroke himself just then Toni Ford turns the water off and moves out of the camera and into a towel followed quickly by clothes. Doctor Kline is left in this almost there space. He thinks of going to Toni tonight however she is pregnant and off limits to him.

So Rex picks the phone up off the desk and dials his home number. His wife answers. "Hello"

"Hi honey I will be home early tonight and wanted to to be sure you would be home." Rex says into the phone.

"That sounds nice dear I will make dinner for us see you then by" His wife Rita says.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

"O.K. Thanks, bye" Doctor Kline hangs up the phone as the lights go dim on the monitors. These sixteen hour shifts are killing him any way. His wife sure could spend his $300,000 per year salary. She had no idea what he did at his work and did not ask. He never talked about it. He turns off his desk lamp and stand, up to his full hight of six foot two inches tall. He was a little over weight at two hundred forty pounds. Doctor Kline locked his door behind him and went home.

The night staff at the hospital consisted of one nurse and one guard. All the patients were in their beds. Except for Henry who was in Kelly's bed. This was not supposed to happen however the nurse and the guard could look the other way if they wanted to. So they slept together often.

In the morning the sun shown bright on a cold cloudless colorado sky. A breakfast of oatmeal, raisins and milk was served in the common area connected to the wing diagonally. There are about thirty five people in the common eating room for the meal. Every meal was the same. Three meals a day seven a.m., noon, and five p.m., are served, to the same people every day.

All three wings were brought together to see if any sub groups formed from the three primary groups. This was rare, however.

If two people showed interest in each other Doctor Ingrid Finch wanted to know about it. She sat at the staff table with the other staff. She opened her note book to write down who sat at each four top and what their relationship is. Kelly and Henry always sat together, today they talk about the Holidays and what they would do if they could leave the hospital.

Each group of five to six patients is in a different program and on different medication. The males all were there because of their predisposed condition from baldness to mental illness. The only one who knows the truth about each patient is Doctor Finch. In her mind lies the truth in her note book the facts. How any of us really know who we are is speculative at least. Kelly's lack of conception by henry caused the doctors to look into his capacity to procreate. This failure caused Henry to be transfered to another cell.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

This started a down hill turn in the course of Kelly's treatment. Doctor Kline is not attracted to her. Kelly will not let any one besides Henry touch her anyway. She has to be sedated to inject her with the fertility drugs. She is really doped up when she is administered the seminal injection into her uterus through her cervix. This is a blend of hybrid sperm.

Henry is kicked out of the hospital because he lied about his vasectomy. He had no where to go and no money, he would live on the streets some how. He came to the hospital to visit Kelly all day every day. Even the callous hospital staff felt sad about Henry and Kelly. So it was decided to let Kelly leave the program after her first pregnancy is detected.

Counseled on their lack of resources Kelly and Henry were told they would have to give the baby up for adoption. They were told to pretend that it is theirs together so they could qualify for housing. So the two love birds got an apartment together in Denver, Colorado. With the money they got on disability they are able to live well.

It is however necessary for Kelly to get a job at night while she is pregnant, answering phones.

Pleasantly stoned on psychiatric drugs Jean-Paul waits in the womb to be born. He can hear Henry and Kelly argue about him. He knows it some how though he does not yet speak. Please let me live he is thinking in fetus - ease. Please let me be born is what he thinks. Primitive drive expressed through chemical excretions into the amnionic fluid. All the fetuses are on something different through their mothers. The Fathers sperm are all on something different at the time of conception. Random blends of sperm and medication caused a lack of science that gets the project eventually canceled.

"Oh God the pain!" she moaned as the contractions got heavier and closer together. More drugs are administered to stop the pain of labor. This child is born on too many combinations of drugs to clearly scientifically understand the full ramifications of their effects. On this new life there was some effect, however. High intelligence is predisposed on this child of German engineering, Many years of genetic manipulation have gotten us to this point. Say hello to the new line of governmentally engineered children. Genetic prizes some people have won. As well as some pills people have to swallow.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Jean-Paul is in and out of the hospital nursery and in and out of foster families. He remembers the families like it was yesterday. The three families he was with before his adoption were all very different. The first one like the last took the best care of Jean-Paul that they could. However none of them knew what the other families have done with the baby. Thats how Jean-Paul gets baptized four times. In three different christian religions. The anointing of ones head with holy water. After all what do you do with babies to get whole families together. Bless them or bury them.

Jean-Paul is one lucky child and one day at about twenty three months he meets his adoptive parents. James and Michele sat in steel folding chairs, at one end of a room, next to a door. The room is white cinder block there are eight cribs on each wall, evenly spaced to allow the nurses to reach each side of each crib. Each male baby was brought to the perspective parents. The first word Jean-Paul spoke to the man in the chair was Dad. "We will take this one." They said. The nurse said. "Jean-Paul is only eleven months old and could walk and talk smart for his age. She rolled back his age on the medical record. This would make Jean-Paul a steal at $10,000.

It is all arranged with the attorneys and the state adoption agency. James and Michele take him home. So his age is changed to make him more valuable and he is given his legal Jean-Paul.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Chapter Two

The young child remembers his past.

Kelly and Henry living together is a disaster with them fighting all the time. The more Kelly shows in her pregnancy the more they fight. He can hear them from the womb. It is him that they are fighting about. What to do with their child. Like everyone else they are just going through the motions. Stuck in a loop they did not even create for themselves. It is not long before the two of them split up. Kelly stays in the apartment and Henry moves back to the streets. A long time passes before they talk to one another.

Thirty-four hours in labor and Kelly gives birth to Jean-Paul. At least he had a name and birth certificate. Well Jean-Paul as we will call him for now. Is taken away from his Mother immediately and cleaned. He is then taken to the nursery.

Jean-Paul was shuffled from foster homes to hospitals. For the first twenty three months of his life. No one seemed to want this child and his messy lactose intolerance. "It is hardly worth the trouble of breeding sometimes". The doctors would say. This black eyed white child was highly intelligent though. Learning to speak and walk very quickly. "Dad" is the first word he says to the man who would become his father. James was a good man. He treated Jean-Paul well, and did not abuse him. Michele became his mother, she is good to him and loves him very much. They lived together in Denver, Colorado. Living in an apartment complex that did not allow children. The managers of the complex had an infant too though. Living on the fourth floor of the complex, with a pool in the center courtyard, Jean-Paul remembered many things about his early childhood. Camping and fishing with his parents is among the more memorable.

At age four now living in another apartment complex. Jean-Paul's parents divorce while living in Missouri, "Misery" Jean-Paul would always call it. This started a time in Jean-Paul's life where he flew from Missouri to Denver twice every year. He usually flew Frontier Airlines, who have discount fares for children.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Jean-Paul flew alone and the flight attendant often sat him in first class. After he got to meet the crew of the plane see the cockpit and get his wings. One time he sat in the navigators seat. He got to see first hand how to fly a Bowing seven hundred class jumbo jet.

When he was with his Mother he would go to school. In the summer and over Christmas he would go hunting birds with his Dad and his dogs. Bird dogs is what Jean-Paul grew up with at his Dads. He loves those dogs they are named Smokey and Bandit. Like the movie with Burt Reynolds. Also named after the Smokey Mountains. Ducks and deer is what Jean-Paul and his dad would hunt.

He would also go professional bass fishing one time Paul caught the biggest fish of the day however he is not supposed to be in the boat and he is to young to be in the team tournament. It is a nice grotto on lake Show Me, in Missouri. Jean-Paul learned many things from his dad on those hunting and fishing trips.

"Oh dad, can we keep this big ass bass and say it is ours."

"Sorry son, the other man on the team says thats what keeps the sport fair. You should not even have a line in the water."

"Sorry dad, I did not mean to catch the biggest bass I ever saw." Jean-Paul says

"I am very proud of you son and that will be enough, even though we lost"

Learning hunting and fishing gives Jean-Paul a strong foundation of life skills that are critical to his survival. Both his father and his mother camp in the mountains of Colorado. As well as the plains of Missouri during the hunting season.

His mother took Paul to work with her, where he learned about science.

He learned about the feeding of viruses and the duration of viral growth. As well as scientific trigonometry and calculus of growing viruses. How fast a virus grows in different types of food, like gelatin. Jean-Paul also got to see the brains of mice and humans. Brains that are effected by viruses.

The research is centered around multiple sclerosis and finding the cause of the disease. So this way a cure could be found for the disease. People volunteer to have their brains examined postmortem.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

The mice are injected with virus and their brains are examined while the mice are alive. Brains turn to mush soon after death. So researchers have to move quickly to examine the brain. The spinal fluid is also removed from the humans. With the mice the spine comes out with the brain. He witnessed many rodent dissections and a few human. Starting at age three. The brains are frozen quickly in liquid nitrogen. Then the brains are thin sliced and placed under a microscope. This is done in an attempt to catch the multiple sclerosis virus in action, damaging the brain. Something that has yet to be achieved by science. Still to this day multiple sclerosis patients donate their body after death. This way their brain and spinal fluid can be examined. This examination is done microscopically by scientists like Jean-Paul's Mother. Going to the laboratory with his adopted Mother gives Jean-Paul special immunities. To the viruses that are tested in the laboratories.

Jean-Paul went to school during the week and to the laboratory with his Mother on weekends. These interactions in the laboratory taught him many things about science. Going to school is boring for Jean-Paul. During the sumer he goes to day camp during the week and to the laboratory on the weekends. When he is not with his Dad in Missouri, hunting and fishing. As well as celebrating Christmas with both his parents alternating in two different states. Things are good for Jean-Paul, Kelly's son. Being raised by another Mother.

Toni Ford's children are separated right after birth. Two boy twins born thirty minutes apart. Both children are adopted to good homes. They always have a sense of one another. As well as their mother Toni. Each home is different and each child is raised differently. In different types of housing and different religions. One grows up to be in the R.O.T.C. The other develops a drug problem that eventually got him sent to the program at the Buena Vista Minimum Security Prison in Colorado. Toni vowed that one day she would be reunited with her children.

Debby is inseminated with hybridized sperm. To see if the mental illness will pass from her to her child. Though the sperm donating father is not mentally ill. Rather he is a super genius. All the lot numbers of the sperm are kept confidential. To protect the innocent offspring from the horrors of the truth. Only the doctors secretly tracking the development of the children will know.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

How each experimentally engineered child will develop throughout their lives. Some will have no symptoms of mental illness. Others will end up ill like their Mothers. All will be watched closely.

Debby's child is finally conceived of her and the genetically hand picked sperm. Two hundred and seventy days later, a beautiful baby girl. With blue eyes and wisps of blonde hair, on her head. She is given no name only a secret number.

Three Three Three, is taken from her Mother and placed in the state adoption agencies files. Three Three Three, new born white female. Ready for adoption she waits, but not long in the hospital nursery.

A deal is put together with attorneys to adopt her out at one month old. The price for this speedy adoption cost the perspective parents twenty five thousand dollars. Some how it leaked that her name was Three Three Three. Her new name is Theresa the closest name her parents Dona and Ken could come up with. So she is christened Catholic one year later. Her parents are in the top five hundred wealthiest people in colorado. They live in the high bluffs suburban housing complex on upper Bear Creek in Colorado. Where houses start at a quarter of a million dollars each.

It is such a small world that Jean-Paul and Theresa go to first grade together at Bear Creek elementary school. Part of the deal is for them to become friends Theresa and Jean-Paul. Theresa is smart and knows that it is a set up for them to be friends Jean-Paul thinks it is because he really likes her. One day the teacher asked Jean-Paul. "Why don't you carry any books home?" Paul answers, "Because I can not carry Theresa's books if I carry my own." The teacher says," What if you want to know something?" "I only have to ask Theresa and she studies her home work." He answers politely The teacher says "Paul you are very smart for carrying theresa books for her. However you should do your own homework." "Theresa is a real pretty girl and she needs help carrying all the books she reads home. I can ask her any thing." Jean-Paul laughs.

One day walking home with Theresa, an older boy in the seventh grade starts picking on Jean-Paul and Theresa. "You got a girl friend he repeated meanly over and over. So Jean-Paul handed the stack of seven books to Theresa. You could stand two Theresa's end to end before you are as tall as their attacker.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Jean-Paul is a little taller than Theresa. The older boy would not let them pass and Theresa started to cry. "Enough is enough" Jean-Paul said.

Bringing his right hand back, which is carrying his metal Gun Smoke lunch box. He throws his arm and the lunch box up and into the other boys temple. This gives the big bully nine stitches.

Later Jean-Paul got home to his apartment complex. Michele is already there, soon the phone rings. It is the other boys Mother. Michele and the other boys Mother start arguing, Jean-Paul could tell who it is and interrupted "He is in the seventh grade." "Well how old is your son uh huh, my son is only six and yours is eleven." The bullies Mother had to deal with her son being bested by Jean-Paul. Who is half his size and almost half his age. It is a two hit fight Jean-Paul hitting him and him hitting the ground.

Every victory has a price and Jean-Paul was forced to change schools. He never saw a prettier girl than Theresa and he never saw her again. Jean-Paul's grades dropped severely. If he was not so good at taking tests at the end of each year he would have failed every grade. All the way up to his general education diploma at the end of thirteen years of school.

Jean-Paul is heart broken by this separation from Theresa.

During his time at the new school It is difficult for Jean-Paul to socialize with others. He never told anyone of the time he spent with Michele, his adopted Mother at the laboratory. On the weekends he felt very special to attend his Mother to her work. Her work consisted mostly of counting the growth of viruses. The cloning of viruses and like work. Her work is quite safe as far as Jean-Paul is concerned. He makes his own experiments with alcohol and dry ice, this creates fog. Also he used vinegar mixed with baking soda, to create air pressure. Jean-Paul learns many different types of catalysts. Through out his education both in school and in the laboratory. He is very gifted and talented, he finds school to be less than challenging. However he never really applied himself, to get good grades.

Jean-Paul is raised by his adopted parents. They live together four years. Before the divorce he remembers mostly happy times. There are holidays that good times are had by all.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

This went on four years. Then the happy family split up. This caused Jean-Paul to fly on an airplane between Denver and Kansas City. This happened twice a year. He flew by himself starting at age five. Sometimes he sat in first class if there was a seat open. This made it easier for the flight attendants to look after him. Once Paul sat in the navigators seat.

So Jean-Paul learned independence and self reliance at an early age. He also learned how navigating and flying a jetliner worked. He mostly flies on the bowing seven hundred class planes with varying passenger capacity. He is capable of holding an adult conversation with other passengers on the plane seated next to him. This went on until he was nine. Then the relationship between his adopted father and son broke up.

An abduction attempt on Jean-Paul is, What causes him to change his name. His new name is Steven. Adopted son of James and Michele. At about eleven he is walking to his friends house. When a Jeep with one person driving. Pulled along side of him. The driver is wearing a mask and World War 2 pilots cap. He ran into some ones yard away from the Jeep. When he came back out of the yard the man and the Jeep are gone. He continued onto his friends house.

When Jean-Paul returned home he told his mother Michele about the abduction attempt. She thought it was not a coincidence. They live near a National laboratory in Arvada Colorado. Michele thought that it was some one from the labs looking for a test subject. How redundant. So they both thought that a name change might help.

Many years would pass before father and son would see one another again in Florida. Once again he flew by himself to Tampa Florida. Steven took a shuttle to where his dad worked and then a cab from there. They spent a month together over Christmas. This is the last time that they would see one another. For many more years to come.

Testing showed him to have a superior intelligence and high aptitudes in all subjects. As well as psychological testing, which showed symptoms of mental illness. Which is likely congenital. This is of great interest to the school psychologist who meets with Jean-Paul weekly. This went on all through his schooling. Four different psychologists over thirteen years.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Jean-Paul reports his telepathic communication with the diaphanous people in his mind. Some would say that this is crazy. Others would say that he is gifted and talented. Still others say that this is not to be talked about openly. Paul believes that there are many types of communication. He also believes that there are many people communicating. All at the same time. A community that only talks in it's head. With telepathic capabilities, at innumerable ranges. As well as different dialects and languages. People of varying ages and ranks.

How is any person able to assimilate an individual personification. In such a telepathic community as this. It seems to Steven that a mentor of some kind, must be like a phone operator. In order for a person not to get confused in their heads. This potential for disorder is where mental illness originates Steven thinks. So the key is in conductive conversations through a sponsor. Such a sponsor might be found through a guild or church. The possibilities are virtually endless. As to the number communications any one could have with any other person at any time.

So the quest for a mentor begins for Steven. He starts his own business mowing lawns and shoveling snow. This is when around his tenth year he meets his mentor Kyle Spencer. While walking a dog, Kyle yelled "Get your dog off my lawn it can go pee on someone else's lawn." What a way to start a mentorship? So on another day Jean-Paul went back to the same house without the dog. The dog belonged to the neighbors. He helped Kyle clean an oil pan from a four fifty Ford big block motor. This started Jean-Paul's mentorship with Kyle which lasts ten years. In his late teens the navy will not let him reenter the military. On account of the number of drugs he claimed to have been on in his teens. "I would not let you mop the deck of my ship." Said the recruiter absentmindedly. "And go to another recruiter lie through your teeth and hope for the best." "So this is where the lie begins?" Steven replies numbly as he leaves the recruiters office.

The Jean-Paul inside of Steven decides that it is time to go and play. So he takes up downhill skiing. His mother would take him skiing as early as five. He skis Winter Park Colorado and eventually moves there. For a three year period of time. He lives in one of the coldest places in the region.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Temperatures reaching lows of seventy two degrees below zero. It is all about the gear Steven has that makes living here possible. He drives Scouts by International Harvester. I.H. Scout four by four driving is how he spends his summers. In these rugged Rocky Mountains Steven refines his survival skills. Using a three fifty seven magnum Steven practices his shooting skills in the woods.

No he dose not become a biathlete and ski and shoot like in the Olympics. Being an avid marihuana smoker he decided to deal pot instead. This decision causes him to be a suspicious person. Practicing his reclusive ways he takes his two dogs and a Chevrolet fifteen hundred crew cab four wheel drive pick up truck. His trek takes Steven all over the southern United States of America. Back to Colorado eventually his path takes him. Steven gets lucky and he is never caught dealing marihuana. Until the one day on a desolate stretch of arizona Hi-way on a motorcycle he did not even want to ride. With an I will quit after this one last run attitude.

He did not mean for anyone to die, that day. He just did not want to get caught. Steven only had ten pounds of marihuana, Worth about twenty thousand dollars. Enough to pay off the motorcycle he is riding. Steven thinks about these days often. As he is sitting in his cell at Buena Vista State Correctional Facility. As well as other memories he has with nothing else to think about.

During this time Steven learns about cars, construction and inventing things. This ads to his resume of things he knows how to do. He worked on many different types of cars. All aspects of construction were taught to Steven. This combined with an alternative school. With self paced learning and the choice to learn what he wanted to learn. Steven still had difficulty managing school and work and the laboratory. His adopted Mother never seemed to concerned about Steven getting a good education. It is clear to her he knows everything he needs to know to be a good survivor.

The observation of the children's development is conducted by Doctor Burns. School records are collected and a psychological history is taken at three year intervals. From each child's school psychologist. This presumes that they will be in therapy at age three. Who knows if therapy is really necessary.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

It starts early and runs long. Gone are the days of a simple childhood, with a normal upbringing in the first place.

This research project in predisposed mental illness, is a complete failure. The only thing that is achieved is the selling of the children. Thousands of children like these. End up in adoptions where money has changed hands to expedite the case.


