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Modernity in Indian Homes

Updated on October 12, 2015


In the fast changing Indian culture, modernization is one of the key elements. Each and every citizen is being affected by modernization, but not all know its meaning. Modernization means adaptation of new ideas and views with the aim to break the traditional methods. Nowadays, the conventional methods have suppressed the traditional ones.

Modernization not only means change in an individual's attire, but also includes the changes in his thought process. Earlier, India was a male dominated society and women were denied most of their basic rights like freedom to speech. As it is rightly said 'over the years modernity has made in lanes', women now are empowered and are walking neck and neck with men in all walks of life. But still there is a long way to attain cent percent equality. The change in the status of women is definitely because of modernization of the way people think about them.

Modernization is a tool to be used with caution. On one hand it has lead to invention of gadgets which are extremely helpful in our daily lives like mobile phones, electronic media etc. But on the other hand, rather than using them to the best of their advantage people are becoming slaves of these gadgets. Everything is easily available to them on internet which has deprived them of creativity and imagination power.

For Indian homes modernity means having a luxury car, branded clothes and a huge bungalow, but it is a phenomena far beyond that.


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    • Sim Jalhotra profile image

      Simran Jalhotra 2 years ago from Ludhiana

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Anju Gumber 2 years ago

      Vry nice .... About modernization