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Money Is Not Evertythig

Updated on July 21, 2015

Can money buy everything?????

Once upon there is a big and rich business man, he is the owner of a company named “sahch gold and jewellery exporter”. That’s why he is very popular in the country.

He and His ship always go for the tour of different countries.

He is damn rich but he is still a miser/penny pincher. He never donates anything for good cause not even a single penny. On the matter of money he never trusts on any one, he thinks that every person in this world will cheat him.

He has hundreds of servants for job but one of them named Roy is very loyal to him. Roy always stays with him like shadow with body.

Still the boss don’t total trust on him, but Roy still know some secret of business. The boss trusts him more than anyone. That’s why he sometime gives bonus.

Most of the time of his life was spend in sea for journey, but still he doesn’t know how to swim. His life always depend on the workers of ship whenever his ship struck by the storm.

One time his ship struck in the storm he barely came out of that storm all people think he got new life.

Roy his royal worker remains with his boss in storm and after the storm is gone he is much tensed for the life of his boss. He suggests to his boss that “why not you learn swimming who knows what will happen in future”. His boss start laughing after hearing his thought he tell him that you are saying right, but need more than 2 or 3 weeks in that much time I will earn ton of money”

Roy tells him “I will teach you swimming in 3 days. Just 3 days”

“3 days is also not a short time Roy!!! If I don’t earn anything from some ridicules work why would waste 3 days” the boss said angrily.

Poor Roy shut his mouth and what can he say. He is loyal worker that’s why he is tensed about his boss. After thinking for hours he got an idea.

One after getting a right opportunity he said to his boss “sir don’t even give 3 days than I want to give advice”.

“Yes yes tell me what you want to, don’t hesitate” boss said.

“Sir Take 2 empty plastic boxes tightly closed tie both of them with each other and keep in your cabin and whenever storm comes tie them to your body properly it work like small boat” Roy said.

Boss didn’t find anything wrong he said to him he will do that.

Now Roy was happy, he feels like he saved his boss from death. He ran made that thing and put it into his cabin.

The situation Roy thinking finally happen. The ship struck into the big storm and workers tell everyone that it is a dangerous situation save own life leave the boss.

Roy ran to the cabin of his boss and tells him that take that empty plastic box boat and tie to your body and take a jump from the ship because water start filling in the ship and there is no chance you can save your life

“i can also see that, but I am not going to leave 4 to 5 boxes in the ship full gold and diamond. I am not mad so that I leave the boxes and take empty plastic bottle” boss tells him and takes a jewellery box and jump into the sea,

When Roy sea this he is amused, but what can he do.

The Roy takes that plastic box boat and jump into the sea. Just after a movement a big wave come and turn the ship upside down. That boat helps Roy very much.

After surviving in the storm, Next day when he opens his eyes he was laid on some island. He is hungry and finding something to eat the he saw a box on the beach.

When he came to that box and he found that this is the box of his boss who jumps with this.

Now Roy living happily and enjoying his life with that money

Tell me your views or suggestion’s and sorry to everyone if I make any mistake or email me at



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