Dear Mother,

I am doing well here in San Francisco, I am on S.S.I. I have a payee and an address. This is what they said I had to do to get my money. I still want to keep in touch with you. Sorry it has been so long. I do not have a phone right now however we can write to one another. Mother no matter what that is what you are and will always be. All the talk in the world will not change this fact. I am writing you on my new G-4 power book I bought with my retroactive check. My credit is to bad to have a phone right now. I can email from a cafe. Frankly I have been better in my head then I am now. I hope you are well and get this letter. Please let my dad know I am alright and where to reach me. I love you now and I always will this mothers day gift is hearing from me. Knowing where I am and how I am doing. I stashed all the pictures on clear creek. They are probably all ruined by the flooding. I made a flood victim out of myself after all it seems. I got tiered of carrying the bucket I put all of it in. It was really for you anyway. I have more pictures in the attic at my uncles house getting ruined there maybe. I need help keeping my stuff together. I ask for it then I am let down sometimes.

I am a pretty good hunt and peck typer and this thing spells for me. Plus I can play movies on it. I had to by ink for my printer today. So I could print this letter I could get a card however money is really tight with me right now. I have to pay rent. This does not leave much for me to spend. I bought new boots so my feet did not hurt so much when I stand in line for food.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Barb still has Arthamus and she got Jo Jo back from the lady who adopted her. As well as Jester her foal this cost Barb much time trouble and money. So I got a part time job. Cleaning a tuberculosis clinic at night. I thought half the cost was fair. So I am sending her payments of two hundred dollars a month. Until I pay her back I am so grateful. To have Jo Jo back in our lives. I will get to see her soon when I go to visit Barb in Oregon. It is my hope to get all of our donkey's back together at least for awhile. Any way It is good to want things. I want a family with you a part of it. I want to raise donkey's not humans. At least not of my stock. My boots are the coolest R.E.I. has to offer. I hope to hike a lot this summer.

This place is a zoo of people fighting and getting high and drunk. I am on Depacote, Abilify, Ceriquil, and Lexapro. I am not drinking or smoking anything though. I feel good physically thankfully. Donkey packing this summer will be the best therapy for me.

Well I got excepted to the S.S.I. program in Denver but I did not want to be so far away from Jo Jo in case I could get her back. Loosing her really hurt. So the nearest big city to Petrolia is San Francisco. This is where Jo Jo was the whole time. Two years I was going to make enough money to get her back soon. But Barb beat me to it. I work for Industrial Maintenance Engineers. A subsidiary of Community Vocational Enterprises. I make seven seventy five an hour. To clean this clinic four blocks from here it is not enough dough for the risk I am taking working. There I hope Barb will kiss me again. Some day we might have a visit from you again. But one step at a time. If you want I can tell you where I Stashed the pictures and you can go there. It is only Lakewood off the thirty two buss line then one mile up river to a bridge. and so on....

To the people of Australia. I want to slow the planet earths rotational velocity down. I want to hit central Australia with a meteor. Fifty kilotons of nickel if you will. I want to do this in such a way as to slow the planet down. This I think will cool the planet off. Thereby stopping global warming. Australia will be world heros if this works. I have asked the U.S.A. but they just think I am crazy. For my part I want diplomatic asylum in Australia. Thank you.

Both Dr. Rex Cline and Toni Ford were transfered from Ft. Haegan to the state hospital in Pueblo, Colorado.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Toni escaped from the hospital after twenty years of institutionalization. She over powered Dr. Kline who had grown old and slow. Lets just say old rex had it coming for some time. Her children were about seventeen now. She new she would find them or they would find her.

Toni drove to the Pueblo Army Depot east of Pueblo Colorado. It was the night before Christmas. It was cold and dark. She could sense her sons were near there. With her telepathic capabilities she just knew what direction to go.

When she reached the gate of the Pueblo Army Depot, she found the guard asleep at his post. This was just the kind of luck she needed to have. Toni subdued the guard and stole a communications truck. The truck was nick named Trail Talker. She had been trained to use this truck years ago. It felt good to her to be behind the wheel again.

The truck was a modified ten wheel drive. It had phones, internet and satellite capabilities in the back. She drove to Avondale Colorado. Toni parked in the in a parking lot, then she went in the back of the truck. She started hacking the net, looking for her sons exact locations.

Toni used all of her brain now telepathy and internet combined. First she found her son Fred through a military database. Fred was traced by age, sex, and ethnicity. Toni found him in a R.O.T.C. program. She made the call from the communications truck. On her way to get him at his home in Pueblo. More good luck for her to find him so fast and so close.

"Hello." Fred answered the phone. "This is your birth Mother." Toni said. "I thought you would never find me." Says Fred. "I am on my way to get you and I do not have much time." Replied Toni.

Toni found her other son Jon, in a criminal database. It seemed he had been arrested on drug charges and was being held at Buena Vista State Corrections Facility. Toni then called Jon and told him she was coming to see him early tomorrow.

"Arrested on drug charges" The Rocky Mountain News said of Mark Kwon. "One of the best martial arts experts. On the competitive circuit today."

He spun around after dropping to the floor. Sweeping the feet of the two guards on each side of him.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

While still in leg and hand cuffs. Knocking the guards to the ground. He kicked and punched the two guards unconscious. In front of a cell block full of other incarcerated people. Unlocked himself and locked up the two guards. Then with two batons he took on the biggest man in the room. Well Babble was the largest man in the area. He was covered in tattoos over his large muscles. He did not expect to be the next person attacked. With surprise but not size, they fought . Kwon wins this fight as well. Seven guards are finally needed to subdue Kwon. Kwon is sentenced to ten more years and six months solitary confinement.

Steven managed to get the ether out of the infirmary. He mixed it with the floor cleaner in the mop bucket. Liberally lathering the floor as usual.

The assistant warden Dean Pool sat at his desk in his office, when he hears the explosion from the either. Just then the door to the office was thrown open. "Warden" the guard started to say when he is cut off by the mob of ten prisoners who over power him. The jamming stopped the radio signal alarm. The warden tripped by pushing a button. Warden Dean Pool reached for the phone. He is to late though he is over taken. By the strike crew of ten. Never before has the Marine Corps trained such an effective strike team out of inmates. It is hoped that this team of young men and women would become seals some day.

All the team wants though is their freedom. This plan to take over the Buena Vista State Penitentiary. Has been a complete success. It is not been the typical futile prison riot without a clear goal. The over crowded conditions are mostly due to unseasonable weather. In Arizona and Nevada, where there are prison camps. Where the prisoners live in tents. These camps have been extremely successful, as well as profitable. However the weather turned bad and indoor housing had to be found.

So highly skilled militarily trained prisoners are all placed in this same location. Buena Vista State Penitentiary is a medium security prison. With military and vocational rehabilitation training programs. There is a leather shop where western saddles are made. As well as a digital arts program where computer skills are taught. This is where prisoners and any one who is interested can take a virtual tour On Line. Of the inside and the outside of the prison. Also there is a military boot camp training program. As well as a fish hatchery.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

For young first time offenders. Some prisoners work in the laundry, the kitchen or the motor pool. The motor pool is where everyone is being directed to go now.

No one had to tell them where to go they all just new already. To the cars, trucks and busses they all went in an orderly line. Freedom is just hours away, they are all thinking. The warden and the guards that are left are taken to their cells. All together about ninety guards and staff were captured. These people would be hostages, along with the people in their homes. The snow is falling harder outside. Still no one suspects anything in the town of Buena Vista Colorado. A town of three thousand full time residents.

Air traffic is no problem this sunday because of the weather. The visibility is to low and the wind is too strong for aircraft. However securing what aircraft that there is available. Is something that must be done. There is one helicopter pad at the correctional facility for emergencies. This pad is unoccupied at this time. That leaves the planes at the local airport. Which are not as likely to be that many this time of year. Steven had already selected his flight crews by who had any experience with aircraft. No one would be flying any where for quite some time just do to the storm.

Not many tourists this time of year here. Just a small amount of ski enthusiast traffic. Some of whom would be aloud to pass the road blocks and some would not. Those that are captured. Will be held with the rest. The taking over of the airport is a one person job today however three are sent to do the job. Just waking up to the day, some to go to church, some to go to work. Others will just stay home. It is getting hard to see outside and the phones are down due to the storm. People in the town attempt to use the phone with no success. The communications truck is still jamming cellular communication, which dose not work well in these mountains any way.

The main gate was not far from Steven now. He mopped the ether and detergent onto the tile. Like he had done many mornings in the past, with just soap. New guards arrive every morning to replace the night shift. This timing will make it so there are twice as many cars parked outside as there will be in one half hour. The new batch of guards are shaking off the snow.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

They enter the hall where Steven is mopping. Steven strikes a match and drops it onto the tile. The explosion and flash burns send the guards screaming to the roof. Then they come crashing down onto the floor.

Steven a trusty until today caught all the in coming guards off guard. Throwing the mop bucket contents onto the flailing prison staff. At the moment the match struck flint on sand paper. It was like a slow motion silent film. Whoosh, there are blind and thrashing prison guards all over the flaming floor. Then Steven threw and smashed the mop bucket into the closest guard's head knocking him out. Steven could run a mop real well with years of trusty experience behind him. Using the flaming mop head as a weapon he deftly subdues all of the guards. Fire and ice from the melting snow on the police mens boots. Bloody, scorched uniform clad bodies lay writhing in the hall.

The fire causes the fire suppression system to activate. Water pores from the ceiling sprinklers Steven smiles as the fire spreads. In front of Steven is the inside of the front door. Behind him is the next set of locked gates in the hall way. The smell of burning polyester and flesh wafted through the hall. Turning around to face the gate that would soon have the guards wanting to go home standing at it. There is no quiet now as sirens are sounding. Feet are pounding on tile in the distance, past the gate. Just like Steven thought it would happen the guards are carrying fire extinguishers. To put out the fire. Steven all ready new what was going to happen before hand.

The flaming mop hit the first guard in the chest. The guard dropped his extinguisher when he ignited. Steven now stood in the only area he did not mop with napalm. As the fire spread away from him he smiled. The fire alarm system causes each cell to open. After all we would not want convicts burned alive in their cells, would we? A blue green flame swept away from them as far as Steven could see past the man with the fire extinguisher. The guard turns the fire extinguisher on and sprays the ignited guard in a panicked way. This smothers him. Steven picks up the dropped fire extinguisher and blasts the guard in the face. The guard drops to the floor coughing and gagging. Now armed with two fire extinguishers Steven waits. All the prisoners wait in their cells for now. The fire is out now.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

"Form ranks, any one steps out of line and they go back into the cell." Steven ordered the inmates. "Go to the motor pool in a orderly fashion." This is Steven's second order as the prisons elected commander and chief. They will all be cold and wet for a bit waiting on the loading dock of the motor pool, and delivery docks. Fortunately they are all wearing long sleeve tan uniforms. They all have on long pants and boots. Some of the prisoners are shoveling the snow quickly away from the loading docks. This assembly only takes a few minutes. The prisoners have keys to every thing now.

It is just a matter of putting the keys together with the cars trucks and busses. Most of the inmates are hear because of motor vehicle violations.

The drivers are in the first rows of men. All the keys have been collected from the guards and staff. As well as all of the guards and staffs identification. As much information as possible has been collected in order to impersonate the prison staff. After all do any of us really know each other that well? Do we even know ourselves.

The snow fell hard on U.S. Hi-way 285 which runs through Buena Vista Colorado. The location of the state prison is visible from the road on a clear day. Lights from a on coming plow flashing yellow across Toni Fords face. As she drove the communications truck off the main Hi-way and onto the prison road. No one could see ahead of themselves when she turned into this storm. Snow blew side ways across the barely visible truck tracks behind her. With this communications truck came a global positioning satellite system with never lost. The map on the dashboard screen shows them exactly where they are.

Her son sat next to her. He is a skilled marksman trained by the R.O.T.C. while in high school. He would not be shooting pop up targets today though. He is seventeen now and about to change his life for ever. The 2000 model seventy millimeter with dual targeting system and satellite backup. This weapon will throw quite a kick even with recoil absorbers on the stock.

Toni pulled the truck off the road and stopped at the gate which blocked the road it is dark now and she uses no light. "I will lock in the front hubs while you put the winch on the gate." Toni ordered.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

She started the six ton winch in reverse and let the truck roll bak at the same time. Snap went the old cold steel chain. Toni let out some slack and her son unhooked the winch cable from the chain and lock. He opened the gate. She drove through the gate in ten wheel drive with military positive traction. The snow is deep and has not been plowed. She dose not have to get very far off the road though. Her son hops out and closes the gate and jumps back in shaking the snow off of himself.

Driving forward slowly with no lights on even the tail and break lights were turned off. Totally blacked out driving by feel and G.P.S. This road went to the top of the mesa which over looked the prison. The armored truck moved forward up the road that wound around a bit. Toni knew when she picked this vehicle that it would do what she asked of it. After all it was blue and white and tan camouflage nick named Trail Talker. By the tenth mountain division out of Fort Carson Colorado.

The truck made it to it's position on top of the mesa. Looking down on the prison lights through the snow. By morning the truck and it's tracks would be covered by many feet of snow. Toni stopped the truck and left it idle. The diesel engine whined quietly. The exhaust went up over the cab invisible in the snow.

Turning on the internal power toggles the red and green indicator lights came on illuminating the cab and the communication equipment in the cargo area. "Well lets start jamming the radios and monitoring the local police band." "Yes Mam" " Want to stop now?" "No my brother is in there" "Suit up!" "Yes Mam!" He dressed in the camouflage hooded parka and pants. He stepped into the neoprene doughnut and pulled it up to his waist. Then he climbed the ladder and opened the roof hatch. Toni Ford passed her son the riffle. It was not long and he had the 70 millimeter in place and the doughnut around the seal. No snow is getting into the truck now. The weapon is silenced greatly and flash Suppressed.

Using the duel targeting system 70 millimeter, mounted on the roof of the truck. He targeted the closest guard tower and the man there. He can see the thermal image of one man in his scope. Through the communications link he asks his Mother for the D.O.P.E. on his target. Toni transfers the information to the weapon. Fred makes slight adjustments based on the D.O.P.E.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

This informations is compiled by the national weather service. Windage, distance and declination information is transfered to the scope on the 70 millimeter. Fred squeezes the trigger and watches as the mans chest explodes. He scored three more direct hits with the 70 millimeter. All four guards on the towers are down.

In a prison that normally houses under one thousand inmates. Thirty five hundred convicts, is severe over crowding. With a normal staff of under four hundred. Three hundred sixty of the prison staff are guards. They are all in a hurry to get off work it has been a long night. The prison is being run like a military institution. One to a bunk, six bunks to a room. This increase in inmates is caused by Governor Rich Omega thinking that the prison is so successful. That he could sell more space to other institutions. The prison population now exceeds that of the town of Buena Vista Colorado. The inmates are eager to live here as well. It is a very nice place. Warden Reginald Omits used to be keeping a tight grip the truth about the prison. Now his headless corpse is keeping a loose grip on the steering wheel of his windowless truck. A two thousand five white Ford Ranger with white camper shell. Fred filled the truck with lead. Now the warden was dead.

The snow plow had to be brought in the yard and the lot had to be plowed. Even escaped convicts were subject to chores in snow country. Some one had to go out there and bring the two trucks into the yard. Steven once again volunteered after all he was one of the oldest prisoners in the institution at forty nine years of age. He was also serving a life sentence which was commuted to life through the prison boot camp reform program back when it first started. Steven killed a motorcycle police officer in a high speed chase a case of involuntary man slaughter. Through vehicular negligence by driving to fast on a desert road.

He thought he had won until he hit the road block. Of very unhappy Arizona state patrol officers. Steven stopped his motorcycle and put his hands on his head in front of the road block. He expected the other motorcycle to catch up any minute. Until he saw the ambulance pass him running a code. Sirens and lights flashing, the ambulance is carrying the critically injured Arizona Hi-way patrol officer to the hospital.

Three Hi-way patrol officers approached Steven from the front and sides with shot guns raised. Steven was arrested and taken to Safford Arizona.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Where the jury finds him guilty, however for his protection he is transfered to Buena Vista Colorado. This is Steven's first offense in his life. So he qualifies for the boot camp rehabilitation program. It is the successful completion of this program, that commutes his sentence to life instead of death. Buena Vista State Penitentiary is Steven's permanent home now.

Steven now clean shaven felt the bight of the early morning cold on his face as he walked towards the trucks at the gate. He wore an official parka over his prison grays he carried a fire extinguisher. This way he could play it how ever he wanted inmate, guard or fire fighter depending on what he ran into. Plus he could use the fire extinguisher as a weapon. So far no one had called for help to the best of his knowledge.

Toni's son Fred could see through the sights of the anti personnel canon. The thermal image was all he could see. He knew it was Steven because of the slight limp, the Arizona Hi-way patrol gave him and by the casual wave into the driving snow. Steven is seen making it to the trucks fred loads one tracer round. To fire in Steven's direction should trouble arrive to quickly. Both trucks were still running fortunately. Steven climbed into the cab of the truck and gave the single horn blast.

Steven pulled the snow plow drivers body into the passengers seat and took his wallet. He climbed out of the cab then went to the other side of the truck. The truck cab is quite a mess with broken glass, blood and snow. Steven uses the snow brush he found in the cab to clean the glass off the seat and onto the road. He turns the useless windshield wipers off. Fred had killed this man too.

In the distance he could see flashing lights approaching the prison from the east. This would be more police and fire department arriving to put out Steven's fires. Still no one from the prison had called home and no one had called the prison. The timing and the snow storm is perfect. Plus the psychic interaction in the Ford family.

Steven pushed the snow plow into the rear of the Ford Ranger and forced it through the gate. He had triggered the gate to open on the way through the personnel door. The Ford Ranger is pushed off the road and out of the way. Everything about the the Ford Ranger looked normal except the blown out windows and the dead body. The tracer whistled over Steven's cab. As he made a straight line towards the motor pool.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

The gate had closed behind him. Jon had caught up with Steven and was wearing a guards uniform he looked the part well.

By now all of the inmates have keys identifications and directions to most of the guard homes. All the information was established on the internet from the prisons graphics rehabilitation program. The wounded guards are placed in cells six to a cell just like the prisoners were.

The first police car reached the prison gate.

"What is going on out here fire departments got a silent alarm. Tried to reach you on the radio." The patrolman says.

"The fire is out and the storm must be interfering with communications" Says Jon

"Well we had better let the fire trucks turn around can you open the gate?" Says the patrolman.

"Sure we can open the gate." Jon says The gate starts opening along the fence.

"What about that Ford Ranger truck'" The patrolman says.

"It was a minor traffic accident busted windshield he went to the infirmary" Jon said.

"Sorry to hear that" The Patrolman says.

"You know how this weather can make the driving treacherous" Jon Says.

"We will check it out" The patrolman says.

"Whatever you say chief" Jon says. The gate is open.

"Thanks." Patrolman Barton says. Jon had time to read his name tag.

The patrolman drove forward past the Ford Ranger truck with the dead body with no head in the cab and with the windshield blown out. Patrolman Barton grabbed the radio. Only to find Jon standing at his widow. Static scratched and hissed back at patrolman Barton.

"Barton! If you do not want the same thing to happen to you keep driving." Jon said.

Patrolman Barton kept driving forward towards the lights of the snow plow.

The patrolman is scared now he dose not know why exactly. The fire truck cleared the gate and it closed behind them. Following the path made by the snow plow, as if this is the only path possible.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

They all arrived at the motor pool together. The patrolman and the firefighters are taken to their cells by the inmates. The prison take over is a complete success. Still no one knows what is happening only that there might be a fire or just the storm.

