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Monster High 3: Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way by Lisi Harrison

Updated on February 4, 2015
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Clawdeen Goes DIY Diva

Put your paws up little monsters and howl! Lady Gaga is rocking Frankie Stein's world. In fact, she has two boys who want to take her to the concert: normie Brett and RAD VisiBilly. But which one to choose? Everyone is pressuring her to go RAD, but the heart space wants what the heart space wants.

Meanwhile after Frankie's snafu. and a whole lot of other drama, the Wolf family is on the run. Clawdeen is disgusted. How can a wolf be fur real if the pack is holding her back? She might love her brothers, but being treated like a useless pup has to end.

Can she come out of hiding, prove to her pack that she's as tough as the boys, and make her Sassy Sixteen party? Even more trouble and drama await the ghouls of Monster High.

All Monster High anything is protected by copyright. Any scans and photo used here are for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you own the copyright and want something removed, please contact me.

Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way

Major spoiler alert: this book is a quantum leap over the first two. It is a little darker, a little more mature. Sort of surprising since the books were all released fairly quickly. The fanbase hasn't had enough time to grow into this one.

It isn't going to damage young readers, they should know the real world is a dangerous place to be. You don't have to be a RAD. Try being gay, pagan, or anything else different. There are always those who prey on those they see as weak or a threat, so I liked the message of being careful myself.

I loved the faux fur details, and the super cute keychain. Reminds me of days going to the mall and shopping like crazy. Awesome.

Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way
Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way

This is Clawdeen's adventure, even though she swaps chapters, like the other gals (Cleo and Frankie) did in their novels with Frankie and Melody. We see her having to go into hiding, suffering big time during the opening flight.

For some reason she refuses to take off her heels to run. Yes it is rugged country, but the full moon is so close I kept expecting her and the pack to go wolf. But once there. the safety of her parent's inn is the pits. Sharing a shower with a pack of smelly werewolf boys? Yuck!

But her brothers do love her, and try to help out. She films episodes for her DIY show, Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way, and tries to figure out a way to freedom and her Sassy Sixteen. Meanwhile Frankie has two voltage boys to pick from, her parents pressuring her to go RAD (Random Attribute Dogers) which is a nice word for monster.

To make things more complicated Melody may not be a normie. She's developed a strange gift: when she speaks people obey, and strange feathers fall from the sky. Is she a RAD too? Maybe so, because she finds out a terrible secret. Terrible to her, at least.

The book ends with the girls crashing the Sassy Sixteen, which Melody has ruined by accident. Thinking her voice could force normies to accept RADs, she invited some serious RAD haters. Instead of fleeing once more, Clawdeen takes a stand and hits the dance floor.

Cleo, Blue, Lala, and many others join her, performing for the cameras. What will Mr. D, Lala's dad, and leader of the RADs do when he find out? You'll have to read the next book to find out.


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Monster High Travel Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Clawdeen is super excited to be traveling to Scaris! She has on her best travel outfit, of yellow high heels, leopard print skirt, purple snakeskin crisscross top, and tons of gold belts and jewelry. As she struts to the plane she pulls along her studded purple rolling luggage. She even has a travel journal with her, and an Eiffel Tower earring.

Find her HERE

Clawdeen cooks?

With love to Frankie, Lady G, and all the Little Monsters out there

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