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The Undefined

Updated on September 30, 2012


I realize that most of my stories seem a little dark and I wonder if you guys might think that I sit in front of my computer wearing copious amounts of eyeliner writing about how “no one understands me”. But I assure you, I am not as dark as my stories might lead you to believe. I just can’t take romantic crap seriously, plus I think the dark stuff that I write about balances out my energetic personality.

Anyways, again this story is a little different from the last one. I hope you enjoy it!

He could remember the first time he saw her. She all but floated by him, the wind blowing her golden hair, softly trailing beautiful tresses across her face. His heart seemed to stop as she turned and smiled the most perfect smile right at him.

The world seemed brighter after that moment and he sighed as she continued to walk by him leaving behind the scent of her intoxicating shampoo. His body felt warm, his heart light. He was overcome with a new sensation, something he had never felt before as an involuntary smile spread across his lips. He had to get to know her. He couldn’t let this feeling get away.

He followed her, careful not to let her see him. He found out where she works, where she likes to eat, where she shops and where she lives. He saw her every day. He carefully watched her as she ate, sitting a few seats away, a hat pulled down to hide his face. He studied her, taking note of what food she liked and what she didn’t like; he observed how she took her coffee; he narrowed down the brand of shampoo she uses.

Everything she did was flawless. She was gentle, graceful, and kind. She was perfect. Even her name suited the way he saw her. Angela. An angel in every aspect of the word. Every time she smiled he just knew that she was the one for him, that they were meant to be together.

There was just one problem; her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend hovered around her like slime to a slug. He didn’t deserve such perfection. He didn’t know her the same way. He even forgot how many sugars to put in her coffee. A stupid, simple mistake. It’s easy to remember one splenda and no cream, but he put two splendas and one cream in her cup.

He didn’t deserve her. Anyone who loved her would know that she’s allergic to strawberries, yet he watched in horror as that idiot boyfriend tried to feed her one. No. He did not deserve her.

He watched from the driver’s seat of his car, across the street from the house she shared with her boyfriend. They were fighting again. They always fought. He smiled from behind his binoculars when he saw the boyfriend shake the flower arrangement that he sent for her that day. It was a lily and tulip arrangement. Her favorite. The boyfriend’s face was red with rage as he yelled about where they had come from. He sighed watching her cute, defiant face as she yelled her rebuttal. Her golden hair bounced as she yelled, the perfect ringlets springing about her porcelain face.

And that’s when it happened. The boyfriend drew back his hand and slapped her across her face.

His blood boiled as he watched. His entire body tensed, his nostrils flared, ready to breathe fire. What man in his right mind would ever lay a hand on something so beautiful other to caress?

The idea to get rid of the boyfriend was no longer a thought. It was a plan.

Overcome with hatred and rage, he stormed out of his car and to their front door. Armed with nothing more than the love that burned inside him and the anger to fuel that fire, he gave an impatient knock and waited to fight.

The boyfriend opened the door angrily. “What?”

Before the last syllable escaped the boyfriend’s lips his face was crushed by the immense blow of a fist. The boyfriend, dazed and confused by the surprise blow fell onto his back where he was repeatedly kicked and punched by an unseen adversary. Finally, with blood filled eyes, he watched a blurred figure raise an object above his head and bring it down upon him.

He stood over the lifeless body of the boyfriend panting from the exertion. He placed the brass door stop back on the ground and then wiped his bloodied hands on his shirt. He then turned to make his way to the stairs to claim his prize and was startled to see that she was standing at the base of the steps, horror coming from her eyes.

She stood there staring at her boyfriend’s body, shaking. She began to hyperventilate. She grabbed at her chest struggling to breathe. Her face became white as she fell to her knees gasping for air.

She was having an asthma attack.

He watched in horror as his loved one tried to drag herself across the floor. It took him a moment to shake off his panic and realize that she was going for her purse. He ran to the chair that it hung from and poured the contents on the floor. He fell to his knees and frantically searched for her inhaler. He snatched it up and ran back to her, letting out a sigh of relief when she grabbed it from him.

An eternity of silence passed between them as they waited for her to recover. After a few minutes the color returned to her face but her eyes were still riddled with fear.

“Who are you? What do you want?” she asked him.

He was taken aback. She didn’t remember him. She didn’t even know who he was. He stood from where he was crouched and paced the room. Anger began to creep up again. “How could she not know me as anything other than the man who loves her, who would kill for her?”

He whipped around to face her again, his angry eyes meeting her own fearful ones. “How could you not know me?” he asked. “I sent all of those flowers and chocolates to you. I sent you all of those love letters. How could you now know who I am?”

Angela flinched realizing what this man could do to her, what he had already done to her boyfriend. Tears began to run down her face and her body shook. “Please don’t hurt me,” she said in an unsteady voice.

He stood up straight and looked down at his love crying on the floor. The anger slipping away, he sat down next to her and pulled her into him. “Shh!” he said stroking the soft tresses of her golden hair that he loved so much. “Don’t cry!” He kissed the top of her head letting his lips linger as he inhaled to take in her scent. He pressed her cheek to her forehead. “I would never hurt you,” he said in a sincere tone. “I will kill anyone that lays a hurtful finger on you.”