It is time for everyone who is given keys, to move towards the parking lot. This will be a hard task not knowing for sure which keys belong to each car. Many of the inmates are there for grand theft auto. Each inmate is picked by his or her criminal career and current relevant prison training. Never before have there been such a high number of inmates militarily trained. As well as technical training. Hardly any of the inmates are from Buena Vista Colorado. Most are from major cities. The oldest inmates are around Steven's age. Older inmates are chosen to stay behind to feed and care for the sick and the dying. Taking the dead to the prison morgue.

Steven plowed most of the lot so the cars, trucks and busses could leave. He is tired of the cab of this truck. The blood and the snow coming into the cab through the missing windshield. He hoped to get new clothes soon. Clothes that did not have dried blood encrusted with broken windshield on them. He knew soon he would be wearing the uniform of his dreams. A state troopers uniform and a badge. It is still snowing and cold. The sun is just a little higher in the sky now.

Jon opens the gate and Steven drives the snow plow through it. He turns the truck off the road and on to the mesa road. Pushing snow as he goes. Until he reaches the communications truck. He turns the plow around and heads back down the mesa road. Followed by the communications truck. When almost to the prison road he pulls the truck off of the mesa road and onto the shoulder. He gets out of the truck and throws the parka he had worn earlier into the cab. He hopped into the back of the communications van. Hugging Toni and Fred, Steven thanks them both. "Nice shooting kid" Steven says. As he takes off his clothes.

"I brought you a clean uniform." Toni says, handing him the clothes.

"Thank you, it has been a long time since I had something to wear other than prison outfits." Steven says dressing into the fatigues. They fit well and he looks good.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

"How are things going inside?" Toni asks, as she drives back up to the top of the mesa. "Never before have there been so many inmates so well trained. This training is conducted by the Marine Corps." Steven says, as he finished lacing up his boots.

Steven sat in the communications truck over looking the little town of Buena Vista Colorado. He could see on the doppler radar that the storm is going to last. He could also see that there were no aircraft anywhere in the sky above the town. He could see any of the sparse traffic that is on the roads. Moving like a long snake the convoy of buses and trucks rolled to the center of town. To the shops and stores most of which are closed. Where supplies of all kinds everyone would need to be used until there is nothing left. Of clothes for winter, guns and ammunition as well as the basic necessities. All the stores were now open on this sunday however whom ever came in may or may not get what they want. We are dealing with convicted thieves, who covet money as well as goods. Nothing is wasted sitting idle on the shelf now.

"Where is my brother?" Toni's son asks.

"He volunteered to drive one of the busses, I am very proud of him." Steven answered.

Back at the motor pool, it is snowing harder now. Visibility is down to nothing and the temperature is dropping. Some cars and trucks are difficult to start. All the cars, busses and trucks do get started however. Running a little behind do to the weather. Thats what people waiting for the prison staff to come home will think. All the cars are heading to the staffs homes with as many inmates as each will carry using the maps and directions provided by the computer and graphics training program at the prison.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Chapter Four

The snow is falling hard and visibility is low. "Shift into four wheel drive". One of the escaping inmates said. As the Ford Expedition left the correction facility. That now holds approximately eighty hostages and growing. It approximately takes a few minutes to get most places in and around town usually. However the weather is going to make everything take longer. The address they are on their way to is too remote to be covered by Steven. All the driver could think about is right or left, which side of the driveway to pull into. In order to mimic Sheriff Donald Hinds. There was not time to effectively interrogate the hostages. Poor Don wasn't ever coming home. The mop bucket to the head made sure of that. His body lie in the snow near the fish hatchery. With the other dead bodies. The house they are heading for is outside of the range of Steven's gun. Which is about three miles. On a good day in good weather.

The Ford Expedition pulled into the driveway, with nine escape inmates on board. The driveway belonging to Donald and Ellen Hinds. Both of whom are Sheriffs and work for the Buena Vista Rehabilitation Center. They have been married for nineteen years and are raising two teenagers, Rachel and William. They are getting ready to go to church, inside the house. The three of them wait for Donald to get home from work. Then all four of the them go to the Protestant Church. Donald and Ellen have been doing this for almost two decades.

The house they live in is modest for their income. A ranch house with a two car garage four bedrooms two baths. It is a brown painted house one story tall ranch style house. On several acres of pasture land with three outbuildings. A barn with four horses and one donkey. Billy had already fed all the animals. Including the dog and the chickens. "Right or left" the driver thought. Fifty fifty, chance which would it be. The right choice and they drive straight into the garage. With one click of the button the garage door opener would, open the door. The house would be breached that easily. Choose the wrong door and find another Sherif Deputies S.U.V. parked in the garage.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

In front of them blocking the way. The escape convicts are armed with two shot guns. Each with eight rounds of double aught buckshot each. "A coin toss says heads and that means right wrong answer. Unfortunately for this family. Maybe they are better off relieved of the grief of the loss of Donald.

"Why would he block me in he knows we always take my Ford Explorer to church instead of his expedition. This way we save on gas." Ellen is thinking as she looks out the window at the S.U.V. parking in the driveway and blocking her in. She noticed then that her husband was not alone their were eight other sheriffs with him. "This is very odd." she thought. As the garage door opened she began to panic. She did not know why exactly until. She realized that she did not recognize Sheriffs but instead she recognized inmates. That she housed at the facility.

"Bill Ell! she screamed come hear now!" Ell protested. "But I am not dressed yet." Being a full time County Sheriff Ellen always carries her "GLOK" full of Highdroshocks. A Highdroshock is a cross cut hallow point, called a talon. With a two millimeter Teflon coated center round for armor piercing. A GLOK nine millimeter with eight rounds in the clip. Both Rachel and Bill have small caliber rifles and there are two shot guns in the house. The nearest neighbors are to far off to hear any gun fire.

Ellen drew her weapon and chambered the first round. As the front passenger door to the Ford S.U.V. with the county Sheriff's seal on the door opened. A man stepped into the snow. Ellen shrieked when she saw her daughter coming towards her. "Stop" As the front door flung open. Ellen's aim is true she hits the man with the shot gun right between the eyes. The Shotgun toting inmate fell into the snow. As the rear door behind his opened and another man with a shotgun stepped into the snow and fired the shot gun at Ellen. She returned fire they were both badly injured. Ellen was on the floor staring at her daughter who was frozen in the hallway. Slamming the busted door she heard outside "I got her" "Get my vest and put it on Rachel. She opened the hall closet and pulled out her moms bullet proof vest. Rachel put the vest on and grabbed her lever action thirty thirty. Her mother was bleeding in the doorway.

Another inmate picked up his fallen cell mates weapon. Now there are seven men Ellen thought.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Her brain is working fast now as her son appears in the hallway behind his sister she tosses the boy his dads shotgun. While the inside garage door starts to open. Into the hallway between Rachel and Billy. "Get down." Ellen yelled. This gave her a clear shot and Billy a clear shot from behind the opening door. She fires and hits the man in the chest. Billy fires the shotgun and hits the man falling backwards into the garage. Wooden door and double wide prefabricated paneling explode. As the buck shot hits it. Rachel screams as another man starts to enter the front door with a shotgun. She discharges the thirty thirty hitting the man in the shoulder and driving him back. However this man was wearing a bullet proof vest like the rest. The two head shots count for kills so far.

The convicts are a little less sure of themselves and are regrouping. Ellen crawls prone and bleeding towards her Daughter and Son. The door from the house to the garage closed on it's own closure. What is left of the door that is. Cool air came in through the hole in the door. Ellen, Rachel and William huddled on the hallway floor they are all crying. "There are about seven more out there." Ellen said. Where's Dad Rachel Stammered. "I fear the worst about your father." Ellen responded. She holstered her pistol and took the shotgun from billy. "Get in the closet Billy with your twenty two." Rachel the older child ordered." That is what Billy did hid in the closet with his rifle.

"Now what Mom?" Rachel asked "I hurt bad darling." Ellen said. As she pressed the shotgun to her bleeding shoulder. "Stay down and cover your little brother." She could see through the hole in the door the body was moved along with the weapon. If she could just close the exterior garage door. Thats where the body lay in the path of the doors closing. She pushes open the door just a bit and pushes the button the door starts to close.

Ellen knows that they have a remote in the S.U.V. Through the hole in the door she shoots out the motor linkage with the shotgun. The door slams shut on the dead man. "Well Ell that leaves the other doors and the windows." Ellen said. The women can hear the escape inmates arguing with one an other.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

"Who's gonna get their head blowed off next?" One of the escape convicts yelled in the wind. The front door of the house flew open and out stepped Ellen shotgun at the ready followed closely by Rachel. Her thirty thirty is locked and loaded as she dives for a prone position under her mothers line of fire. Ellen gets off two rounds that count. How ever the escape convict hit Ellen. Now none of the opposition had a weapon.

Rachel is a very good shot and hits what she is aiming at. All the men were quickly killed by Rachel as she yelled "You killed my mother you bastards! Welcome to Colorado make my day." She levered a round and fired a round.

Ellen's last thought is "This is why people do not want prisons in there neighborhoods." As her blood mixed with snow melt and nine inmates blood. Rivulets of blood ran through combat boot tracks. The boots that fit right make all the difference in a persons will to do battle.

Rachel went back into the house. She checked on her crying and terrified brother in the closet. He is fine and holding his rifle tightly. "It's done for now, however I think Mom is dead." Rachel tells Billy. "Why did they do that to us?" Billy asked Rachel. "I think all the inmates must be escaping." She tells Billy.

"The phone is dead, probably because of the storm. " Rachel says hanging up the dead phone. Well I just barely know how to drive in good weather she thinks to herself. "What do we do now." William says to Rachel. "I think you should help me with Mom, bring her in out of the weather. We can see if there is anything we can do for her." Rachel replies sadly. So the two of them pick their Mother Ellen up and bring her into the living room. They laid her on the floor and closed the front door. Cold air still blew through the hole in the front door. She dose not have any pulse at all. They cover her with a blanket from head to toe. They are both scared and crying now. "What are we going to do now." Billy whimpered repeatedly. "I got the keys to Moms Sheriff S.U.V. lets go to the garage and get on the radio" Rachel replies calmly and drying her eyes.

It is cold in the garage the garage door is still propped open by the dead inmate. The smell of death hangs in the air. "Will there be more of them coming if these don't come back?" William asked fearfully. Rachel panicked at the thought of more bad men showing up.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

"We had better go to the neighbors and tell them what happened." It is only a two mile hike in the snow storm, or they could try and drive. Rachel and William reached the door to the Ford parked in the garage. "Don't look Billy!" Rachel ordered to William. It is to late he is stalk still and chalky faced already. The two of them wear so scared. Rachel opened the door to the S.U.V. and entered the vehicle. "Hop in William." Rachel ordered her younger brother. They both sat in the front seat. She put the keys into the ignition and turned the ford over. It started right up.

Rachel picked up the microphone and turned on the radio. Nothing but static crackled back. "It's not the garage we have done this to many times." Sat in the truck and listened to the radio. "I should get something over the radio. I wish I could just back out of here. That I did not have to move those bodies or the other Ford. Well Dads truck is still running we will have to take that one. Lets finnish getting ready." She turned off the Ford she is in.

They go back into the house and quickly finnish getting dressed and putting on shoes. Gathering up all the weapons Rachel and William go out through the front door. The snow has already started to cover up all the evidence of battle. The Ford is still running as they get into it. Rachel drives them to the neighbors house. A slow yet uneventful trip to the next door neighbors house. Where the kids found a note saying. "Gone to church".

"Well we could go to church ourselves, or we could stay here and wait for someone to come home." Rachel said to Bill.

The biggest problem with this plan to take over the town of Buena Vista Colorado. Is that the Marine Corps trained these men and women and now it will be up to them to negotiate. The key is secrecy on the part of the militant prisoners. As well as the Marine Corps. The prisoners need the element of surprise. The Marine Corps needs to prevent panic. People would really freak out if they new a whole town was lost one snowy sunday morning. Never before has there been an over throw of a whole town. By United States Citizens, now they will be called guilty of treason. This has not happened since the Civil War. Can any war truly be called Civil.

Now with the tables turned and twenty eight hundred hostages to exchange. The militant inmates are winning so far.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Still no one suspects anything is seriously wrong. With the medium security prison, at the foot of the fourteen hundred foot tall, Collegiate Peaks. Mount Princeton all covered in snow loomed over the town along with the other Collegiate Peaks. The Ivy League is staring down at Steven and Toni's truck. He could hit anything in town almost. From that vantage point, The town is about one mile away. The weapon he has is accurate up to three miles. With the depleted uranium armor piercing rounds, this seventy millimeter has an awesome fire power. Day or night good weather or bad the snow has covered up the truck tracks. However it will be no problem for them to drive down the road. The communications truck is still idling quietly.

Steven thinks with the whole town lost and nothing in, nothing out without him knowing about it. That the law will have to listen to him. The law will try to arrest all of the family of the prisoners. That is why all the prisoners invited their kin to visit this sunday. Some kin were at the local hotels. Others were in the prison parking lot.

Steven who has taken up a position in the gunners seat of the communications truck, on the mesa. Could see the eight Crown Victoria and two Ford Expeditions, running lights and sirens towards the prison. He could see Jon was nervous at the closed gate. It would not be long now and the trap would be sprung.

As the cars reached the gate it opened rolling back down it's length Jon waved them all through. He closed the gate one of the S.U.V.s stopped and a an officer got out. He came towards Jon and yelled over the wind "Your not who I expected to see. Has the first shift left yet." Jon yelled back "No! You are all covered by artillery. Steven could see the shocked men and women looking at the the windowless ford ranger and the dead warden in the front seat. Steven could see his dream of wearing a state troopers uniform coming to fruition soon. "I will need all of your weapons and your keys please." Jon hollered at the officers. They all surrendered their weapons and keys. Without any fight none of them wanted to end up like the warden.

"This should be about the end of who ever will show up for awhile." Steven told Toni. "I want to see my brother" Toni's son said. She replied,

"It would be soon and to be patient." The officers are taken to their cells.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

They are stripped of their uniforms and given prison clothes to wear. How humiliating to see the strike team that is destine to take the police station over. Wearing their uniforms and badges and on the way to the cars trucks and buses. Carrying the weapons they would use to threaten the town. There still is no way of knowing what is going on in town or in the prison.

The snow is letting up some and it is time to move this convoy out of here. The fire trucks will return to the fire department and take it over. The police cars and trucks will go to the police station and take control of it. And the state troopers cars will set up a road block. These road blocks will be set up on north and south Hi-way two eighty five. As well as east and west Hi-way twenty four. Traffic should be relatively light due to the bad weather. The busses will go to the area churches as full as they can be. The buses were many because of the prison transfer from Nevada and Arizona. All the prison staffs cars will be driven to the homes of the men and women who own them. This way no one will get worried and try to call any one, on the phone or radio. All the cars will be taken from their owners and their owners locked up at the prison. Until such time as total control of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah has been achieved by the Four Corners Barricade Brigade. There will be a lot of work to do to stay free. Most escapees are caught due to a lack of organization and planning.

Time to go to church on a sunday even if the weather is bad. The First church they arrive at is the Catholic Church St. John's. This church could seat about four hundred people. One bus load of eighty well armed inmates got off the bus. As people came to church they were taken hostage. That buss went back to the prison to pick up another load of prisoners. Now a well trained company of troops. The next church is the protestant Church which can seat about three hundred people. This bus was over packed like the last. Eighty well armed escapees are dropped off at this church. This went on through all the churches. The people's cars are used to take them to the prison. Then some prisoners go to each persons house and arrest them all.

He woke up the day after Christmas to the worst news he ever heard. "Sir it seems we have lost contact with Buena Vista Colorado" Deputy district warden Parson said to his boss.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

"What do you mean lost contact" The district warden Smith said. "No radio contact, no phone contact and we lost contact with the prison." Parson replied. "The prison?" "Yes sir." "Who do we have up there?" "No one." "Satellite surveillance shows that the town looks normal from space." "We need to get some one up there as soon as posable." "It is quite snowy up there right now the national weather service says. To snowy to fly." "We better drive up there."

They checked a four wheel drive Ford Expedition, with official seals out from the motor pool. They left Colorado Springs Colorado for a three hour drive to Buena Vista Colorado. The phone rang as they were on their way to Buena Vista Colorado. The person on the other end of the phone said. "I represent the former inmates of the prison in Buena Vista Colorado. We have all escaped and taken over the town. I am calling you from the wardens office." "Who are you?" "That is not important. What is important is that we have the whole town hostage. About three thousand people in all. Held in different places all over town." "This is a joke right?" "No. If our demands are not met we will begin killing hostages." "What are your demands?" "Release all the prisoners in the U.S. all 4,100,000 of them. Plus control of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah." "Is this some kind of a joke?" "No." "Merry Christmas, click the phone went dead." "We can not give into their demands." The warden said aloud. Every one in the car heard the conversation over the speaker phone.

"Call the Colorado State Police, the High Way Patrol and the National Guard." Said the Warden. "Yes sir." Said the Deputy Warden. "Set up road blocks in Fairplay, Salida, Gunnison, Colorado Springs and Leadvile. We will set up our headquarters in Fairplay. This should cordon off Chaffee County well enough." The Deputy Warden said into the phone. "Parson, we may need the Pike National Forest Rangers in on this as well." The warden said as an after thought. They turned off High Way 24 out of Colorado Springs and on to U.S. 285 12 miles outside of Buena Vista. They drove to Fairplay in Park County Colorado.

They parked in front of the Park County Sherifs Office and went inside. The town of fairplay had a population under 1000 people. "What can I do for you gentlemen today?" Asked Sherif Brownstone.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

"Well it seems that we lost the town of Buena Vista Colorado to prison inmates. Who have over 3000 hostages." Smith said. "They demand that we release all the inmates in the U.S. and they want control of the four corners states, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Or they will start killing the hostages" Says Parson. "You guys if I did not know you I would arrest you for bullshitting me about this the day after Christmas." The Sherif said. "I am afraid this is no joke." Warden Smith said. "What about calling in the military?" The Sherif said. "No we can't do that without an order from the president. He has no idea what is going on here. I would like to keep it that way. " The Warden said. "Well how about some coffee this morning guys. I set up the road blocks you requested." The Sherif says. The Sherif asked the deputy to make a pot of coffee. So deputy Larkin passed out coffee a few minutes later. They got out some maps to look at the area. The topography in this area of Colorado is very rugged and sparsely populated.

Some of the tallest mountains in Colorado are in the Collegiate Peaks Range. They are called fourteeners, because they are over fourteen thousand feet above sea level. There are not many year round roads in this part of the state. It is good for skiing and snowmobiling. The population is often lower than the elevation. There is snow everywhere in this part of the state.

The cell phone rang again, this time it was Canon City Colorado State Penitentiary calling. The Warden new who it was from his caller I.D. on the phone. "Hello." "Sir we lost the prison to the Buena Vista inmates, last night." Warden Robertson said. "We lost the town of buena Vista yesterday." Said Smith. "I know that is what the escape inmates said." That they had 3000 hostages there. We had no choice but to release all the inmates here." Robertson replied. "I understand Warden. "Smith said.

"We have to evacuate the town of Canon City as soon as posable." The District Warden said. "The whole town?" "Yes, We do not want to have over 16,000 hostages on our hands. Evacuate the people to Pueblo Colorado." "The inmates demand the release of all the inmates in the U.S. Plus control of the four corners states" Robertson said. "We know." Says Smith. "That could mean over 15,000,000 hostages in those four states." Robertson said. "Is this the beginning of the end?" Smith asked.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Pueblo Colorado population 160,000 people now. With the evacuation of the Canon City population. People are scared now in town, however they are not sure why. The elation of Christmas is over now.

