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mississippi corruption

Updated on July 30, 2016

Mighty Mighty funny

Well, I am suppose to be publishing with Xlibris. Unfortunately, when the last time I called the person who I am suppose to submit my book material to, to tell them about my updated address no return phone calls. The government is sure to hide and threaten others when they know they are not doing right. People who sudden disappear or forget about the evidence that you gave them against the government. I had three conference calls where people could access some of my evidence with my calls to local law enforcement in Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and Biloxi. However, some of those phone numbers has magically changed to individuals' cell phone numbers. I ain't complaining because I try to keep my evidence backed up from all sources-online and offline. You will not mistreat me and throw me in jail without me putting my best fight. God knows the repercussions you will have for messing with his children. Nobody gets away with anything. Cover up for a few months or years but things will be exposed. Don't you forget your history.

When you know God is working

If things don't get done in this lifetime, the next set of leaders will rise up and fight for the previous generation causes. We might not see the results in our lifetime but God guarantees that things will work out for the good of those that love the Lord. I know I love the Lord because He does many things behind the scenes while I am sleeping, eating, and just resting. I know He cares for me because I am one of His own. You can't expect karma not to catch up with you. It could end your life without repentance. People don't understand that you can't escape God's laws. I will continue to post things online and offline when I get a chance to give you updates on what's going on so you can know my mistakes and how to pursue your cases. All it takes is a team of believers and we can move several obstacles that we have in our justice system. We don't need an army, just prayers and faith will work out a solution for us.

Ain't worry about Clinton or Trump

God always place the right people in leadership. When they have done enough damage, He knows how to get them out of that position. Don't worry about anything but continue to prayer and focus on your purpose. We can't let satan distract us from what's important and that's God's Mission. Be bless and be safe.


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