Her body began to shake more as he held her close to him. She couldn’t understand how something like this could happen. She tried to remember how she would know him, but she kept drawing blanks. He didn’t look the least bit familiar. She trembled with fear, but she had to stay strong. Maybe if she went along with everything that he says she will be ok.

“You killed Tony because you think he hurt me?” she finally asked trying to steady her voice.

He pushed her away so that he could see her face. “Yes,” he said in an almost breathless voice. “When I saw him hit you I just-,” he paused. “I would do it again.” He looked into her deep green eyes and felt his heart quicken as she looked back. “I love you,” he said. He pulled her in for their first kiss, leaning into her soft luscious lips.

She felt trapped, horrified as he pulled her into his lips. If she pulled away he would be angry and perhaps lash out at her, but if she gave in it might buy her some time. She closed her eyes trying to relax as she imagined she was in another man’s arms, a man who did not just kill her boyfriend. She suppressed the urge to whimper when he leaned in for a deeper kiss.

He pulled her closer to him feeling her warmth. He could feel her trembling in his arms. The excitement must have gotten to her. He began running his fingers through her hair and tenderly kissing her neck, feeling her shiver with every kiss. She was finally his.

She pulled away and held his face in her hands. Her eyes were glistening with the tears that she tried so hard to hold in. “This isn’t the time for this,” she said trying to smile.

He furred his brow. “But I finally have you in my arms. We are finally able to be together.”

She nodded. “Yes, but I need time to think.”

He frowned. “About what? What is there to think about?” he asked, anger rising in his voice. “I am willing to do everything and anything for you. I would lay down my life for you and you want to think about it?”

She shook her head. “No, no!” she said trying not to panic. “I just mean what are we going to do about Tony?” she asked, her voice shaky as she thought about her dead boyfriend. “We can’t just leave him there,” she said trying to regain her composure.

“What does it matter?” he asked, obviously still annoyed. “He deserved it for what he did to you.”

She quickly nodded. “Yes, yes. He was a bastard. But we can’t have a dead body just laying in the foyer.”

“We don’t have to worry about that now,” he said taking her hands from his face and beginning to kiss her again. His hand found the buttons of her blouse and he shakily, excitedly began to unbutton them, kissing her chest as he made his way down.

“Tell me how we met,” she said trying not to pull away from him. “How you felt.”

He stopped and looked at her. “You don’t remember?”

“No!” she said defensively. “I do. I just want to hear your side of the story. I only know how I felt. Every flower arrangement and box of chocolate reminded me of that beautiful day,” she said lying through her teeth.

He smiled and caressed her face. “It was the most beautiful moment of my life,” he said looking into her eyes with a look of passion that only a crazy man could posses. “When I saw you walk up to me and smile the most beautiful smile at me, I knew we were meant to be together and that you felt the same.” He brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen into her face. “You just needed to get rid of that undeserving boyfriend of yours.” He pressed his forehead to hers. “When I saw you in that park for the first time I just couldn’t let you walk away without knowing you. It was the best Tuesday of my life.”

She closed her eyes and gulped. Tuesday? Park? She thought back to the first flower arrangement she received three months ago. Tuesday. Park. And then it hit her. That must have been the day she was promoted. “Well, damn,” she thought. “I was smiling at everyone that day. Had I been mugged I would have laughingly handed over my wallet while wishing the man a good day.” She bit her lip and tried to remember something specific about that day. “Yes,” she said finally. “That was a wonderful day.”

“You do remember,” he said in a voice teaming with emotion.

“The day was unusually warm for February,” she said trying to remember what she could about that day that didn’t involve him.

“Yes,” he agreed stroking her cheek with his thumb. “It was a beautiful sign.”

She nodded. “Yes, yes, it was.” She took in a ragged breath and let it out slowly, trying to control her urge to cry. She finally lifted her eyes to his. They were littered with crazy excitement and she forced a smile to her lips to keep her from pulling away out of fear.

“We need to leave,” he said suddenly pulling his head from hers.

“What?” she asked letting a piece of fear slip out.

“We need to leave,” he repeated. “You were right about the body. We shouldn’t stay here.”

Angela began to panic. Her mind was unable to process any thoughts and she tried desperately to grasp onto what little sanity her world contained right then. “W-where would we go?” she stammered trying to stall him to buy her some more time.

He shook his head, a crazy person’s smile plastered on his face. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “We finally have each other.” He took her hand and squeezed it. “That’s all we need.”

“I should pack,” she said starting to rise from the floor.

He stood with her. “No time,” he said. “We should hurry.”

She pulled her hand away. “I can’t leave without my medications,” she said standing her ground. “I could die without them.” She looked at him with a sad look on her face. “Please,” she begged. “I need them.”

He nodded slowly and then gave her a kiss. “Of course,” he replied. “I will get them.”