Warden Smith's phone rang again. This time it was the State Hospital for the Mentally Ill in Pueblo Colorado. "Hello Tom what's up" Warden Smith said. "We have a situation here. There are 4000 escaped inmates here from Buena Vista and Canon City." Tom said. "What do they want there?" Says Smith. "They want the release of all the patients here." Tom said. "They have 3000 hostages at least. Better give them what they want and evacuate the town to Colorado Springs." Warden Smith ordered. "Yes sir I will get right on it." Replied Tom. They hung up the phones.

It is about thirty miles from Pueblo to Colorado Springs Colorado. A forty minute drive north on I-25. A convoy of cars, trucks and busses made there way from Canon City, to Pueblo now they are on their way to Colorado Springs Colorado.

They are unaware that they are being followed by 5000 escaped inmates and patients, from Buena Vista, Canon City and Pueblo Colorado. It is about a three hour drive on U.S. 50 between Buena Vista and Pueblo through Canon City Colorado. The convoys are not very far apart. It is still snowing in this part of the state.

Security-Widefield Colorado is just eight minutes away from Colorado Springs. Home of the Air Force Academy, Schiever Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain N.O.R.A.D. and The U.S. Olympic Complex. The military is just waking up to what is going on. The evacuees are being taken to the U.S. Olympic Complex. The city of Colorado Springs now has a population of about 530,000 people. "Welcome to El Paso County is what all the evacuees are told." As they pass the check point at Security-Widefield.

Fort Carson Military Reservation is on alert. As well as Peterson Air Force Base. Most men and women of the military are at home for the holidays. So the muster this morning is slower than usual. It is hoped that the inmates can be stopped at the check point. However it will be hard to tell inmates from evacuees.

At the Park County Sherifs Office in Fairplay the desk phone rings. Sherif brownstone answers the phone. "Hello."


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

This is the High Way Patrol, an explosion just took out the bridge over the South Platte River." "We are cut off and under fire. We request backup on Red Hills pass." Gun fire could be heard in the background. "We are sorry but there is little we can do for you right now." Says Sherif Brownstone. "We just got a radio call from Hartsel and the bridge over the South Platte is gone now as well." Said the Patrolman. "We understand that this cuts off U.S. 24 and U.S. 285." Replies Brownstone. Just then another call came over the radio that the Royal Gorge Visiter Center reports an explosion destroyed the bridge over the Arkansas River. On U.S. 50 west of Canon City. This effectively cut off travel to Buena Vista Colorado by road, from the north and east.

"The inmates really knew where to hit us." Warden Smith said. "All this in two days." The Sherif says. "What do you think they will do next?" Parsons says. "This is Cheyenne Mountain N.O.R.A.D. we are heavily under attack. We request backup" The radio squawked. "Should we tell them we are cut off?" The Deputy asked. "No we had better leave the channel clear." Answered the Sherif.

At Cheyenne Mountain N.O.R.A.D. They tried to close the door to the underground base, but the inmates were to quick and blocked it open. The inmates were about 2000 strong here now. They had managed to capture all the evacuees at the U.S. Olympic Center. They were an overwhelming mass of militant firepower. They just had to many hostages and to many weapons.

The inmates used all their power to get control of the Missile Defense System at Cheyenne Mountain N.O.R.A.D. Now the whole world was held hostage, to their demands. That is how control of the four corners states is lost. As well as all the inmates being released from U.S. prisons, all 4,100,000 of them.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Chapter Five

Detective Mulinex of the F.B.I. read the rap sheet of one of the Buena Vista escapees. At the Park County Sherif Office with the wardens and the sherifs. "He entered the bank. With the gun in a shoulder holster. Fill the bags with money." He said. The teller filled the bags with the money. He noticed the teller was pretty and decided to take her hostage. "Do you have a car?" Witnesses heard him ask. "Yes" She said. "Get your keys." he said. She was scared, they left together with the money. They went to her car. Driving away with her. She said. "You didn't even bring your own car? "There are plenty of cars." He said.

She jumped when he stunned her with the hand held electric stun gun. She hit her head on the window of the car. She could not resist now. He drove to where his truck and trailer were parked. In the lot of a nearby mall. He put his hostage in the travel trailer. She was just waking from the shock. "Undress and get on the bed." He said. He hand and leg cuffed her, spread eagle on the bed. He covered her with a sheet and zapped her again.

Leaving the trailer he looked around. He could see flashing lights, caused by the police cars down the street. He went to the drivers seat of the truck and started it. He wanted to get away from the tellers car. Without going through any road blocks. He went to a nearby Mcdonalds parking lot to wait out some time. Time for things to cool off.

The police were looking for the tellers car, not a truck and travel trailer. He went back and pulled the trailer door open. Climbing in he looked around. Everything looked calm around him. No one was paying any attention to him. So he went and put a ball gag into his hostages mouth. Just before she came around again. He left her tied and gagged. Time to eat he went into Mcdonalds. He ordered some food and ate it. He had a cheeseburger, his favorite and a chocolate milkshake.

Then satisfied he got some more food to go, for her. Hostages get hungry sooner or later. He sat on the bed with the bag of food. Looking at the outline of her body under the sheet.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

He took the stunner out of his pocket. She flinched, but he did not shock her this time. "Are you hungry?" He asked. She nodded yes. "If you scream I will zap you again." He took the gag out of her mouth. He fed her the Big Mac. She was hungry and did not make any noise. He replaced the gag in her mouth. He touched her outline over the sheet. "Now it is time to pay for what you ate." He pulled the sheet off of her. The air was cool on her skin.

He undressed and climbed on top of her. He thrust his cock into her vulva again and again. She moaned. He came, got dressed and left the trailer. He went to the truck cab and sat there a while. He was waiting out the road blocks and patrols.

He reflected on the days events. Robbing the bank in the grocery store was to easy he thought. No surveillance, no security guard. Plus a pretty hostage. He needed to leave the Mcdonalds parking lot. He went to a new place just up the street.

Later he drove out of town. He went into the national forest camp ground. Where he was in his element. With a truck and travel trailer.

"How many of these freaks like this did we have escape in Buena Vista Colorado?" The detective asked. "Three thousand inmates." The deputy answered. "Is the town a total loss?" "Probably."

Meanwhile back at the prison. The convoy bound for Pueblo Colorado left. With the purpose of liberating the state hospital there. The treatment of the criminally insane was intolerable. If people are sick they should be treated better. Mostly they were after one person in particular. This person was just a rumor.

The town of Buena Vista was dark and snowy. A quiet hung in the air. The town was in the hands of three thousand escaped convicts now. This Christmas would be one to remember, sunday december 25 2011. The end is neigh.

In a statement to the World Organization, our fearless leader said the following.

We were having trouble keeping the car started because of the cold in the morning. It was a saturday so I had no school. We went to Mcdonalds to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was always a treat for me as I was always a good boy. When I was sick I would get to have a milkshake. Wo! How yummy they were.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

I had an Egg Mcmuffin Sandwich and O.J. Snow blew across the road and into the open car window. As we ordered our food at the drive through. My Mom drove and we ate. Twenty two miles we drove and ate. Slow was the going that morning slick roads and snow drifts. We drove from Arvada Colorado to Denver Colorado. To the labs at the V.A. Hospital in Denver Colorado. We parked and went into the set of side by side trailers behind the V.A. Hospital.

They are not there now. (As of September one 2006.) It is a maintenance shed now. Used to store snow removal equipment and sand, for thawing the ice. Snow blower storage, where the research of the Multiple Sclerosis Virus took place, for over twenty two years.

The trailers were replaced by snow removal equipment. Who said there was no irony any more. It was cold but I wanted to stay outside. So my Mom told me to clear the steps on both sides of the trailers. I did what O.S.H.A. wanted her to do, when she went into her safe working environment. I shoveled the snow off the steps on both sides of the trailers. This I did so she did not have to do it. So what a good boy I was I got a V-8. I stayed by my mom where ever she went in the vicinity to the labs. This is a story about a child who goes to his Mother's work with her. I watched while she worked. I made my own experiments as well. Dry ice and alcohol stirred up, acts like a smoke machine. I worked with other chemical mixtures as well.

My Mom however was working on cooking up viruses. Using mice and rats to experiment on. She would inject the the animals and infect them with viruses. Her work was tolerated because by using laboratory bred animals she saved human lives.

Human lives that breed and transmit what ever viruses they are carrying on them. Where ever they go in the world. So was I infected with anything, to the best of my knowledge I was not harmed in any way, shape or form. By my experience with my mother at her work.

One day she was told that I could not come to her work with her any more. More than any other day this was the most punishing thing my Mom could do was to separate us. I was old enough now to stay home by my self anyway. So thats what I did, stayed home on the weekends by myself. My Mom went to work anyway. We had driven from the suburbs to the city that morning it was early and it was cold.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

The labs were warm my Mom turned off the ultraviolet lights and turned on the florescent lights. This was supposed to keep the room sterile. My Mom looks over her notes from the logs. While she sips her coffee which she drank often. She went to work dissecting a large mouse. She removed the brain and spinal cord from the mouse. She was looking for the virus that she injected into the mouse. Nothing is what the Multiple Sclerosis Virus looks like. For it has not been seen as of yet. Nothing to look at of a virus that effects a large number of people internationally. It is caused by the catching of the common cold.

There is no cure for or capture of the Multiple Sclerosis Virus. You can check my story out for yourself. I will not try to sell you a Whopper. I was only a witness to this lab work. Infecting and dissecting went on for many years. My Mom worked with many viruses. Growing viruses in the labs, she was very successful in her work. She was just a temporary employee, of the V.A. and the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Society. For twenty two years of switching doctors every year. So she could keep her job. Funding for the research she did was tough to come by. So there I was and all I had to do was watch what she was doing. I offered to the dishes once at the labs, but my Mom said "That is some one's job." I did work there in a way, though my mind took in so much information.

In school I was so bored I failed all my grades. I had to be tested to pass each grade. At this point the school needed my Mothers permission to give me a test battery. I scored very high on all the tests. My Mom knew I was smart because I would pay so much attention at the labs. I was consigned to the United States of America at that time. So the government could not be held accountable for what was about to happen to me. Years of counseling by the school psychologists. As well as test after test. I had three full psychological batteries, grade school, junior high and high school. I did well on all the tests. I excelled at science even though I was bored to death with science. I was very bored many hours of my childhood even at the labs where my Mom worked.

What if I carry a Multiple Sclerosis resistant strain of antibody. Passed onto me at the laboratory, that I had contact with when I was a child. This is the time in my life when I would be building my defenses against most viruses.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

What a breakthrough this would be. Women would line up to have my baby. I am almost forty years old now and there is no sign of Multiple Sclerosis in me so far. This I think is a positive sign at least.

Peter Parker step back, Spider Man is a fictional comic book character. My experiences were real the laboratory was real. I have to say a virus is more freighting than a nuclear bomb. Loss of motor functions and organ failure is what the Multiple Sclerosis patient has to look forward to. I wish it was only Multiple Sclerosis that my Mom worked with.

There was a cloned Multiple Sclerosis Virus too. Do I posses a mutant antibody? One time my Mom asked me to hold irradiated material. I held It in my right hand I know what plutonium thirty two feels like and looks like now. So if you have shook my hand, please feel honored. You may feel a little sick. I was seven years old, holding P-32 radioactive isotope. Radioactive mutant antibody, what if it was that easy. I imagine that it would be a miracle if it would be. A cure for the common cold born out of one mutant antibody. What a dreamer I am I had better wake up.

I probably was not hurt or helped by the time I spent at the laboratory. I will probably never know. No one will ever care to remember I was even there. You the reader will remember though I will take you there through my work on this novel. We went to the V.A. cafeteria often. I got to meet many veterans this way. You may remember me, I was the only kid there. I especially liked the scrambled eggs there. Food was cheaper there than anywhere around. I saw many missing limbs and homeless veterans. I know first hand what it is like to be homeless. But please do not cut off my right hand. Because of something that happened to me when I was seven years old. It was just me and my mother at the laboratory. She says to me then that "They want me to do this to you." I was a brave boy don't you think so. Volunteering for my country in this way. I hope I am right about the antibody. I hope it is stronger and tougher than any common cold. I was possibly a special agent of the V.A. as a child. I long to be in the care of the V.A. and get help from them. But you can not sue the V.A.

I changed my name at age twelve about the time of an attempted abduction by someone unknown to me.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

I ran into a neighbors yard to avoid being kidnapped. I will never know if there was any connection between the V.A. and the attempt. So I am lost in the shuffle. Like science it's self finds a way to be vague. I see you are more interested now. Superhuman Antibodies do that to people. What if I am right though. No harm done if I am wrong is there? Do not worry I have not been patented or bread. Cloned antibody against M.S. Anyone want to add this to their gene pool? You are probably to scared, I am too. Of having my hand cut off mostly. Pull the eyes out of the sniper so to speak.

So what did I learn in the laboratory. I learned how to put media in a p-tree dish and grow viruses over a period of time. Take the fastest growing strain and infect mice and rats with it. Also I learned how to use a microscope. I learned scientific mathematics to find mean averages in viral growth. If you live on or near the forty second parallel your chances of getting Multiple Sclerosis are higher than other regions of the world. Lets say you get a rhino virus at around age four. That lives on or near the forty second parallel. This cold viruses antibody attacks the milan on your nerve sheaths. The nerve sheath is what allows information to pass from your brain to your bodily functions. This is basically Multiple Sclerosis at work, causing motor impairment and organ failure. I have seen the damage that Multiple Sclerosis dose to the brain first hand. By looking at frozen slices of brain tissue, through a microscope. Brains of a recently dead person. Brains for sale get them while they are hot. So what! We have to have our children born somewhere else on this planet. After age twelve or so the risk of contracting Multiple Sclerosis diminishes greatly. This what I can remember as well as what I have researched on-line.

So you want to have kids do it far away from the forty second parallel. Or risk your children contracting Multiple Sclerosis. I like the Superhuman Antibody story better now too. The thought that you and I have to move was more than the government could bare. So they suppressed this information. Only after thirty plus years can I now talk about my experiences.

Was my experience classified? No! I just took that long to write about my experiences.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

All I had to do was witness impartially the research at the V.A. So I am vindicated of my participation in the laboratory experiments. Did I take part in genocide? Who knows. The laboratory research at the V.A. was funded in part by the V.A. To the tune of eighty percent. It was also funded by the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Are you sick in the stomach? As I am, about suppression of such information. Your whole life is suppressed because you can not handle the truth. Suppressed by your own powers that be. Not being able to find anything out about what I am saying. Would validate me any way so why bother checking. So there is a clone of the Multiple Sclerosis Virus. Leave well enough alone I say. You have two viruses to deal with now one original and one cloned. Mutant cloned virus, raised in ultraviolet radiation. Strike hardened over thirty plus years. To be more virulent than any virus ever. We wonder about the origins of A.I.D.S. and S.A.R.S. plus like viruses. We build them in laboratories right here at home. Like me they are made in the U.S.A.

With no cure available for Multiple Sclerosis regular formula. The clone could be modified without effecting the original virus. Various strains of virus could mutate. This is why you need a mutant antibody. strike hardened in the human body. My thought is that we could engineer a superior human being. To be more resistant to human viruses. My Mom agreed with me on this. She said as much herself. Once when she was happy about her D.N.A. flow charts of the Multiple Sclerosis Virus and it's clone. Twenty two inches by eleven inches of D.N.A. chains. Side by side double helixes. Most of this work was done in mobile trailers behind the V.A. Hospital in Denver Colorado.

More snow fell so I went outside to shovel the steps and parking spaces. My Mom smoked liberally. I earned my keep shoveling the snow. At least I had snow to Shovel. I am happy that we are going home. We stopped at Mcdonalds. My favorite order for dinner was the cheeseburger. My Mom ate a Big Mac. Why even mention Mcdonalds? Thats simple, the answer is the crock foundation. As well as Ray Crock the founder of Mcdonalds. Who donated lots of money to the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Society. This money directly funded my Mom's work. Thereby feeding me in the process. He would donate $100,000 a year through the Crock Foundation.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Ray would get to cut in line for an M.S. test that there was a two year waiting list for. Ray eventually died of M.S.

A cure for Multiple Sclerosis Virus must be just around the corner by now. It takes twenty years to find out the cause of M.S. and another twenty to find a cure. This is what I was told. Why is this you might ask?

Because the research has to be done at least twice. Where are those trailers anyway? Iraq maybe who knows could be that it is our own trailers that were bought on E-bay. Shipped over seas. The weapons of mass destruction we are hoping to find in the dessert someday. Taking a picture of something from space. Is not the same as finding it on the ground. However we are not curing M.S. as much as we are building a viral weapons system. That can not be beaten by todays antibody.

Over population or mass extinction you chose. Is this smart or not? Good question, whatever you paid for it. So what about child labor, and child safety. I was in my Mom's care I trusted her and you should too. A friend of ours said that my Mom should never have taken me there. I am proud to have been there is this just a childcare issue gone off course? I could chose not to go I suppose. However the the laboratory was pretty cool. Microscopes and pipets and dishes galore.

Well I am not sure I should describe the laboratory to you in detail. I do not want to get in trouble writing this book. Thankfully I do not live in China I would just be shot by now probably. Free speech in action. What liberty is granted me I wish to keep.

So no children zones are a possibility if we are to properly protect our children from M.S. A child free industrial military complex. Cancel your maternity leave. Because it is time to move anyway. If your child has had their first cold. It is already to late. So you are mad at me. You can be mad at me because you are still alive to do so. Maybe move to the equator. I do not want to spoil things for you by making another recipe book out of this. After all it is your life. I suppose I should take this to ashes with me. The government should have just told you the truth when they knew it was true. That makes you around twenty five years old now. Dam the demographics I am staying right here. I am just not raising kids here. Nor do I plan to. Not that kids are bad or anything. I just do not want to raise children here on the forty second parallel.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Because of the risk of M.S. is so high. I also feel there is to many people on this planet already.

From Denver Colorado U.S.A. comes a new product of terror. The cure for M.S. or the cause of another virus. Weapons of mass destruction in mobile facilities. Is this what we are looking for over seas in the desert. During the war against terror, the W.M.D.s are already here for the taking. Just like an airplane. So what I was taught is that a virus that causes M.S. lives near the forty second parallel. This climate zone incubates the virus. Where do you live? I lived in Denver Colorado U.S.A. most of my life. Ground zero we nick named it. Because rumor had it we were in a strike first hot spot for another nations missiles. What a long shot they must be whoever they are.

Fear and propaganda was shown regularly in the school gym. While I watched in awe of my own mothers work. I was taught to work more scientifically. What a gift my Mother was to me. She is now dead unfortunately for us all. The thought police might be after me already. How would I know? Surprise your writing this book your going to prison, along with whoever reads it. Stop reading now! ....

Still with me? A virus that has no equal killed mice in days. The mice only live for all of three years, in the first place. The mice's brains were damaged by the virus. They died either way on the knife, in the cage, but seldom of old age. Who's the human laboratory rat? Well I would be one of them I think. What a great way to build an antibody, using a human host. Viruses were grown on a medium like sugar, starch and yeast. Like your body. A new antibody. What a gift to the world this would be, don't you think? I am dreaming again I know.

Dream with me and this might come true. A brand new being on the earth. You heard about cloned animals, but not cloned viruses. Governmental suppression of information. They did not want you to panic and move all at once. More people come here than most places on earth. The great migration stopped with a few words. M.S. is deadly and you have half a life to live. If you are lucky.

Your cold antibody attacks you. This is not an outsider. It's like all the other cold antibodies in your blood. Brain signals travel on the nerve sheath called milan. M.S. destroys this sheath. Knocking out your brains signals to your body.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Some people are crippled by this. Most die young and crippled. Maybe we were supposed to have our asses kicked by something, so much smaller than us. You would need an electron microscope to see what is going on inside your body. This is very time consuming and careful work.

