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"Battle of San Jacinto" Poem

Updated on November 4, 2016
"Twin Sisters" being loaded on San Jacinto Day 2009 with the Monument in the Background.
"Twin Sisters" being loaded on San Jacinto Day 2009 with the Monument in the Background.

This is the first poem of mine that I put on Hub Pages. This one is for History's goes:

The Battle of San Jacinto

(You may have heard the story of the brave men at the famous “Siege of the Alamo”,

But, have you ever read the account of those that fought at the "Battle of San Jacinto"?)

When we heard the Alamo was lost, we were on the run,

With our New Commander of the Army, and our two twin guns.

It was there at Gonzales where we started our retreat,

On the move from then on, stopping only to drill, and rest our feet.

Then left it burning, while marching due east towards a Nacogdoches wagon trail,

We wanted to turn and fight, But Sam Houston would not risk it…should we fail.

Fleeing the area, while protecting settler’s leaving during the "Runaway Scrape,"

The Mexican Army could have crushed us; Approximately 60 miles away...Before our escape.

'Til one morning after the Brazos, we packed up camp, we couldn’t linger,

At a fork in the road, General Houston on his horse…lifted up his finger.

He pointed Southeast, down the Harrisburg road, our fall back now complete,

This meant one thing…we were moving on the enemy and had stopped our retreat!

Marched on to Buffalo Bayou...then on ‘til we reached Lynch’s Ferry Landing,

I promise you we will all fight…'til no one’s left standing.

For we will not forget what those at the Alamo have done,

They bought us time, with their lives, while we grouped on the run.

Now, have learned of the tragedy of Goliad’s fighting men,

Generalissimo Santa Anna…We’re a coming…Be aware…of the “Texian”.


While at Richmond, and then to Harrisburg, to capture members of our government,

Santa Anna led a small advanced force to regain territory back with flames, and more torment.

We are coming...though New Washington had to fall,

You are now across a meadow...with your back against the wall.

Your camp at the edge of the marshland...

Has put your special army detachment right into our hands!

We will meet "head-on" one short calvary skirmish,

Helping your continue to flourish.

A battle at dawn of the next anticipate,

Only to find out that we will make you wait!

Later on that morning, you gained reinforcements, when some of your troops arrived,

With numbers nearly doubled, you tell your men to relax, with a Señorita by your side.

The “Napoleon of the West”…you just showed your hand!

Did you think we would relax too…You underestimate “The Texian”!


Then called a "War Council"...did Sam on that same day!

Knowing he could no longer keep his fighting men at bay.

But worried indeed, as a good General has to,

Are his men prepared enough to do what they must do?

Then, he waited like a trained soldier does...with a strategy in mind,

Biding for the best use of the most opportune time.

He used the woods around him to keep his numbers concealed,

At 3:30 pm that afternoon, he told his men to line-up, and let his plan be revealed.

Then he gave the order; Then he lead the Charge!

On that April day of Twenty One, We attacked the Mexican Army, at large.

With regiments on either side of the General, the “Texians” made their advance.

The other side, no sentry posted, so they never even had a chance.

A surprise attack with the other sides guard down,

Our mounted forces covering a whole lot of ground!

The “Twin Sisters” (our cannon names) blasting away at them,

Wasn’t long before the Mexican force was in total mayhem.

Considering Santa Anna’s prior engagements, “No Quarter was asked for; None given”,

We avenged Fannin and his group, who after surrendering, were still deprived of living.

Sam Houston was shot, but still on he fought,

Until the "Texian Force" had won the onslaught!


On that day, in 18 minutes into our history,

A Victory was won, that first set Texas free.

A Republic would rise, as citizens of Texas all know,

To the cries of “Remember Goliad; and Remember the Alamo”!

They can still be heard echoing out there on the battleground,

I know I heard it out there…If you listen close…it’s all around!

How grateful General Houston must have been to report at battles end,

“Victory Won” to Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Fannin, and all their men!

Still…it wasn’t completely over until the following day,

When a Mexican soldier was trapped...while trying to get away,

At Vince’s Bridge, which General Houston had torn down permanently,

The Mexican Surrendered Troops all made it clear…it was “El President’e”.

The War with Mexico would end for sure, with a paper signed by him,

Santa Anna would relinquish Texas, after everything, with the stroke of a pen.

And on part of the Battlefield, near the bayou’s edge, beside a lone tree,

General Sam Houston, and the Texian Army, witnessed the signing of this into treaty.

Then by making it, of course very official, they went to add the places name,

General Sam said, “Put down Lynch’s Ferry”, because that is from where they came.

But one Texian in the Army spoke up and said, “Sir…I know”,

"The place that we are standing on now is called: San Jacinto”!


Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Gen. Santa Anna standing before the wounded Sam Houston after the Battle of San Jacinto.
Gen. Santa Anna standing before the wounded Sam Houston after the Battle of San Jacinto.

Battle of San Jacinto Monument

The San Jacinto Monument is a 570 foot high column topped with a 220 ton star that commemorates the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.
The San Jacinto Monument is a 570 foot high column topped with a 220 ton star that commemorates the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.


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