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The girl with the dragon tattoo

Updated on June 15, 2013

Who will play in the new movie?

Some said that Noomi Rapace cannot be replaced. She is performing like she IS Lisbeth Salander. But now the new cast for the American version is done:

Daniel Craig will star in the Hollywood remake of the superb Swedish thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's due out Dec. of 2011.

David Fincher's directing it. Who will play the title role, that of the sexually abused, rough-and-ready bisexual computer hacker/security expert who helps Craig's disgraced reporter with his investigation into a murder mystery - the American actress Rooney Mara

Lisbeth Salander

The Millennium triology

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Series)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Series)

Book no 1 The girl with the dragon tattoo


The movies with English subtitles

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Stieg Larsson is the name of the Swedish writer of the Millennium triology. These three books is the story about a girl, Lisbeth Salander who together with a journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, is fighting really dangerous people. Mikael Blomkvist is working at a Magazine called The Millennium.

The three books The girl with the Golden Tattoo, The girl who played with fire and, The girl who kicked the hornets nest, have all been made into movies in Sweden. I must say there is some kind of record in viewers.

Now book number one, The girl with the golden tattoo is going to be made in US. The leading mail Mikael Blomkvist is going to be played by Daniel Craig.

The question about who will be Lisbeth Salander is still out in the open. The acress Noomi Rapace, who plays in all three movies, would be the best choice. But she has turned the offer down. So now - who will be Lisbeth Salander in the remake?

Another Swedish born actor will play a big part.Stellan Skarsgard.

I recommend that you read these three books. Even if the movie has a really good script, nothing can be compared to these three books!


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    • profile image

      Open 4 years ago

      To be honest I am not a big fan of ottatos on shoulder blades (I used to have a tattoo studio in the UK before moving to France). If you want something that won't show for work bare in mind that a strappy top or dress will still show the tattoo. You would be better getting something on your hip or stomach.If this is your first tattoo you need to spend a long time deciding what you would like. You want something feminine but not girly so I guess flowers and butterflies are out why don't you try designing something yourself? or look to the things you enjoy in life the most, I have a full back dragon piece but would also have liked a tree of life as it was the dragon won because it symbolises strength and protection I also got the design from a tattooist in Hong Kong as that was where my then fiance was from.Your tattoo should be an expression of who you are of a design you totally love you have to remember that they hurt when they get done and they are with you always. Try something small to begin with you can always add to it later on all ottatos can be expanded and that's where your tattoo artist will show his/her skill.You could go and talk to them about what you would like they may design something especially for you, make sure they are registered and used new needles each time and try and see some of their previous work. Good luck

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 7 years ago

      Its true that books are almost always better than movies as you wont find much detail in movies. However i think many people like to watch movies than to read books.

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 7 years ago

      The books do sound interesting, and you're right, books are almost always better than the movie. Movies add some nice visual effect but they lack most of the detail that really pulls you into a story.