My Mom had to work seven days a week for a good reason. That was so she could measure viral growth daily. It is really an antibody my Mothers work helped clone, not a virus. So she may have engineered a cloned mutant antibody.

My days I spent at my moms work were usually placid. Though sometimes there was a brain to pick up from the airport. The brain had to be taken out of the skull within twenty four hours and frozen. Then it was sliced thin with a saw in a box. Tricky work my Mom did. So looking for M.S. is what she would do. Through a microscope, I could see damaged brain tissue. The brain turns to mush after twenty four hours postmortem. This is why the brain has to be removed from the skull so fast. One time I witnessed a brain being taken out of a persons skull. The brain was still warm to the touch. The brain was placed in a stainless steel bowl with a lid. Then it was frozen on dry ice. After that it was sliced thin enough to fit into the viewer of a microscope.

Sliced brains under a microscope. They looked like swiss cheese. So many were the holes in the slices. The holes were caused by destroyed brain tissue. Who knows what caused this to happen. However the person had M.S. Two doctors, my Mom, a corpse and me. We were in a small autopsy room in the basement of the V.A. Hospital. Spooky isn't the word. I declined the over scent I was offered. I watched as this persons brains were removed from this persons skull. Along with the spinal fluid as well. Will they want to look at my brain someday. I do not care if I am dead or alive they can look at my brain if they want to. Probably I would already be dead though. Wouldn't it be sad if I was Chinese and I was shot in the skull. Or middle eastern with my hand cut off. Thankfully I live in the U.S.A. Here is where I plan to stay. Meanwhile rooting for the Superhuman Antibody. I have been waiting so long, for one antibody to beat all colds. What would that be worth?

Yes step right up a cure for the common cold. That's what you were not told. Why?


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Because there is no money to be made off of healthy people. Cold remedies make billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies. Without pharmaceutical companies and there interest in my mothers work I would not have had a working Mother. Or at least one that I could learn so much from. That is right infected brain tissue and spinal fluid in the room with me. The people will go nameless in this story. To protect them and myself. Besides they wore surgical masks over their faces. So I did not get properly introduced. I still witnessed an autopsy at age seventeen. I know you are confused about when this all takes place. This is what I intend to do. It is still going on today. Do you want to know how many times I went to the labs with my Mom? I lost count somewhere around five hundred times. Mostly I went with her on the weekends. So I am referring to all the times I went with her to her work.

Each time was a replica of the last. So I do not want to bore you further. This visitation to the labs lasted from 1973 to 1988 roughly. It all started when I was to young to remember. I was given all my shots in both arms. With an inoculation gun. At around four years of age. Inoculation, immunization or vaccination take your pick, I got them all. In this way my Mother took good care of me. Your body produces about 2000 antibodies. To counter each of the millions of viruses you contract. Some of these self replicating antibodies can cause M.S. Well people are not worth as much as sick people. You should get paid to stay well not sick. The healthiest richest people should lead.

The few the proud the Marines. I think that is who consigned me in 1978. The globe, the eagle and the anchor. I was very proud that day. Little effect this has had on my life. They will probably deny they ever heard of me. No names or descriptions remember. We are they that are them.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Chapter Six

With this in mind it's a wonder I have not served in combat. I having an advantage over viruses. I picture my tour of duty doing mostly blood transfusions, on the front lines of the biological war. Just hook them up to me night and day. Vampires wear lab coats. Mostly I think of myself as healthy and free. I do wish to serve man. I could live without a hand. I could live hooked up to a blood sucking machine. If it would save some ones life in the end. Infect me with a virus and deploy me to North Korea. Tubes stuck in me to keep me alive. As I parachute to earth. A walk on part in the war. The military needs casualties to justify it's self. Don't you think? So I am not up to the standards of the marine corps. It is 2006 and I am thirty seven years old. We are at a very high level of war. Yet no one wants me on their team. Oh well I was last picked for sports all through school gym class. So why not in my adult life. Maybe I did my hump already as a child in the labs. Labs of the industrial military of the V.A. Maybe I will never be counted on at all. For anything in this life. No life lost or saved on account of my actions.

I have thoughts of a homeless person selling their blood by the pint. The unsung hero of the cold war, the blood donor. If I killed some one I would sure take credit for it. Through justice or rank it would count for something. It is hard to calculate the number of dead from one virus or another. Would I become a hero on the way home. Having single handedly killed the enemy with the virus. "We are giving him the antidote through his tubes now". I am feeling better and the only one around who is feeling well. I could be inoculated to the virus in the first place. But still be contagious. Such as anthrax no symptoms but death for all around. I know these are not new ideas.

What if I am the only host for this new life form anywhere on earth. Is this worth protecting "Star Trek" would say so. This would fall under the Prime Directive, of the Federation of Planets.

What new life form are we talking about? For instance we have S.A.R.S. Sure it is a virus, but dose it not have a right to live.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Or should we be virus free humans. With engineered antibodies running through our bodies, killing all viruses. Would we seriously over populate this planet. Could we have it both ways?

Do we really need war? I think we do not. So why have a military. One shot one kill will drop to the wayside. Kill from a far will become the way of things. Is there a viral war being fought on this planet? I think you already know the answer to this question. If I contracted M.S. somehow. This could be of great interest. Because M.S. is supposed to be non contagious. Could even be a cash cow for me. Who knows? Dreaming again, I know. The W.M.D.s you are looking for are in your pants. Over population will kill you as well and quicker than war. Do we need viruses? I think we do not. One year of planet wide non conception, would slow population growth down. More than war it's self. We just won't have kids this year. I think a colder planet would reduce the risk of viral infection across the board.

I think if the planet we live on gets much hotter. We will all die from viruses. That are not seasonal any more. They stay around all year long and they like the heat. Most of the viruses have a limited climate zone that they like. As with M.S. and the forty second parallel. With more heat those zones will likely grow planet wide. So, slow global warming if you can. This is my advice.

Even if we have to bash our own planet with asteroids to do it. Just the right english on the ball, like in billiards. We then have a thirty hour day. Six more hours to work, play and sleep. Yes a slower colder planet to live on. Is just around the corner.

How about we say divided we stand. Instead of united we stand. We could divide the U.S.A. up like Vietnam and Korea. I can hear the cheering in Southeast Asia from here.

We could split up into two halves down the mighty Mississippi. Democrats on the west half republicans on the east half. With a D.M.Z. right down the middle. We could divide California into two states. Draw a line from the Golden Gate Bridge in the west. To Lake Tahoe in the east. We now have North and South California. Then we make a new capital out of L.A. Hurray! Reason to celebrate our victory. Over industry in the south. One big peace party in L.A. We will film the hole thing for sure. I like the Idea of an international peace and justice center in L.A.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

We could do it on Alcatraz Island if you really want to. I think L.A. is handier to the people though. Maybe both are necessary. We could divide our country in the interest of peace.

I have applied to go to Korea myself, however I was unsuccessful in the end. Who needs peace? We never thought of making peace through division, only war through unity. I am still a free person after I said divided we stand.

I suppose I am protected by the U.S. constitution. If I have constitutional rights in the first place. I am sure I do not. What I have instead is reason. This is what we will all fall back on in the end. So now we live on a cooler, slower, safer planet. Where we live longer. What's not to like about this? Eastern and Western U.S., Northern and Southern California and a fifty first capital in L.A. New world order should look new I think. Shiny new globes and maps. More work for map makers, that should love these ideas. I came from the old world and I want to see the new world. In the the end it will be new to some one just arriving. It only seems old because I have been here for quite some time. I hope you have the same thing happen to you.

Selling our country to ourselves, our toughest customers. Here I go and play it all backwards, divided we stand. I still support our troops internationally. If they hurt I hurt. Victory over ourselves is the greatest victory of all. I want to fly a new flag on a new horizon, a global flag.

Were we building a curse or cure at the labs. Maybe they did not accomplish anything at all there. Maybe it was all a waste of time and money. A waste of rats and mice. Whatever you paid for it. Haven't you even been curious where your money went? Yes you in the form of taxes have paid for this outcome. I wrote this with my wright hand so maybe the paper is irradiated through the ink. Who Knows? Don't worry I never touched your copy. If you just dropped your book. I would call you a scared ignorant person. If you spilled something in the process. I would call you a klutz as well. I have never been a klutz. Hopefully I will never be one. I am sorry if you are mad at me again. Is your book wet? Buy a new copy I don't want you to miss anything. Who narrates well anyway? Thank you peace and love to you. Most of us have something we carry around with us. Mine is mental illness, when I write by hand it is all capitalized engineering lettering.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

With little punctuation used. That about sums it up. This has been (hunt and peck) typed by hand and edited. Printed far away from me. Maybe even translated. so you have nothing to fear from your copy of the book, by me. Maybe some day I will sign this copy.____________________________________

Who knows what I said was true? Who thinks I lied just to suit myself. Peace is right around the corner. Peace is open thirty hours a day. This I picture would over double production of goods. So we could have a surplus of most things. Wouldn't that be nice. Cheap accessible goods for over six billion people. We could pass stuff out to people instead of killing them at all. Imagine a new weapon in the war on terror is the global distraction. Of course this is not a new idea. Distraction only goes so far in the first place. There is not that much war on this planet right now. However things seem to be getting worse globally.

Can peace be more profitable Than war? Can health be more cost effective than illness. I am overcoming my own disability by righting this work. I feel empowered by the pen. If I strike it rich, I plan to pay back all of the money I received from you. If I flop please take pity on me. Buy a copy of my book for some one else. Global peace is why I wrote this book.

It's projects like the work at the labs. That become federal deficit black holes. Where money went into a project and there was no product ever. No one even talked much about the work at the labs. War money helped make my stomach full too. After thirty some odd years later, maybe we can capitalize on our previous work. So as not to waste the production, the money and the interest.

Wouldn't it be interesting if some one investigated all causes of death globally? Giving credit where credit was due. An international medical examiner. Would you want to know the truth about each death? Infected predators could be counted as combatants. Some people would have a high rank, from their kills. If their kills were counted every time. Remember the W.M.D.s your looking for may already be in your pants.

Will your children even have the chance to live a long life? Do they have to worry about over and under population? I think that they do. To few people and we could parish.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

To many people and we could parish. Do we care about one another enough to plan our own cataclysmic events. Predicting when they will happen. So the planet shifts or shakes, we know when because we caused it to happen. Evacuations could be made and save lives. So please consider not having children near the forty second parallel.

You have evacuated your child and you are safe some where, yes? M.S. is not in your climate zone. You win, come back to the forty second parallel twelve years later. With a new name for a fresh start and better schools. I am sure M.S. could be stopped this way. It is my hope that this is the cure for M.S. we need. M.S. can not live outside of it's climate zone. If it were contagious you and I would probably have M.S. It is not contagious to the best of my knowledge. So the cloned M.S. virus is not as well, I hope. Cloned viruses can you believe that? Why wouldn't you? Go back to the beginning of the book and read this part again.

A hole novel is hard to right. This research happened right in front of me, over twenty years. It has been kept secret from the public until now. Am I in trouble for letting the truth out? At the time of this righting I have no doubt about it. This about sums it up for the righter now. Firing squad sounds about right. Will people rise up before me? Like shoot me first kind of people. People who shoot back maybe. If I am drawn and quartered properly there will be enough of me to go around. To all the people who want a piece of me in this world.

I foresee it being all four branches of the military. I could be split up equally among them, but the V.A. will still get my skull in the end. The V.A. will take my brains out and slice them thin. Then they will look at my gray matter through a microscope. Well some one could anyway if they wanted to. So I am dead many times over now. This will be my epitaph.

The light has faded now and it is hard to see to write. Dusk is upon my camp. The dog is old and sleeps in the yard as I write this. Donkeys play on the path near my camp. Now and then it is rainy. I manage to stay dry some how. I am listening to the same music now at thirty something as I did when I was a child. I am changed by the music yet the music stays the same.

Classic rock and roll stations playing car adds. I am on a futon in my tent am near the river and a creek. There is spring water nearby. I have three donkeys.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Jo Jo Jenny Marshmallow Moon beam, who is all white. Jester, who is paint colored. Huckleberry, who is brown with a white belly. I have a partner, she is very nice to me. The dog is one quarter collie and three quarter wolf. I like my life right now. I hope you do too. Now that this is the end.

I may as well start at the beginning. I was born into a world that I was alone in. I had no one. I lived in the hospital and foster care. When I was a baby until I was adopted at eleven months. It was my mother who adopted me that took me to work with her. As well as my father. She loved me very much I think. She gave me such a head start in life. They lived in the western U.S. and together until I was four years old. This is when I remember the labs the most.

My Mom wore a white lab coat over her clothes, with her name on it. She wore a radiation measuring badge as well. She spent many years doing the same things everyday. Probably like you or someone you know.

When I was young we lived near a river and I played there after school. It was very clean at the labs. White tile with black specks. Gleaming steel and chrome with shining glass all around. There were doors in the trailers but no windows. I least liked that there were no windows. I like to look outside. Seeing nature and the sky. Now my intent is to incubate and nurture this knew antibody. That I was exposed to as a child. Maybe there is a constant battle inside me. M.S. caused by a rhino virus. Against a cloned antibody. Cloned and mutated into something new and improved. There is a dream I hope will come true. That there will be no more M.S. in the world. Possibly no more cold virus symptoms. Wouldn't that save money in the work place? No more could you say "boss I have a cold." Your boss would laugh at you and fire your worthless ass. So why not cure the cold. I said this already. Because it is not deadly. The cold does not get the research money it deserves. M.S. however is caused by the cold. M.S. is lethal, so does this not make the cold lethal as well? More money should be spent on curing the common cold I think. Who can say, I may have caught the cold that causes M.S. instead of an antibody. I have not contracted M.S. from the labs. Just the way the ball bounces I guess. Still no symptoms of M.S. at thirty nine.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Most people show symptoms of M.S. from age twenty to age thirty. However there are cases of earlier detection and later detection, of the M.S. virus.

Both my biological parents have mental illness like mine. My chances of passing mental illness on to the next generation is very high. Is it worth the risk of mental illness to possibly cure M.S.? I say that It is worth the risk.

I think I will one day be essential to life on earth. What a monster I have become. Essential Superhuman Antibody. Well it is not a perfect world is it? We replaced the brains I witnessed removed with paper towels. After the autopsy I drank a V-8 tomato juice. I soil myself from time to time. I am on medication daily. To treat my mental illness. Am I therefore damaged goods. Maybe some one will help me figure this out someday. I long for a day of personal solution to these questions. I want a steady source of income from the V.A. For my part in this. I was only a child for Christ sake. I feel I should be compensated. For me to talk to a secure psychologist. Who knows I am telling the truth. About my childhood and not just crazy. Some one who was there too! You know who you are. I want some one from the V.A. to take care of me. In a kind manor. To talk to me with respect. Hell, I should get college credit from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for the time I spent at the labs.

You are this catalyst for me. Writing this work is like therapy for me. Thank you for reading my work. Should we use human children in laboratory experiments? I think we should for some things. Such as I was used, the children should be compensated for their time though. So it is my intent to offer the Superhuman Antibody to you for free. Well minus the cost of this book. I hope it is simply passed from me to whomever I have contact with. Probably this would require intimate contact. So I think you know who you are. Those of you who know of what is possible now. Why did I not tell you then? Do you think I am crazy? It had not been thirty years yet. I did not feel safe enough until now. I am dead remember. You killed me with your laws. It was your bullet you paid for it. Hell, you demanded you be able to buy bullets. At least I was not missed. To survive such brutality must be worse than death.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

"Shoot to kill , never shoot unless you intend to kill and never carry a gun unless you intend to kill." This is what my Dad had to say on the subject of bullets. @ he always kept it loaded .com Now I do not know what is up with my adopted father. My biological father is dead. My disability has made it to difficult for me to go on writing this book. it also kept me out of med school, the military and the gun store. I have tried to enlist in the military many times and failed. Maybe someday we will be desperate enough to work together. All I can say is it would only be a re-up for me any way. Free and alive as I write this book. The disability and the labs could be related I think. Though I might be wrong. I wonder if anyone would represent me in this matter.

If I do contract M.S. would anyone take this case. V.A. and S.S.I. benefits, together maybe they should compensate me anyway. After all I am just waiting for the golden B-B you bought for me. With my name on it. Once I was offered a job on a nuclear submarine. This was when I was seventeen years old.

I was honest about my drug use and the recruiter said that he could not use me. He said go to another recruiter and lie. I thought so this is where the great lie starts. I am proud I told the truth. I am telling you the truth now.

If I make any money with this book. I will donate some money to my benefactors, the Rocky Mountain M.S. Society, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, to further their work on curing M.S. Put myself though college. My Mom died alone on the Fourth of July weekend in 1994. I was twenty three years old then. Young to loose a Mother I think. Handicapped orphans who gives a shit? Rewrite your life if you can. A brand new Mom was just around the corner. So I launched a search for my biological family. I found them all thanks to a lawyer I used. Plus dam good luck. Don't worry I can not remember what you said, that time when I felt discouraged. The search cost $600.00. It was so cheap.

I love both my families just as well. Maybe I could get myself on a talk show to promote my new book. Would that be in bad character to die and still be talking on T.V. like Frankenstein. Abnormal brain is standard issue. Like the rest of you perfect people, I am a perfectionist. This book in the end will be perfect. I hope it can be a movie some day.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

So at twenty seven years of age I have a new family. I spent a long time in court. Due to judges being used for both criminal and civil suits. Still I am very lucky to have what I have.

I want you to want me plays on the radio. So I am going to promote myself and hope for the best. I hope for an outcome of me being rich and famous. An author I will call myself. Today I raise donkeys and a dog. I live in the woods in a tent. It's been this way since my 1996 divorce. Did she ruin my life? No I just wanted as much freedom as as I could get. I found that a person has the most rights when they have pack stock on public land in the U.S. I have the right of way on trails and roads in some states.



RS 2477 (which is an abbreviation of "Revised Statutes 2477") was passed in 1866 and is a very short law, only one sentence long. It states, in its entirety, that "the right-of-way for the construction of highways over public lands, not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted."

Defining some of the terms and phrases in this law clarifies the intent of Congress in passing this law which was designed to facilitate the settlement of the western frontier. Clearly, it is only possible to understand what Congress intended in passing the law in 1866 if the terms are defined as Congress understood them over a century ago.


"Right-of-way" means a bundle of rights widely recognized in common law and explicitly in many statutes and court decisions which govern access across a piece of property. In the case of 2477 rights-of-way, the rights are usually held by county government and apply to travel to and across federally- managed lands. The bundle of rights include the ability to travel freely, maintain and improve the road under certain conditions, and otherwise manage its use.


The courts have interpreted "construction" to include a broad array of activities, from constructing a road or trail merely by the periodic passage of foot or animal traffic to more specific and formal road building activities. These interpretations make it clear that the definition was not limited only to actually altering the land by a mechanical device.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Indeed, some of the "interstate highways" of the 19th century, such as the Oregon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the Mormon Trail and others were created only by the continuous passage of wagons and animals and not by mechanical means. It is obvious that Congress clearly intended to grant a right-of-way for such roads to local government as an aid to opening the West for settlement.


Similarly, the definition of the term "highway" is broad ranging. Several legal dictionaries and court decisions dating from the 19th century make it clear that the term "highway" not only included frequently-traveled, periodically-maintained roads but also included numerous other kinds of public ways, among them carriage-ways, bridle-ways, footways, bridges, turnpike roads, and even railroads, canals, ferries, or navigable rivers. The essential element of the definition is that whatever the transportation mode, the public has the right to come and go at will.

