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Poems about Mirrors, Doors and Windows

Updated on September 12, 2014

Exploring Mirrors, Doors and Windows through Poetry

Please accompany me on a poetic look through the glass of windows, doors and mirrors as we seek, together, both internal and external reflection.

Along the way I'll suggest some books and other artful items to help you better appreciate mirrors, doors and windows.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Looking at Reflections

Let's Open Doors and Windows; Gaze at Reflections;

See through the Glass

By Way of Original Poetry

Mirror Poems


I Regard MySelf

I regard myself in the looking glass

Which reflects but a shell of my being

Whether too thin or of a bit extra mass

That's not the real me I am seeing

Let's Look Through the Glass

Let's look through the glass

That enables us to see

The tall trees and the grass

And images of thee

Let's walk through the door

To a world ripe for exploration

This will in a sense restore

Our wonder and imagination

Into the Reflecting Glass

Look into the reflecting glass; Tell me what you see

An image of grace and class? Or shabby mediocrity

On the plate of silver thin, is there a truth to tell

Or does verity lie within; The reflection soon dispelled

This Antique Mirror

This antique mirror has a story

I wish I could somehow discern

Capturing a long lost allegory

Of lives experienced in turn

The carved rosewood cherubim

Envelope the thick beveled glass

Blessing the framed ones within

Answering the calling now and past

A Human Mirror

Poems of Windows and Doors


On coming to the Promised Land

I want to build a house with

windows and doors

Lofty archways on three

soaring floors

Some plate windows letting in

the good light

Plus many open for breezes

at night

Dancing prisms will be

abundant throughout

Spectral colors enthralling in lines

thin and stout

I want to build a house with

windows and doors

To be a home for my family

on these distant shores

This Piece of Glass

This piece of glass cordons the outside from the in

Allowing those protected to see out from inside

And yet it does more to "bring" the outside within

An ever changing painting where grays & blues collide

The French Door

The French door has panels ten

Will mullions between them

Two open to the Garden

Beside my home; a living gem

When they're closed in Winter tight

They yet my entry decorate

The panels separate the light

And gloom of Season dissipate

Readings On Doors

Thanks for Taking the Time to Enjoy This Original Poetry

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