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Misfitted Society

Updated on March 8, 2016

//Coffee, sex, and suicide//

late nights of caffine,
passion and crying.
now it’s all gone, you
left me with only my mug,
these dirty sheets and
the pills that will put me
to sleep.

//you are my worst and favorite habit//
//you are my worst and favorite habit//

//Loving you is loving the world//

~I don’t always notice
the beautiful soft
yellows, or the melting
of blue into purple
or even the bright
orange sun setting
into a pink haze of the
sky but I do notice you
and how much I love you.~


//why are you here
in every single thing
i do. why do you haunt
my dreams and take up
space in my head. why
do i continue to love those
who don’t ever love me//


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