She waited until she could hear him rummaging around upstairs in her bedroom before she quickly ran into the kitchen. She opened the knife drawer and frantically searched for one that would be easy to conceal. She finally picked up a small filet knife and slid in into the side of her knee high boots.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and all movement in the house ceased. Angela froze when she heard the door creek open a bit.

“Angela,” a familiar voice called. “Your door was open so I just-” she screamed.

Angela darted to the kitchen to see her neighbor, Cathy, screaming at the sight of Tony’s dead body. She grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. “Run, Cathy,” she said. “Call the police. The man who did this is still in the house. Run!” She shook her again to try and get her attention. “Run!”

Cathy finally nodded and turned to run out the door when the figure of a man grabbed her by the hair and dragged her further into the house.

“Leave her alone!” Angela yelled.

“Who is this?” he asked angrily grabbing the woman’s neck with his other hand.

“She’s my neighbor,” Angela replied. “You don’t have to hurt her. Just let her go. She won’t say anything. Right, Cathy?”

Cathy tried to nod her head.

“No, she knows too much.”

“She doesn’t know anything!” Angela pleaded. She took a few steps towards him and placed gentle hand on his arm. “We could just disappear and no one will know where to.”

He thought for a second and then nodded releasing Cathy. But as she walked away he grabbed her by the hair again and threw her into the wall.

Angela watched in horror as she fell to the ground, her head bleeding. “What did you do?” she cried bending over her friend. “Cathy?” she said shaking her.

He grabbed her by the wrist. “We need to go,” he demanded dragging her out the door.

She tripped and stumbled as he pulled her along making it very difficult to reach the knife she stowed in her boot. They made it to his car where he all but shoved her in through the driver’s side making her climb to the other seat. He was about to start the car when they were approached by an older man.

“Is that you, Angela?” he said coming closer. “I thought I heard shouting from your house. Is everything alright?”

Before she could answer, her capturer pulled a gun from the glove box and shot the man three times. Angela screamed as he turned on the car and sped away.

“You shot Frank!” she screamed several minutes later after the initial shock set in. “He wasn’t doing anything! And you just shot him!” She cried into her hands. “Why are you doing this to me?” she yelled looking up at him again.

He shot her a glance. “He saw us together. He could have ruined everything.”

“So your solution was to kill him?”

“You’re angry with me,” he said confused.

“No shit,” she yelled.

“I love you,” he said in a soft tone reaching for her hand.

She pulled away. “I hate you!” she screamed.

He became really silent as he tried to focus on the road. “You don’t mean that,” he almost whispered.

She nodded. “I do. I don’t even know who the hell you are, you crazy son of a bitch. You’re insane and I would be insane to want to be with you.”

He grabbed her by the throat with one hand, slightly losing control of the car. “You’re lying,” he yelled squeezing her throat tighter.

She slapped at his hand trying to get him to release her from his grip. She dug at his flesh with her nails watching as the world around her became dark. Suddenly he let go, slamming on the brakes.

Angela coughed as air flooded her lungs and she gasped trying to bring in more. When she looked up she saw a road block. A dozen cop cars blocked their path. Several cops were out of the cars and pointing guns in their direction. Seeing this as her moment to escape, she undid her seatbelt, opened the car door and flung herself out. Still a bit woozy from the chocking she stumbled, but before she made it far he was on her pressing the gun to her temple.

“If I can’t have you no one will,” he whispered into her ear.

Finally she allowed herself to cry. She trembled in his arms as the tears flowed from her eyes. “Please, let me go.”

“Release the girl,” a police officer with a megaphone yelled.

“No,” he said shaking his head and tightening his grip. “She’s mine.”

Angela’s world began to spin as fear enveloped her. The noises that rang out in the night air sounded muffled as if everyone was talking in the next room. Everything seemed to slow down. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes as she reached down into her boot and pulled out her knife. She gave a yell as she plunged it into the arm that held her to her captive.

She thought she heard him scream, or maybe it was her still screaming, as he let her fall to the ground. She heard the police shout orders. The scream continued as the sound of gunfire shot out into the air lighting up the strange muffled silence.

Angela curled into a ball, her hands covering the top of her head as she saw him fall next to her. She cried and shuffled away on the ground.

He watched her scurry away from him. He tried to reach for her, but he couldn’t move. The night that had been pleasantly warm just a few minutes ago began to feel cold against his skin. He watched as a cop ran up to his love and help her up while other officers ran to him, their guns out. One of them kicked his gun further away from his body. He began to spasm. His body felt tense and the world began to fill with shadows. He could no longer breathe or feel at all and a single tear came to his eye as he realized she wasn’t going to come to his side.

He closed his eyes, the tear fell. “I love you.”


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The guy in this story sounds like a complete creeper.

    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 

      7 years ago from Missouri

      Intense story, and told so very well by you. If you do not feel you are one yet, you soon will be a master of the craft.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      7 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      This is wonderful writing. Your descriptions show the terror and confusion she is going through so well. Outstanding writing.


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