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Updated on January 1, 2017



We are us

We are living in a world

Full of hate and contrast

Up and round the clock

I hear the sound of tick-tocks

They were scary

But the people were blind

One crowd painted black

The other painted white

And when the land cracked into two

There was no way to take it back

They climbed through the gates

And burned down the house

There came a fight in the palace

As soon as the souls aroused

“There is no hope”

Cried the woman battered

Mumbled by the gossipers

By men who banished the colors

Only the child in the womb

Can safety its innocence

Not knowing the strife this world can bring

I see it all

In my mirror’s reflection



We are all under the same shade

Pretending to be different

For our minds are intended to be misshaped.

So I say to myself,

You and me

We are the cause of our own destruction.


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