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Monstrous Regiment: The 31st Discworld book Review

Updated on November 18, 2012
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Monstrous Regiment

Monstrous Regiment is a Discworld new engrossed by Pratchett. Monstrous Regiment is the 31st Discworld New.

The prevarication centres on Polly Perks who disguises herself as a boy in order to juncture the Borogravian service. Her aim in connection the army is to seek out her brother.

Borogravia is seen as a bit of a destructive, war mongering region that is forever attacking pretty much all of their neighbours. They love a God who keeps creating with new ludicrous abominations. Several of the abominations permit, the sky, the colouring depressed, babies, etc.

The story follows Polly on her way to find her brother it shows how she tries to fit in amongst a regiment of boys. The resister is hunting them and Polly and her fellow recruits’ staleness combat to defeat, their only expectation is in the var. of their Barrister.

Monstrous Regiment has a completely new set of characters but it also contains some old favourites including Sam Vimes of the City Watch. Also Sergeant Angua of the City Watch puts in an appearance, so does William De'Worde.

Monstrous Regiment is one of Terry Pratchett's optimal, stand-alone, novels. It is classed as a stand-alone novel because it centres on characters that only appear in this book. Sam Vimes is in the production but the story does not focus on him the same way it does in Guards! Guards! Or Thud! So it is a stand-alone discworld book.

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