"Public Lands"

The term "public lands" used in the law was defined very similarly to what we understand it to mean today. It meant, simply, land owned by the federal government. A 2477 right-of-way could be established only over land owned by the federal government which was not otherwise restricted or "reserved".


The term "reserved" is commonly understood to mean setting aside a portion of public land as a national park, national forest, military reservation or for a similar facility. If the right-of-way grant predated the reservation of the land for one of these uses, it still remained a valid property right.

"Is hereby granted"

The term "is hereby granted" is particularly crucial to understanding this law and the 2477 rights-of-way controversy. By including this phrase, Congress made 2477 a self-executing law. When the minimal conditions were met, the the right-of -way grant occurred. That grant is a legitimate property right, held by the state or local government for the public.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Because RS 2477 was a self executing law, it was not necessary to apply for the right-of-way. Its transfer to the local governmental unit required no action by any land management agency. Congress did not even require that any paperwork be sent to the federal management agency specifying what right-of-way grants were accepted by local governments. The grant by Congress was nonetheless valid.

What is constructing a highway?

The specific requirements for "constructing a highway" and the specific details of the grant, such as the width of the right-of-way, were defined by the laws of the state in which the right-of-way was located.

This method of granting rights-of-way across federal land was in effect from passage of RS 2477 in 1866 until the passage in 1976 of the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA) which repealed RS 2477. In FLPMA, Congress provided a new mechanism for the granting of rights-of-way across public lands (which by this time meant the land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the BLM) from 1976 onward. However, in passing FLPMA, Congress made it absolutely clear that all pre existing rights-of-way which had been granted during the preceding 110 years under RS 2477 were still valid and were in no way affected by the passage of FLPMA. This meant that while no new rights-of-way grants would be made under 2477 after 1976, all the thousands of grants previously made were still valid.

Much of the recent controversy over RS 2477 rights-of-way stems from efforts--initially by environmental activists but joined more recently by the Department of Interior--to alter after the fact or otherwise try to infringe on the property rights granted to state and local governments in trust for the public.

The major administrative, legislative and judicial issues

In recent years, much of the activity on the RS 2477 issue has taken place on several fronts. The Interior Department issued draft regulations in 1994 and created a firestorm of criticism because the draft twisted or ignored administrative and court rulings on 2477 issues and violated basic Constitutional rights. The draft regulations are discussed on this website and several of the best and most comprehensive comments filed on them are available.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Legislation was also introduced in the 104th Congress to clarify and further codify these RS 2477 rights. The bill which is moving in Congress, S. 1425, is also on this website along with a statement on it presented at the Senate committee hearings.

In the judicial arena, two specific 2477 rights-of-way cases are setting important precedents. One is the Shultz case in Alaska and the other is the Burr Trail Road case in Utah. A friend of the court brief on the Shultz case is available on this web site. A summary of the findings in several Burr Trail Road cases is also available, as well as an interesting photo record illustrating some of the work which has been done on the Burr Trail Road which is the basis of past and current legal challenges."

Chapter Seven

Once while I was at the labs with my Mom. We walked by some kennels and she said "This is where they shoot the dogs. This is done so the surgeons can learn to remove bullets from live tissue. As well as tissue repair." As you can well imagine that put this seven year old boy on his best behavior. It was the way she said it that made me feel as though I, did not want to be like one of those dogs. However I am glad that surgeons know what is necessary.

I have not had an M.S. test yet. There is a two year waiting list to get tested. Some people were moved to the front of the line. Because of their donations to the M.S. Center. Could my mental illness be early signs of M.S.? I say probably not.

The point of this work is to write a best seller. I want to read about myself in U.S.A. todays book reviews. I want to be on talk shows. Cloned antibody strike hardened with radiation. Could protect everyone from a multitude of diseases. Say good by to the common cold, M.S. and maybe some cancers too. This is just around the corner I think. Within a few years I am hoping. I took great interest in S.A.R.S. There were thirteen cases in denver, over 800 in Quebec. This was dealt with very quickly I think. Why is the link between the common cold and M.S. being kept from you. The geopolitical consequences are staggering to say the least.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Yes I will sell out to corporations mentioned in this book. Any one who might help me make a buck to fight M.S. So once again I beg you to by another copy of this book for a friend. Translate this book the world must be warned. Raise kids on another parallel why don't you? This would be a new world alright. Mass exodus north and south of the 42nd parallel. No longer a healthy destination for some one planning a family. People would stand their ground. Movement to this parallel would greatly decrease. If people knew the risk. The demographics do not lie check out what I am saying on line. See for yourself. The demographics were more valuable than the research I think.

In a dream world I have a great job with W.H.O. (World Health Organization) deciphering the demographics, applying the research and enlisting human research volunteers like myself internationally. A cold virus free world is just around the corner. With your help we can overcome the M.S. virus. Help me please. It maybe years before anyone reads this book. The boy donkeys are playing rough with each other. The dog sleeps on the bed. As I write this book. Led Zeppelin plays on the radio. It's raining and wood keeps me warm. I like an epitaph because I can say what ever I want. Ya I am the one who got divided up remember. Torn into pieces by united we stand people. Everyone in other words. I really hope you like this controversy. Writing is helping me feel better.

I may not get another chance to put my thoughts down on paper. Plutonium powered piss ant in the cross hairs is what I am now. It is disturbing to me that I was at the labs as a child at all. I deserve a better life, with more money. I thought if people bought my book it would be more honorable than a law suit against the V.A. I don't want to sue the M.S. Center. I can justify taking some military money for myself. I would not want to hurt research at all though. So I am writing this book instead. I love you and I hope you love me too. For telling you the truth as I see it. I hope this work will sell well. Hungry and thirsty dog just got room service. Plus scratching and petting. She is a good twelve year old dog. The fire is out.

I tried to get financial aid for college from the government. I was told I did not register for the draft. What a slap in the face this was. By all rights I already had a doctorate. You could consider this my thesis.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

I did register for the draft though. On my eighteenth birthday. In my home town of Arvada Colorado, at the post office. I tried to enlist six months earlier. I have tried to solve this problem, to no avail. Please help me, I swear I registered. I will quit smoking when they put me out. Some day they will put me out. I am sure of this, some how some way. Do you think cancer is man made? I do, most things attributed to cancer are man made.

I am proud to stay here in the U.S. Ready to defend this country. I always have been ready, I register for the draft all the time now. Even though the age cut off is twenty six. Do you think there should be a draft? I do, I hope to be needed someday. More over I think we should have a lottery for everyone between seventeen and forty five. The lottery winners would get to serve their country.

I use electric fencing to keep my donkeys from running loose. This I think is much like what a marine would do to secure an encampment. Someday I might have this responsibility. Fencing off an encampment maybe even with booby traps. Trip wires and fences are part of life in the corps I think. Or at least you have a doorbell don't you. Trip bang or zap there is not much difference in the end. I am older now then most enlistment cut offs.

I hope you have at least two copies of this book. I hope you and your kids are where you feel safe. We are happy and our animals are happy too. Sometimes I shock myself with the four volt electric fencing. Maybe someday this will make electroshock therapy more tolerable. Both my biological parents have had electroshock therapy treatment. My biological mother is still very ill. So my turn will come one day I am sure. Shocked and alive and well. The radio is on as I write this.

Classic rock plays in the back ground. The radio advertises Mcdonalds. I still eat there sometimes. However I live very far away from one now. I am living on a commune in the northwestern U.S. I live north of the forty second parallel. Is it far enough to be safe from M.S.? My risk is the same because I was born in Denver Colorado. If I have children here the risk for them will be somewhat less. I love where I live now. No matter what I want to stay. I know someday I will have to leave this place. Until then I will enjoy where I am living. I hope you enjoy where you live.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

If not move, you will feel better. What a privilege we have in this country. To move so many different places. It is dark now and the wood stove in the tent is lit. I write this book between 2006 and 2009. It will probably take years for this book to get published.

The C.I.A. has been working hard to divide nations. I really think we should divide our nation up. Fifty states is easy to divide. Into multiples of fives and tens.

Is this book on the public library shelves. Do they have at least two copies. I hope so. However fifty one states isn't as easy to divide equally. it is posable though, three times seventeen. L.A. being the fifty first U.S. capitol. As well as Southern California being the fifty first state. Is there room for one more star on the U.S. flag. Should this look different too? I think it should. Sorry Betsy Ross, a new flag for a new nation. A pretty new capitol in L.A. A headquarters for a new world order. Sacramento California would be the pot capitol of the U.S. I think. As well as the great state capitol of Northern California. San Francisco California is one of the U.S. cities I have lived in and my favorite city. It is near the forty second parallel. Who lives there now? I am so dead. Speaking from the grave is liberating as hell. I hope my book does better after I am dead.

I hand carve stone pipes and stone sculptures. Today I am cutting alder wood by hand, and splitting it with a mall. On and on with this until winter is over. I get movies in the mail from Netflix. I like action movies. It is pretty cheap entertainment. I live rent free on this land because my partner works here. So my expenses are pretty minimal. Do I believe in god? I do, as well as the angels and a place called Heaven.

Could we slow the earths rotation down? Would this lower our gravitational force? A longer day can you handle this? Thats what I always wanted, more time in the day. Things would be a bit lighter, people too. Our rotation around the sun would stay the same. I pray for a longer day. Maybe the angels can help with this. Are we not the stone temple pilots of this earth? I think the pyramids were something that effected the value of the planet. Maybe they stopped the warble of the earth. Being lined up with the star ass-myths like pyramids were. Maybe we could do more about our planets value. Would the earths slower rotational velocity make the planet cooler?


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

I think that it would. Imagine if you will an end to global warming for ever. We could use a nuclear blast to slow the planets rotational velocity down. The world might have hover cars like in the movies. Because of the lower gravitational forces. This would possibly mean a lower atmosphere on earth. This would mean less greenhouse gasses. This would mean less global warming. A cooler planet means less viruses I think. Maybe I will win a prize of some kind.

Which is cooler cremation or burial in regards to green house gas emissions? May I suggest we not use fossil fuels. I am so dead. How do we slow the planet earths rotation around it's axis down.? Maybe we could blow a hole in the earth with our nuclear arsenal. Placed properly this would slow us down some what I think. Flipping the planet upside down could cool us off as well. Lets beat mother nature at her own game. Predicting when and where an apocalyptic planetary cataclysm will happen.

This would save so many lives. Maybe yours or mine. Will a hotter planet spin faster around it's axis. Thereby shortening the day. Who the hell wants a shorter day? How fast are we going around our axis now? Just under 1000 M.P.H. How fast are we traveling around the sun? How fast are we traveling around the solar system? Could we change our orbit around the sun? I know this is scary as hell to you. What a rush it would be not to be just along for the ride. Are you just along for the ride? Do you want to control the value of our planet?

Was it slavery that built the pyramids or devotion to truth? Maybe it was their higher values that bought the Egyptians 25,000 years of rein. Who do you think you are that you can sit there and do nothing. That is not a bad idea actually. To do nothing, but who can afford to do that? Thus we should have lots of chill time. Time out if you will. We should support slackers. As well as stop putting so much pressure on people to produce things.

Don't we have enough stuff? No new cars or other things. Pay the unemployment to the auto workers and others. Take a year off with pay hurray. More time for family on a cooler slower safer planet. Maybe it will all be over in a few years. Like the Mayan calendar running out in 2012. Time to dig a new latrine the old one is full. Yes I still prefer a latrine to a toilet. I prefer to wipe with water instead of paper.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Save a tree use a portable bidet, a recycled squirt bottle works well.

Once when I was in the hospital I made a tie out of paper. I could wear a paper tie because I could not hang myself with it. I used the color sunday funnies. The tie went well with my pin stripe suit. This impressed one of the doctors. I know how to clone M.S. I should have stuck with this. I could have been on the cutting edge of science. I rehabilitated well at the hospital.

Maybe I could be executed for each death sentence. Electrocuted for instance and resuscitated, back to life. Followed closely by drowning to death and resuscitated and so on. So I could be truly vindicated in death. Then I could serve the rest of my life in prison. With 4,100,000 other people in the U.S. With the best health care money can buy. So it would take even longer for me to actually die. Get over your fear of death and write from your heart. Maybe your words can save me. I am tried and punished for each count of anti patriotism. If we all were treated equally the system would back up on it's self. It is your gut instinct to help me I hope. Innocent until proven guilty right. I wrote this myself. You chose to read this book. Take responsibility for yourself. At least you do not have to torture the truth out of me. However that is probably the only way you will believe me. Unfortunate is it not?

If we are all guilty than no one can be blamed. Do what you will with me. I trust you. You have not let me down so far. I will let you know the minute that you do, with my please help me speech. That is drowned out by all your screams. What if we are all guilty as charged by the world. As truth-less capitalists. I am the only truth. Therefore I must be guilty. A leg to the Army, a leg to the Marines, an arm to the Navy, an arm to the Air Force. Plus my brain goes to the V.A. I imagine myself drawn and quartered on the Four Corners Monument. A concrete slab with a cross on it, on the Navaho Reservation. Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona fight it out with the Navaho Native Americans. For who has jurisdiction over me. They could use jeeps and winches to tear me apart wouldn't that be cool to watch. I did warn you that this book and subsequent movie are rated R for restricted. This will make youth want to read it even more.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Maybe each other country in the world, will decide they want a piece of me. Just thin slice what is left of me. Serve me up to them as an offering. Sever and serve me, like sacrament at Catholic Mass internationally. Hey U.S. citizens, maybe we should all leave the country now. Then this would leave only immigrants here. Then we could attack the people we invited here to be like us. With out hitting any of our own people. Ingenious is it not? Plus we all could use a vacation for a year at least. Just to get over our current stress levels. With pay, without kids maybe. Where would you go to? So what if they nuke themselves here. We are not hit. Our values endure, we still own every thing in the U.S. So maybe we should all join the military of our choice. As international peace keepers. We could deploy the handicapped people first. Thereby clogging up other nations medical facilities. Causing a greater need for doctors. Plus we would only be shipped back to the U.S.A. If something went wrong. Because we would have diplomatic immunity. What no kids? The kids would attend military schools internationally for that year.

So we could defend ourselves and survive anywhere in the world. I do care that you survive. However without some training this might be difficult some places in the world.

When I was seven years old my bedroom was red, white and blue with stars on the curtains. However I sat down for the pledge of allegiance in my school classroom. I was tough all the other kids wanted to kick my ass. The girls said. " Boys like you end up four F, find them french them, fuck them and forget about them. At sixth grade I went to alternative schools where they did no practice the pledge of allegiance. In Catholic kindergarten I got in trouble for swinging on the swing set to high. When the ruler came down it only hit the desk, because I moved my hand away. The next school year I was in traditional schools in Jefferson County Colorado. A good school district to be in.

I changed my name at age twelve from Jean-Paul DeVald to Steven Devald.

I did this because other kids were calling me the Pope. Bang dead again for impersonating the Pope is punishable by death. The Pope is no less what I was called. Now I would like to be remembered as Jean-Paul Steven Devald. Thank god I live in the U.S.A. where I have free speech. It only cost me an arm and a leg.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Will you at least cremate what is left of me. I would not like to play golf in a cemetery. So please do not waste tara fur-ma on my account.

I am having a Coke with Splenda today. Add Coke to the list of corporate lawsuits brought against me, because I even mentioned them at all. In this book. Will the A.C.L.U. help defend myself in court. Killed, incarcerated sued is this what I have to look forward to. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Then I will counter sue Coke for my dental bills. Ya right! I am not the suing kind of person. But I might write about my experiences. How can anyone sue a kamikaze zero like myself anyway. What could they hope to get out of it. The V.A. already has my brain. Loose cannon on deck someone fetch a bolt.

Nothing quite like proposition 223 (caliber) for quieting the mind of all. K.Y.R.U listening radio, radio for the masses. brought to you by K.Y. because we are all going to take it up the ass. If we keep lying to every one. 9-11-01, U.F.O.s and more lies than this. The masses are listening to their own hearts. How far are they willing to go. Could someone put L.S.D. into the holy sacrament. Serve it up daily internationally. I tried the sacrament a couple of times for myself. The body of Christ laced with L.S.D. I really thought that this is what happened to me. Passed out by the church, laced with strychnine. Everything would change if people had to take a good look at themselves closely. I am more of a risk analyst than a terrorist. What a place to strike. Gives you chills just thinking about it don't it? To feel that vulnerable.

Why would people do this? Because the church said to. Ever wonder where that sacrament comes from? How much dose it cost? What is it made from? Why do you have to eat it in church? Why won't the priest let you take it to go?

It is likely made of starch and water. What a great medium for viral growth. Starch and water is what my Mom incubated viruses on. They would be acts of God, mass poisoning and infecting. I think, watch your own ass or someone else will. Should you even take the sacrament in the first place? What a risk this is I think. To be poisoned or infected as penance. Convenient for the church is it not? Thou have sinned with your lies so now God is punishing you. Disturbing am I?


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

I warned you, are you over eighteen years old? Well thats where I would fight this war on terror. On a field of trust and holiness. With chemical warfare how would you know? With your knew chemical analyzer, you would know right away. Otherwise you are pretty much screwed. Something non-lethal yet mind altering passed out at Mass, besides religion. I know you are scared now. Please don't be afraid of me. I am just an idea man. I know keep my ideas to myself. What if I am right? Would you be able to handle say L.S.D. on the body of Christ? What would the church do to the person who did this. I assume it would be far worse than what I have to look forward to. Would any punishment be harsh enough for those people. I hope they are punished more than me. This would be fitting justice, would it not? How would we catch people doing this?

Mass hallucinations would cause wide spread panic. People would come down from their trip at some point unless they were dosed daily. In this case they would not come down. How deadly would a virus be, if it were grown on the body of Christ? Served at masses internationally. Is this even posable? I think that it could be. My pen ran out ink.

I am switching to #2 pencil. A virus could be grown on the body of Christ.

I wanted to join the C.I.A. when I was in high school. My friends talked me out of it though. They said the C.I.A. were only killers. They did not know about the time I spent with my Mother at the labs though. I never told anyone until now. I thought it was best kept a secret from other kids and the teachers. It was like my brain had two separate channels. That did not cross over one another. Now I feel compelled to tell my story. If they knew they probably would not understand.

I am glad to have had time to live my own life. Time to raise animals and have a family. Now I wish I could participate more in the agencies, like C.D.C., C.I.A. and the military. Maybe I will be offered a job some day. Risk assessment is what I would like to do. Maybe I should be a private consultant. Like I could offer advice. On how to protect ourselves better in the future, from attacks. I have found it is very hard for me to get a job. I studied the anthrax attacks on the Post Offices. All the letters people wrote that went through those Post Offices.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Were delayed at least and some were destroyed. Many of these letters were written to the government. To protest the war in Iraq. The one we are currently in.

I thought of what I would do. I would build a virus that lived in human males only. Incubate a virus at just bellow body temperature. The temperature of the scrotum and testicles. Feed the virus testosterone. I call it "Bachalacockis-so-your-cock-will-drop-off-a -less". No women or young children would be effected by the virus. It would be a venereal disease. So it would only be prevalent in adults. Another idea I have is a virus that feeds on melatonin. The more melatonin you have the more sick you become. Melatonin causes the skin to darken. Combine the two viruses and you have the high potential of ethnic cleansing. Only white women and some young boys would be left alive. This is only an idea not a threat. Could someone build these viruses? I think that they could be built. Or something like it. You might even call me racist. Sorry for this I am white and male. I won't go against my own. Nor do I expect you will.

