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Mine book Review

Updated on November 27, 2014
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I'm always reading something, lately I've been reading out of my preferred genre (which is horror).

When I saw this cover, that's what I must have thought it was. Normally I'm pretty good at judging books by their cover, (literally) however I was wrong, so judge for yourself.

I have actually read one of Robert's books before when I was much younger. (In school? maybe) called They Thirst. Its one of the few early books I've read and at least remember the title. I have a copy of it (though sadly not the one with the cover I remember) but i'm wondering what about the book made me remember it, to check it out again. (I've included it below) Maybe the writing style, story, otherwise I do not know. What I do know is, if it was anything like this book; I will not be bored reading it.

read on

Mine Mine mine...Not


For once judging the book by its cover was not good enough. I thought it would be a horror, but its more a thriller (maybe crime novel even).

So I'm a little disappointed in that. The book for what it was, was cool I read it in about 2 weeks (which is a good thing)

The story is about Mary who used to be in the Storm Front, a revolutionary group from the '60s. She's still living in the past, and steals Laura's newborn from the hospital. This is a book of "What lengths would you go to, to get your child back?" How many laws would you break, would you be willing to kill someone? If you are a parent I guess this would be more a terrorizing horror but I'm not so it was nothing more than a Thriller (& if ever a movie is made maybe action as well) It was a good book. Compelling, never a dull moment once it takes off.

Take it from me, even if it's not you preferred genre, this is definitely one to read


Battle of the Roberts

here are a few Authors named Robert. Who are you most familiar with reading? Or is the best one

Which one do you like reading more

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We Thirst for more

They Thirst
They Thirst

I have this book & read it way back in the days that I can't even remember what it was about. By the title I'm guessing vampires..(of some sort)

If you don't rad Mine, then I suggest this. Hey if I remember the name and want to read a book a 2nd time, usually it means it made a good impression, as I don't really remember ones I did not care for.


Robert's full listing of Novels

  1. Baal 1978
  2. Bethany's Sin 1980
  3. The Night Boat 1980
  4. They Thirst 1981 (this one I have)
  5. Mystery Walk 1983
  6. Swan Song 1987
  7. Stinger 1988
  8. The Wolf's Hour 1989
  9. Blue World 1990
  10. MINE 1990
  11. Boy's Life 1991
  12. Gone South 1992
  13. Speaks the Nightbird #1 of the Matthew Corbett Series 2002
  14. The Queen of Bedlam #2 of the Matthew Corbett Series 2007
  15. Mister Slaughter #3 in Matthew Corbett Series 2010
  16. The Five 2011
  17. The Hunter from the Woods featuring Michael Gallatin Stories from The Wolf's Hour 2011
  18. The Providence Rider #4 in the Matthew Corbett Series 2012
  19. I Travel by Night 2013
  20. Short Stories

    Strange Candy 2012

    ON a beautiful Summer's day , he was...

    Introduction to Under the Fang

    The Miracle Mile

    Best Friends

    A Life in the day of

    The Thang



    Eat me

    Black Boots

    The night I killed the King

    The Deep End

    Haunted World

    Something Passed By

    Night Calls the Green Falcon

    Fragments of Horror

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