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Monstrous Atrocity

Updated on November 30, 2016

Monstrous Atrocity

An raged enhanced beyond measure, beyond understanding, beyond belief.

An non-comprehended posture, an unknown agenda. One minute your purpose is known the next- lost in rage & flames.

Whom would comprehend such measures beyond belief, whom would support such beautiful atrocities beyond reach?

When engulfed with rage- solely does one see the light. Though it may be a dim light, a light is seen. Thy focus is keen, thy focus is unseen, thy emotional attachment is never one to take as an confirmed homicide scene.

For to come within reach is a moment of pure positive existence, yet the soul refuses to let you linger yet. I am an untamed monster, my existence is set. Could you handle the present being, and the persona you have not met?

I trust my own instincts to the very core, for they are the only reason that I have surpassed- yet my persona yearns for something more.

An feeling that I should experience, a feeling that goes against my rebellious being, but yet the calmness that reaches me via a sole path of peacefulness & relaxation. An mirage of hope, or an misconstrued path? Oh the invigorating frustration.

Upon awakening, I realize a feeling that is unknown, a feeling not understood, a feeling misinterpreted, then I realize- feeling...

"Let my rage be known, let me go beyond my ceiling- for no barrier may contain me. For I will be shown. I will be me forevermore!"


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