The Trans-American Pyramid in San Francisco is one of my favorite buildings. I went there often when I visited the city. Once when I was there I suggested some improvements to the security guard. I said put a fence around the buildings gas meter. Which was unprotected at the time. It was just outside the building. As well I suggested, screens for the ground level air intakes. For the buildings ventilation system. To help protect T.A.P. from anthrax. Or some other like attack. This was met with a nod. So I left the scene.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Chapter Eight

Dear Aunt

Hi how are you, I am fine thank you so much. Using my social service retroactive money. I was able to buy this Apple power book. My second try at home computing. Thanks for teaching me Apple, when I was five twenty seven years ago. I was way ahead for my age in school and life. Thank you for the pictures, the love and support. Your sister my mother taught me the I.B.M. computer when she would take me to work with her. I miss her very much. I know you do too. She taught me so much in the laboratory. I learned about windows at the library. I just wanted to be free so thats what I did I went and experienced freedom. In the land of the free home of the brave. I had such a good time. Living in the woods. Like St. Francis. I bet no one called him a sissy while he was alive.

Now I want to take advantage of the city and write about my experiences. I am thinking of going back to school. I am not sure what I want to study may be anatomy on my way to an immunology type degree. I have a problem and need help. Selective service says I did not register for the draft. This means I can not get financial aid. I swear to you that I registered on 08-23-1988 at zip 80004. This was in Arvada CO. on my birth day. I am so proud of my country and my registration. I do not deserve to have this happen to me. I have exhausted my available resources on this matter. I need a miracle I think and I can not think of anyone more qualified than you. This is the only way I can get financial aid so I can go back to school.

Thank You, Peace and Love To You.

Blast this planet backwards slow it down. How and where? Australia maybe, sacrifice one continent to protect the other six. Try one nuke after another until she slows down. Thirty years later we emerge from our fallout shelters. The day is longer by a few hours and we have more day and night. More time to hunt and fish, time to start all over again.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Isn't nice we planned Armageddon for a specific day. You wouldn't want to be caught off guard would you? It's your plan of course. It will work. The U.S. nuked it's self more than any other country. Using nuclear testing. Were nukes built just to destroy, or was the broader scope used. For over all effect. A chain reaction that moves the whole planet backwards in it's rotation. Maybe the orbit around the sun would change. Pilot your planet it has everything you need for space travel already. Don't get me wrong I love N.A.S.A. I hope to work for N.A.S.A. someday and figure all this out for sure. When I have more time. Will a hotter planet move faster? Could we move away from the sun a little over time? We could have a nuclear winter any time we like.

All I need now is my S.U.V. and my .223(caliber). A truck a riffle and fishing gear. This how I grew up for the most part. Thanks to my adopted Father and his sporting interests. Yes folks I am a carnivore. Guns were always around when I was a child. My Dad and I fished every weekend. Thank you Father for teaching me to hunt and fish and camp.

Now I am about seventy years old, or I am dead thirty years. You chose the outcome for me. Can I get a consensus on this comrades. Maybe I could be a comic book character. Called Superhuman Antibody that would be cool. It is the future now and I can say what ever I want about it. Maybe I could retire from the alphabet soup now. After thirty years of service. What a nice pension I would have.

Meanwhile mostly women and small children to the front please. I will hold my own on taraferma no matter what. I won't hide underground where the temperatures are around sixty five degrees Fahrenheit. Nice and comfy, I will stay on the surface and live as a free man. You want a new world well there are some ideas to consider. It is your master plan, you paid for it. It is called chrysalis, there is room for about 300,000 people in underground shelters. Duck, duck goose I will take a gander at nuclear silos for a home.

Maybe I will ride my donkey into the setting sun. Like in an old western movie. A new scientific frontier would come from, thirty more years of research. Maybe I will be regarded someday for my works. I will make history with my ideas one day. A slower, cooler, and safer place to live is just around the corner. In just thirty years of evolutional forces. Fifty kilotons of nickel hitting the earth.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

In just the right way. Would cause about the same effect. Could we make an asteroid hit this planet where we wanted it to hit? Could this be counter to our rotation? Thereby slowing the rotation of the planet around it's axis. Should we all just pray for a cooler planet? For the atheist communists we have the physical means to change our planets values.

Oceans rising is likely, so consider moving inland. Prepare in someway as you know how to survive. Now we are father away from the sun and moving slower. The planet is cooler with a lower gravitational force. This could make space exploration even easier. Mcdonalds should build at least one fallout shelter, featuring their foods. Thirty years of eating Mcdonalds foods. What is this idea worth. The underground beef industry. Open thirty hours a day, three hundred ninety four days a year. Maybe this is why the Mayan calendar stops in the year 2012. Are years getting shorter? Are days getting shorter? Is the earth getting hotter? Are we getting closer to the sun? I say yes to all of these questions. I want longer days and longer years. Longer growing seasons too. Could cows be raised underground? If the planet earth gets much hotter we will all cook on the surface anyway. Grow food so you know how to. In the worst conditions the better. You can never have enough options. So thirty years of stored beef for everyone on earth, buns too. That is a lot of dough.

I have about two weeks supply of food. I imagine your own needs. Some times I have seen thousands of people line up for one meal. I think most of them were veterans. It is like a small army. On the streets of San Francisco, I am happy to have joined the ranks of such fine characters. Waiting patiently for food, these are the days I can remember. Free food, that will keep you reading a little longer. The best source of which is free kitchens. That feed the homeless or anyone who is hungry. A trash can works in some cases, called dumpster diving.

The kitchens are much nicer though. The food is great on the streets of Denver Colorado. As well as many other cities too. Mcdonalds was passed out by my church every friday. I always tried to make it to this feeding frenzy. "I'm loving it." Of course you loose touch with the adds when you are destitute and homeless. Hot food is still very nice to have. I think , you might ask how I lived so cheaply for years on end. Thats why I am telling you about free food.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Hang out on the street long enough and people will bring you food. Like their leftovers or free food from food banks. Lets just say I ate well for free.

I hitch hiked all over Colorado. I spent four years hitch hiking to high school. From Arvada, Colorado to Evergreen, Colorado about seventy miles. There was a bus but I preferred to hitch hike. I went to Jefferson County Open High School in Evergreen Colorado. After high school I went to massage school at the Colorado School Of Healing arts in Evergreen Colorado.

My Mom paid for my school. If it were not for Mcdonalds I would not have survived these lean times. However there was Monopoly at Mcdonalds. I got free food by playing a free game. Yes Mcdonalds Monopoly coupons kept me alive through school.

Since my experiences at the V.A. in Denver. I think ultimately I will be fine. Because I received a good foundation for life. Being at the labs so young caused me to learn a great deal about science. I learned so much so young. That I will never forget. This lab rat turned agent. I liked the people at the M.S. Center in Denver. Which is at Swedish Hospital now. I worked at Swedish Hospital in Denver Colorado, as a massage therapist. I worked in the basement of the hospital. It is a rehabilitation and trauma center, with an international reputation for excellence. I helped many people recover from their injuries.

So nuke an asteroid and change it's trajectory. So it slams right into the earth. Right where you want it to hit. At just the right velocity. So it puts a counter spin on the earth. Thereby slowing the earth down. As well as creating a dust cloud, which would block out the sun some. Repeat this until we correct the earths value. Who dose not want a longer day? Well you will have plenty of time to make it to ground zero. Or into a shelter. Because we know the exact time and place. A catalyst for changing the earths value.

Hypothesis, North Korea tests a nuclear bomb underground for real. Causing a seismic disturbance that is recorded in Bolder Colorado U.S.A. How much did this push our planet and in what direction? Will anyone really care? Will N.A.S.A. help me figure this out someday? What did it look like from space? I want to see. Did it move us faster or slower? It is certainly not as simple to invade North Korea.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

Maybe we have already been attacked with a virus and no one told you. For fear you would panic. Should a priest wear a rubber glove while dispensing the body and blood of Christ? To prevent cross contamination. I think people are to trusting. That this makes them vulnerable. First the mail then the church. Just to keep things more interesting. When it is discovered that I even mentioned the possibility of harm coming to the church. The churches will call me a terrorist. They will probably say I blasphemed just to suggest changing the earths value. I will once again find myself on the cross. Dearly beloved I am gathered here. To remind you of your reason. Or the lack there of. I do not think writing is lethal in the U.S.A. but I could be wrong. I am not sure if I could be Catholic or not. Like my adopted grand parents. I went to a Catholic kindergarten. However when I was homeless I spent a lot of time in churches. I would go to any denomination though. What an abomination I am. Do not discuss science and religion in the same text you might say. Why not just pray for a cooler planet. The power of prayer. Could angels slow the planet down? Maybe that is the only way it will happen. A miracle has to happen some how.

Like T.A.P. (Trans-American Pyramid) I spent quite a bit of time at B.E.C. (Basilica of immaculate Conception) in Denver Colorado. A church the Pope ordered open seven days a week. This is where I would have free donuts and coffee. It is one of the most beautiful churches I have been in. I have been in churches all over the U.S. I wish to see more churches in the future. If I had dog tags I would have them say I was Catholic. I felt like the Popes eyes and ears on the streets of Denver. Unfortunately Pope John Paul has died. I thought a lot about church warfare. As well as the conduct of such a war. It's a church for God's sake. My aunt, my adopted Mothers sister is a Catholic Nun. It is out of loyalty and respect for her that I would want to be Catholic. I fear I have overstepped my vows somewhat. Maybe I could be forgiven by the church. Can I still go to Heaven? How much will this cost me? Is it worth the cost or should I just go to Hell for free. I will leave this decision up to the reader. Maybe this book is as good as the Bible, you have at least two copies but you will never read them.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

I have read some of the Bible. I am open to all religions though. How many deaths can one author sustain? I wish to stand by my aunt. I would say over all I was raised Christian. However I lean in many interesting directions. I am struggling to find my own identity. Plus keeping my religious freedom.

Maybe I should live on a commune. There is an original idea. Been there done that already. Old age has me now. I would try to see as much of the U.S.A. as I could. International travel has become to dangerous, unless you are deployed militarily. My wish is to be cremated after my organs have been harvested. I will sell myself off a piece at a time. Maybe by now they would want every part of me. Maybe some nation might even save me from ruin. The U.S.A. is supposed to be a safe harbor nation. I obviously do not feel safe here. I guess my childhood experiences helped instill fear in me.

In the end the only reason I am still alive is my childhood experiences. That this might be of value to me someday keeps me going. I mean my childhood experiences at the labs. The antibody I feel I have been incubating inside myself. A new cloned antibody for me. As well as to help you.

Living underground, fixing things and eating Mcdonalds for thirty years has kept me strong. How will we even know what is happening on the earth above us? If we are underground. Will we have to send out some kind of scout patrols, or something. Maybe robots could be used some places to look around and sample the air and so on. So we would know when it was safe to live on the surface. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned. The earth mama is going to be fine. At this point I really do not know what living underground would be like. So we will just imagine what this must be like. Threatened by everyone the symptoms of my illness.

The writing of this book is assisted by my Apple Computer. Your copy is safe from any threat. Your computer might get a virus though. Not from me of course it is just a possibility thats all. Maybe you tried to make a copy without paying for it. Then I think you deserve a computer virus. That is as far it would go though.

Please do not throw this book in the trash try and recycle it.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

The weather in the fall of 2006 is dry in the northwest U.S. Not many mushrooms this season. Because it is to dry for them to grow. This is unfortunate because I like mushrooms. Why do you care? Because I think this is a symptom of global warming. It is just getting hotter and dryer around the world. Will the heat effect the earths value? You are already doing something to change the earths value. Is it how you really want it to be though? What can you do to make it happen in the best way posable? We do not need another ice age, however I do feel we should undo what warming we have caused and fast.

Faster hotter and closer to the sun. This is going to increase our atmosphere. As well as our gravity I think. How long could this go on before we cook on the surface? I am not sure however the prognosis dose not look good. Before we cook we run out of fresh water. Because the glacier where the river comes from thawed. There will probably be less rain as well.

Did the nuclear explosion in North Korea raise the earths temperature? Did the planet become radioactively hotter? I say yes to both questions. Thanks North Korea, Don't they know we nuked ourselves more than any other country on earth? Yes folks we blew up our own deserts. Not much stops us from nuking who ever we want to. I suppose our capability is genuine. We can hit them but they can not hit us.

I judge a country by how well the government treats it's people. Is the government oppressive to the people? Then we should liberate them don't you think? How far should we go, before we subject them ourselves? Are we the U.S.A., our brothers keepers? Are our ways the best choice for everyone on earth?

Thirty years later are we more or less world leaders? Could the world population live underground for sixty years? Probably not is my answer. Chrysalis project is designed to house about 300,000 people for thirty years. This would be mostly women and children. The military could have even more housing and industry underground.

There is a tunnel that connects some of the U.S.A. by underground shafts. It is called Dulce. You can check it out on the Web. There might be more than this though.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

I hate when the D.J. talks over the rock. Don't you? K.Y.R.U. listening radio for the masses.

If there is such a thing as religious freedom. Will there be inquisitions in the future? How will they be conducted? Water boarding maybe or electrocutions could work.

We could take the I out of C.I.A. and the I out of F.B.I. and have the Central Agency Federal Bureau. With no intelligence and no investigation. This is how I feel things are. Because of what I have seen in regards to the work of these agencies. I am sure they feel they are doing their best. There just seems to me to be so many holes in their investigations. Like the attack on the Pentagon, where is the surveillance video of an airplane crashing into it? Do we actually have the right suspects in custody? Will we ever know the truth? I am in trouble again I know. My condolences to the families of the men and women we lost in any case. What an excuse for a war this was. This is just one example of what I am trying to say. The New York World Trade Center was not enough for us to go to war. I do not think.

Is there a link between the cloned M.S. virus and H.I.V., A.I.D.s? Is there a connection to the war on drugs here? Well this is my other hypothesis. That H.I.V., A.I.D.S. was created in a laboratory in Denver Colorado to fight the war on drugs. M.S. and H.I.V., A.I.D.S. are both autoimmune viruses. The timing of the M.S. cloning and the timing of the H.I.V., A.I.D.S. outbreak are very close together.

I think that there is a direct connection between the V.A. and the creation of viruses used in warfare. I think you are paying for this through your taxes and that you have a right to know. Who am I to tell you about this. Well I was there and this is what I witnessed.

Should the government take responsibility for your illness if they are it's creators? Did a rogue virus escape from the labs in Denver? What were my risk factors when I was a child? I think that the government should provide health care for everyone. I feel we should be just like Canada in this regard. I have my health care provided for me by the government. Because I have a disability, mental illness. Is this fair to everyone? Like I said earlier I will pay back all the money I received from the government. Including my medical expenses. If I can ever make any money.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

The results of my Moms research was published in the Journal of Medicine. However my Mom expected more. So she quit her job after twenty two years. Now I am letting you know what I learned from her. She wished to let the world know what she knew. The doctors she worked for would not let her publish internationally like she wanted to. They thought it would be to catastrophic geopolitically for you to know the truth. Now you can see what I am trying to tell you on the World Wide Web. I intend to bring light into the darkness surrounding the subject of biologically engineered viruses.

I am raising asses again and living in the desert with them. I am one hundred years old now. I have no choice but to raise asses in the desert. I decided to write this book because I thought I might not get another chance. Modern medicine will keep us alive longer. So dying young is getting harder. Why? Because we want you all here. Thanks to my insurance, I can be treated at low or no cost to myself. I wish you all well. I hope you wish me well too. I hope you pray for me in your own faith. If I go to all churches am I wrong or right? Dose anyone really care if I get free food and services from all churches? I don't want to get shot again....

By my own churches that I love so much. I have been to hundreds of churches. FREE FOOD! I try and clean up the churches I go to. I pick up the trash and vacuum the floor. Sometimes I shed tears on the floor. Sometimes I use the mop on the floor. It all seemed to balance out in the end for me. Waiting for food with a group of people of any size is a humbling experience. I like to sleep in churches. It feels so cozy and safe.

If someone has to get shot in a church. Can I go first? Make it a Catholic church, sign me up twice. For my aunts sake. I think the mob would be pissed off too. Piss off the mob and the church at the same time, not a good idea. Where would you go? Straight to hell maybe. I know you just crossed yourself.

Maybe this book will keep you warm someday. You could use it to start a fire. This is a very interesting thing to do. This book is yours to do with as you see fit. I hope you read this book again. I hope you will read it to your kids. I think you will like this book when it all sinks in.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Antibody is my code name now. I will work for food. I will go to Korea, if my number comes up. if I win the lottery. I would like to be a pathologist for the Marine Corps. I was trained as a child in neuron-virology and pathology. I would not really like to be a grunt with a gun. But I will do my best if asked. I will try to join again someday soon I am sure. I foresee a raising of the bar. In regards to acceptance into the military in the future. They will up age limits. To reflect longer lives. I am hoping to be needed for something someday. Antibody waits, a cold free future or a hot virus infected planet.

Antibody would like to thank those that protected him on the streets. Including the government of the U.S.A. My executive producers if you will the U.S.A. Wave the U.S. flag, eat at Mcdonalds, drive an S.U.V. and carry a two twenty three. What is so hard about this? Pray in your own way. This is worth fighting for I think.

Chapter Nine

Captain America is one of my favorite super heros. I call them peace fairs, the opposite of warfare. I have been to many peace fairs. Now I am raising an old dog, she needs lots of attention. She is with me as I write this, this morning. In sixty years the dog is long dead and I am still sad. I am sure of this.

I was hoping that the democratic party would win the 2008 elections in the U.S. which they did. We needed a regime change. It had been republican for so long. Now I know the republicans do not like me any more. I am tired of war and I think the democrats will advocate for peace. I want to go to Soel Korea and support the Marine Corps there. What are my chances? This book will probably be as close as I get.

I have never even tried to get a passport or a visa. I think the only way to travel is in the military, at least for me anyway. I miss you and hope you are well.

I think that women should be given free dominion over the life they carry inside them. I also root for stem cell research.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

As well as human cloning. My clone can go to war while I stay home. I hope to work on these types of things someday. I am really feeling like life is just passing me by. Maybe they will clone Antibody someday. What if I could contribute to science someday. I believe in a cloned military. However I would still want an equal chance to join the fight. U.S.A. all the way, go joe and sempre fie.

Maybe cloning is the only way to propagate a new antibody. Are we building antibodies in laboratories as much as we are building viruses? I do not think so. Did I say I am pro-choice. After I am born again, I said pro-cloning. They can pry my pencil from my cold dead hands. We may have no choice but to solve our problems scientifically. Using politics to slow science down might cost us in the long run. It is just science for Gods sake, what harm could that do? Not much I say. If it were contained in underground laboratories, science could be done safely.

I think we are using space based laboratories. To incubate and store viruses and antibodies. If not we should be. Who makes space laws anyway? Some earthly committee. Is it lawful to experiment on people in space? I say that it is. The whole experience of being an astronaut is inherently experimental. Would I do this? Take a virus into space and make it more virulent? Yes I would. Chances of me being picked for this is very low.

I will make space laws. As General Disorder Space Marshal. For starters I will pass a law against littering in space. I will also encourage intergalactic intercourse. So we can have space babies. To help decide the fate of space. Thereby each nation could have space babies. These babies would become the extraterrestrial community, that would vote on space laws. As well as punishments. We all could share space in peace.

I have no chance of being a space baby. However I feel no conflict with space babies. A new world order. Adults that were born in space. Deciding the fates of space for all of mankind. High born monarchies could continue unchecked. A new global government could evolve that was born or cloned in space. Maybe space based cloning is the only way to go. Nothing is stopping us now as far as I know. Do U.S. laws apply in space? On the way there or on the way back? Can we gamble in space?

When I was in space I was cloned. One hundred year old antibodies born again into a clone.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

A clone of Antibody, yes I would do all of this myself. A cloned Space Marshall to impose laws on a galactic society. New international laws could be passed. To support Marshall Law in space.

One hundred thirty years into the future from this writing. We would have a cloned Space Marshall born in space. The ultimate in law enforcement. I would want to be a Space Marshall. With a cloned antibody on board. With all that time to incubate and evolve. It would be one bad ass antibody I should think. Plus being exposed to space. As well as being a killer political career. Would Antibody just end up a slave to the galactic committee? Some one has to do this I think. So why not vote for me, for Space Marshall. Now that was easy wasn't it? I except the office of Space Marshall.

I would impose laws and fines for you to put anything into space. Retroactive back to the first launch into space. This would create a debt owed to the Space Marshall. The richest person alive. A billionaire for sure. I would do good things with the money. Would you like to be a Space Marshall? I would hire deputies. I would pay them well. Youth could be Space Rangers or something like that. Adults could vote on laws, pass laws and enforce those laws. In regards to our previous trash for instance. Someone has to pay I feel for there to be a peaceful outcome. I would pay off the national debt of the U.S.A. by myself if I could. I would create space currency for one thing. New cash featuring a space theme and backing space exploration. Cloned, mutated, celestial body for Space Marshall.

The earth it's self is telling us the error of our ways. As far as the planet is concerned. In the likes of global warming. I would fine you for your contribution to global warming. If you make one, by using fossil fuels for instance. You would pay these fines when you bought almost anything. That you do not make or grow yourself. You would have to become more self sufficient to save money. Money you could invest in space exploration.

Meanwhile cooking lunch and listening to classic rock. Eating organic foods mixed with non organic foods and wondering about the logic in this. We use what we have. I was called Spock all through high school because I lacked emotions. I want your rapt attention when this book comes to theaters.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

One hundred forty years from now we fly one flag. The globe is now the only recognized banner internationally. We have global peace. No enemy of ours has yet presented it's self from space. There are two million people on the planet. Because this is all the people the Space Marshall's will allow. Years of non breeding have taken place. Deliberately slowing population growth.

Will I be one of the saved or one of the dammed? I really have no idea. Do I qualify for saving in the chrysalis project? I guess we will see. I am building viruses for the military, so what I am underground. So are you or you are not here. I only have good bugs inside me. I have had many tests all of which were negative, which means good. If I had bad bugs I would probably have died already. So don't worry about me so much. Maybe some other kids should get the chance to see first hand what their parents do for a living. I do think this would change the world as we know it to be. Because people would learn to do what their parents did for a living. Instead of going to school. Imagine how much could be learned. Do child labor laws really protect children? Or do child labor laws just hinder production capability. I started working when I was young. I had my own snow shoveling and lawn mowing businesses. I baby sat as well. I have worked most of my life. I will work the rest of my life. I hope the military and I can work together. Maybe a cattle call for Marines willing to go to war.

For now I have asses and dogs to raise. I worked for my adopted Father at his Baskin Robins Ice Cream store. I took inventory and mopped the floor. He paid me minimum wage. I was eight years old. The other people who worked there said I was to young. So it did not last long. I used the money I made to buy clothes and toys. I also burned out on working early in life. I haven't worked much lately though.

Will we reinstitute the draft? In order to fight a war. However this might only antagonize the situation further. Which would make a draft more likely. I wish I could get drafted that would be cool. Don't you think so? Hoora! Or should we pay whatever it cost not to go to war? I thought we were doing this already. We pay through the nose and still we might go to war. I say "Bring it on."

Did you choose when and where how you are going to die? Are you scared to death of dying?


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

I work in the way I feel a Pope would, to help spirits pass into the afterlife. By blessing and hallowing, persons and places and things. I transmogrify spirits with my intent into the afterlife. Heaven is something I believe in. I believe in angels. I call on angels to protect the spirits on their journey to heaven.

I wish to live like Christ, a simple life with donkey's. I am doing this. Calling all angels. This is one of my favorite songs. could I be Pope someday? I do not even know weather this is possible or not. I shall have to look into it.

Bless you all! Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will be done. As it is in heaven may it be on earth. I am for real, no I am not saying I am the Pope. You would stand a better chance right. White males only. I wish it was open to all, but it is not. Don't make me choose between the Catholic church and the Masons. Can't I be both? Why can't we just get along?

I hope to be respected for my affiliations to any organization. More than anything I would like to be a U.S. Marine. Doing celestial battles on a spiritual plane. If I say I am Pope then the church would likely call me insane. Been there done that. The Pope, talk about a pipe dream. Thats what I was nicknamed in school not a name I chose for myself. I did not call myself the Pope you did.

Would I do the job of Pope? Sure I would do my best. I already told you how I feel about science though. You might not like me very much. This is a risk I am willing to take. I have no choice but to be who I am. I do however wish peace and love to you all. I hope you do the same.

There in a nut shell is my global, spiritual and political views. All in one place. This eliminates the need for much inquisition on your part. As I swear I am telling you the truth. A cloned, mutated and open minded Pope. To lead the church into a stable monarchal future. As clones would carry the same blood lines. Do the Catholics have a underground church? Or are they dependent on the military industrial complex for their survival. Is there any plan for the churches future.

The future of the church would be my first concern. because I just love the church. I think churches are so beautiful. I was baptized Jean-Paul in a Unitarian church in Denver Colorado. So I suppose I need to be baptized Catholic, who knows?


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

I would build the biggest underground church on the planet. Fill it with art and supplies for thirty years.

Maybe just raising donkey's is enough to be Pope. Here is the straight dope from the Pope. I have your G.O.D. spot covered. I believe in remote viewing, seeing with the minds eye. What can you see in your minds eye?

Do you say I trespass on the church? I believe in my visions. Oh well! An underground church would be really smart to build I think. However it's likeness to hell.

The Australian's gave me political asylum. I was on a beach near Perth. I was close to ground zero again. I was sipping an umbrella drink. When the Navy S.E.A.L. team came to shore on their raft. "Hello we are here to extract you weather you like it or not. There is a submarine waiting for you." The S.E.A.L. team commander said firmly. I said "Can't you just leave me here to die?" "No you have been determined to be to valuable to die. You might be the only one who can stop the escapees from blowing up the world." I went with them in their raft to the submarine.

"Captain on deck." The boson said sternly. "It is an honor to make your acquaintance." The captain told me. I replied. "The honor is all mine." "I have to decide if I should nuke Colorado or not. I could do it very easily from this sub." The captain said. I said why do you need me then?" I need you to order your men to stand down. He answered. "I deserted them they will not listen to me." I pleaded. "Sir we have an open line to Cheyenne Mountain N.O.R.A.D." The communications officer said.

"Will you try at least?" The captain asked. I took the microphone I was handed. Into the microphone I said. "This is your fearless leader." A voice came through over the radio. "We thought you were dead." It said. "No not yet. I am on a nuclear submarine. The captain is wondering if he should nuke Colorado, over." "If he dose that all hell is going to break loose. We would nuke Denver Colorado. Likely other nations would launch on the U.S. if they new we had control of the nukes." This was their reply. This was all true of course. So it was a stand off. The submarines and bombers against the land based missiles of the U.S.A.

The escapees had won their revolution and control of the four corners states.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Plus the release of all the inmates in the U.S. Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico have formed their own country. A new frontier, a new world order. The new country opened up the border with Mexico and started free trade. You can get anything you want now and cheaply. People come and go across the border as they please. The new map shows the four corners states in red. The rest of the country is in green.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald


Antibody is tested and it is proven that he caries a new strain of resistance to Multiple Sclerosis. A U.S. Navy panel of doctors decide to protect the Superhuman Antibody at all costs. This means that his new home will be in Annapolis Maryland, on the Naval base. Where further research will be conducted. A cure for M.S. is inside Antibody. Who is in good health and willing to volunteer for the research. He is well taken care of by the Navy.

At the U.S. Naval Academy near Annapolis Maryland the naval doctors are astounded by the findings of the blood tests. The tests show a new life form, a brand new antibody. This antibody is capable of fighting the rhino virus that causes the M.S. virus. A cure for the common cold may be derived from this new life form. Finally an advance in science is achieved in regards to M.S. if only accidentally.

The Navy declared the new antibody priceless to the world. The Navy decided to clone the antibody and do more testing. A group of M.S. patients is selected from the Navy's records. These Naval Officers are the first to receive the new antibody. The results of the experiment are a complete success. The M.S. immediately responds to the new antibody.

Antibody is exonerated for his treasonous acts which included, escaping from Buena Vista Prison and taking 3,000 hostages there. As well as gaining control of the Four Corners States of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Plus threatening the whole world with nuclear war. He was awarded his freedom from the Navy now that they have a clone of the new antibody.

Superhuman Antibody decided to pursue a career with the Wold Health Organization. He has a lot of explaining to do about many things. Like the time he spent with his mother ay her work when he was a child. He is granted an honorary degree by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center of Denver, Colorado.

W.H.O. says that Antibody can do what ever he wants to do. Where ever he wants to do it internationally and they will use all there influence to protect him.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

The United Nations Security Counsel says that the new life form can do what ever it wants. Superhuman Antibody is basically given the keys to the world by the world government.

Antibody decides to travel around in the U.S.A. his first stop is at N.A.S.A. Ames Research Center. Located east of Palo Alto, California and south of San Francisco, California. Captain Fields of the Research Center welcomed Antibody. "Welcome to the Ames Research Center." The Captain said. "It is an honor to be here." Antibody replied. "We have a room for you to stay in here." Fields offered.

Looking down at his black dress shoes Antibody says, "Thank you."

"I assume your want to get some rest after your long cross country trip." The Captain said politely.

"How do you know where I have been?" Antibody asked.

"We are N.A.S.A. we have been watching you for quite some time." Answered the captain.

Looking exhausted Antibody said, "Some rest sounds nice I have been around the world. But you know that already."

"My assistant will show you to your quarters, stay as long as you want." Fields said.

The beautiful assistant, lieutenant Shelly Arnold showed Antibody to his quarters.

"How did you know to come here?" Shelly asked shyly.

"I am very psychic." Answered Antibody.

"Good night." The lieutenant said.

Antibody slept well and in the morning he met with the lieutenant and the Captain again. "So what are your goals here sir?" Fields asked.

"I want to get a cloned antibody I incubated in me into space." Antibody replied.

"Why?" Fields asked.

"Because I feel space would be a challenge to the antibody." He answered.

"Very well we will run some tests on your blood and see this new life form for ourselves. The captain Said. So they took some of Antibodies blood. Looking at it under the electron microscope they could see the new antibody.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

A new life form was launched into space. This new life form was cloned at the International Space Station, for the world. This new life form was offered freely to the world. M.S. is cured very quickly internationally. Secretly N.A.S.A. cloned Jean-Paul in space as well.

"Where will you go next?" The lieutenant asked Antibody.

"Montreal Quebec, I would like to to work with the University McGill on the S.A.R.S. virus." Antibody Answered.

There were over 800 cases of S.A.R.S. in Quebec Canada, other cases were reported internationally. Professor Jack Gerard said, "Welcome to the McGill University."

"Thank you" Antibody replied. It had been a long drive across country and he was tired.

"What can we do for you? The Professor asked.

"I could use some rest for starters." He answered.

The Professor showed Antibody to his room in the dorms. He slept well. In the morning he awoke to a cafeteria meal complete with coffee. He could sense that the students knew who he was some how. Had word gotten out already about his work? He thought he was one step ahead of the leaks of information. But he had been wrong before.

"Good morning." Beth said. "Good morning." Antibody replied.

Beth is a student at the McGill University. "Your work on the M.S. virus has been posted on the internet. Are you here to see if the S.A.R.S. virus responds to the antibody?" Asked Beth.

"Something like that." Antibody answered. Beth showed Antibody to the university laboratory. He had Beth draw some blood. They mixed the antibody from his blood with the S.A.R.S. virus. The effects were astounding. The virus responded to the antibody by dyeing.

"I can't wait to tell Professor Gerard!" Exclaimed Beth.

"It is a miracle that the antibody worked on the S.A.R.S. virus." Stated Professor Gerard. The three of them Antibody, Beth and Professor Gerard were in the laboratory celebrating. Now S.A.R.S. has been defeated.

Beth asked Antibody "Where do you plan to go next?"

"I am planning to go to Atlanta, Georgia to the C.D.C. there and tell of my findings here. I want to work on the A.I.D.S. virus at the C.D.C."

"We will have someone drive you to Atlanta." Professor Gerard said.

Beth volunteered to drive Antibody to Atlanta.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

On the trip from Montreal, Quebec to Atlanta, Georgia Beth and Jean-Paul have a lot of time to talk.

"How did you know the new antibody would work on the M.S. and the S.A.R.S.?" Asked Beth with curiosity, as she drove.

"My adopted mother told me when I was eight years old that she was biologically engineering a new antibody." Jean-Paul answered.

"That was about forty years ago, wasn't it?" Beth asked, who had not even been born when this biological engineering took place. She was very young and curious.

"Yes it was a long time ago before you were born." Antibody answered. As they drove uneventfully to Atlanta.

"Thank you for the ride." Antibody said gratefully.

"It was the least I could do I used to have M.S. it is me who should be thanking you." Said a tearful Beth.

She dropped him off at the C.D.C. in Atlanta. They said their goodbyes and he went inside.

When he entered the C.D.C. everyone stood at attention. They knew he was coming somehow. Then everyone started to cheer for him, there must have been thirty people in the C.D.C. at least. "Three cheers for Jean-Paul!" Someone exclaimed.

Holding his hand up by his face he said. "Please call me Antibody."

Antibody, Antibody, they all cheered. Then things quieted down.

"You must have heard the good news already." Antibody said.

Approaching Antibody with a hand extended to be shuck. "Welcome to the C.D.C., we have been expecting you." Doctor Brock said.

"Thank you very much." Antibody replied, as they shuck hands.

"You must be exhausted after your trip. Doctor Brock said.

"Yes I am tiered." Antibody said.

In the morning, after a good nights sleep Antibody went with Doctor Brock to the C.D.C. laboratory.

"We will take some blood and look at this new life form we have heard so much about." Said Doctor Brock.

They looked at the blood sample under an electron microscope. Doctor Brock was astonished with what he saw. Something he had never seen before. A new antibody. They tested the new strain of antibody from Jean-Paul's blood against H.I.V.


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

The results from the tests of the new antibody against H.I.V. are a complete success. The H.I.V. virus can finally rest in peace. H.I.V. is dead in 2018. A vaccine is derived from the antibody that Jean-Paul incubated in his blood for forty years. This vaccine cures the A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. viruses. The world declared again that Antibody as he liked to be called could do what ever he wanted to do. The U.S.A. made so mush money from the sale of the vaccine for these four viruses M.S., S.A.R.S., A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. to substantially reduce the U.S. dept. Which had almost bankrupted the nation at about 60 trillion dollars.

"We are from the V.A. we would like to talk to you." Doctor Price said.

"Thats fine with me." Antibody said smugly.

"Your mother was very smart to have used you like this. You are very well made. We read the letter you wrote the World Health Organization and we were very impressed. We would like to make you an offer of financial freedom. If you except this job you will be set for life." Doctor Price said.

"This is what I have been waiting for my entire life, thank you. Antibody replied.

"Very well you are on our team now. You are top secret cleared and hold the rank of general." Said Doctor Price.

"Where will I be stationed?" Antibody asked.

"Well we would like it if you stayed in the U.S.A. Where would you like to live?" Doctor Price asked.

"I would like to live in California near Stanford. If it is posable I would like to audit some classes at the university." Answered Antibody hopefully.

"Thats fine with us." Doctor Price said.

So Antibody moved to the Stanford, California area. Where he moved into a house near the Stanford University. He no longer had too worry about money or a place to live. His goals are to continue to work on curing N1-H5 virus, the bird flew. If Antibody can cure the N1-H5 virus with the antibody then the U.S.A. just might end up debt free.

Secretly the V.A. is working to build a strain of virus that is resistant to the new antibody. They are conducting warfare still. Their new idea is basically a tougher more virulent small pox.

There are still many viruses in the world and new ones emerge often. There is plenty of work for Antibody to do.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade

The new antibody is effective against N1-H5 in the year 2020. The value of hind sight is 20/20 vision. There is so much demand for the antibody globally by everyone on planet earth. The U.S.A. is debt free now and in the plus column. This is really great except people do not know how to live this way, without any national debt. So the U.S.A. votes to go ahead and pay all private debts in the nation.

This is well meant however now the U.S. government owns almost all the real property in the nation. Plus the government is the only bank now because all the banks failed without private and federal debt. This created a socialist government in the U.S. almost over night. The U.S.A. is no longer a democracy. It is a socialist republic called the S.S.A. Socialist States of America.

So illness and debt do have a place in a democratic society. With no debts people in the S.S.A. do not have to work as much. There is more time for the people to protest and revolt against the government. This causes the democratic government to totally collapse.

First the S.S.A. looks to N.A.T.O. for guidance. Ultimately they have to ask the world for help. The United Nations says find Antibody and ask him what to do about the situation.

Antibody is at his home in Stanford when he gets the call.

"Hello, who is this?" Antibody asked while answering the phone.

"This is the President of the United States of America. We need your advice on what to do about the fall of the democratic government. Do you know what we should do? The President asked.

"A true democracy is flawed anyway. If you want to stay world leaders then you should look to a global hierarchy. I would lead you if asked. As I stated in my letter to W.H.O. Answered Antibody.

"You mean like the Pope or someone else?" The President asked.

"Maybe the Pope, however someone with less bias might be better." Antibody answered.

"Thank you and goodbye." The president said.

"Your welcome." Replied antibody.

They hung up the phones at the same time.

It is hard to believe that one man life could have so much effect on the U.S.A. and thereby change the world. A new world order is here now. Just like the Catholic church wanted it to happen. From the beginning of


Jean-Paul Steven DeVald

the U.S.A. There has been no greater threat to the Catholic church than the U.S.A. and freedom of religion. Now it looks like there will be all out war a third world war. Luckily the U.S. nuclear arsenal is off line, however the world does not know it. So the threat of nuclear war is still a possibility yet it is less likely than ever.

Not everyone is Catholic or wanting to be Catholic or able to be Catholic. So this begins the war for world domination by the Catholic church. The Pope orders a no holds barred war. There is much blood shed internationally in this religious warfare. However this book will concentrate on the events of that take place in the U.S.A.

The rest of the world will fallow the U.S. example in most cases. Because they are world leaders They are watched closely and imitated often. This is only a problem if they are failing and everyone fallow the leader. Right down to tubes went the world economy.

Global economic collapse causes a immigration problem because there are no more border guards. Without any money to pay them a salary there are no more government employees. They entered the S.S.A. through New Mexico and Arizona assisted by 4,100,000 escaped convicts that had relocated to this area of the country. They were mostly hispanic, african americans, asians and some white people, who lived here now. It was a time that made the holocaust look like a picnic in the park.

They came from a Catholic dominated spanish culture of South America, Central America and Mexico. A Catholic Army the size of which no one had ever seen before. There were 100 million armed Catholics moving north into the S.S.A. while all other religions retreated north into Canada and the Northwest Territories which have warmed up considerably. This is due to global warming, the permafrost is now gone.

The S.S.A. borders are gone with Mexico and Canada. The trilateral commission is in full power over Central and North America. The Illuminati have control of the world government. They had all the might of the americas. You name it they had it at their disposal. The list of weapons was to great to enumerate.

Meanwhile Antibody, Steven, Jean-Paul was given a new code name, Holecard. Holecard was getting bored with stanford anyway when the war broke out. Fortunately he was extracted by the Swiss and the W.H.O. to Switzerland. Where he lived out the rest of his life.


Four Corners Barricade Brigade


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