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Moshi Mag Is Monstrously Fun

Updated on August 30, 2017

Roary Scrawl Fan Art by squidoopets! Roary is the Super Cool editor of Moshi Mag!

Roary's got all his eyes on you!
Roary's got all his eyes on you! | Source

Moshi Monsters Magazine is a super fun magazine subscription for kids! I love my collection of magazines!

Our family had great fun with Moshi Monsters Magazine subscription while our youngest daughter was seven to age ten. The magazine hosts a ton of fun facts about the online game, the Moshi Monsters, moshlings, the Super Moshis, brain teaser puzzles, pull out posters, one time use secret codes for rare in game items and so much more! Plus, each new subscription gets a free code for Dustbin Beaver, perhaps the most wanted moshling of Monstro City! Dustbin is from the Secrets set of the Moshlings Zoo, perhaps that's because Moshi Mag is the key to unlocking the secret for how to collect him in the game.

Roary Scrawl, pictured here via fan art by squidoopets, is the editor of the mag. Ruby Scribblez helps him out with product reviews, and the moshlings and monsters of Monstro City of course star in various monstrously fun roles! To subscribe to Moshi Mag go here, or carry on for a fun Moshi fan review with fan art, Moshi Monsters pictures, and where to get individual issues and back issues of the magazine online.

Wondering what the fuss is all about? I played the online game with my daughter for several years and we loved it. I still love to care for my Diavlo, Daemon, who is now and A List Monstar!! The game is highly entertaining for both kids and adults alike, and playing a game online with one's child is a great way to spend time with a shared interest. Collecting the secret codes in the magazine issues and creating related fan art made the video game into well rounded family fun.

Fan art and pictures by squidoopets aka Darcie French

Get Dustbin Beaver - When you subscribe! *Dustbin fan art by squidoopets

Dustbin Beaver comes FREE with every subscription to Moshi Mag!
Dustbin Beaver comes FREE with every subscription to Moshi Mag!

squidoopets' Pictures of Mag Covers - We loved getting them in the mail!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Early Issues - Rare collector's items

Collector's copies of the very first issues of the magazine that came out in the UK. The magazine is now available by mail subscription in Canada and the US as well. Back orders of the first year of publications are no longer available through Moshi Mag and can only be found through independent resellers.

*If you are looking to collect the one time use secret codes in the issues, be sure to inquire that they have not been used or that the cellophane has been unopened.

Issue #1 For the Serious Collector!

Deals and Product Recommendations - In each issue

Every issue features spotlight on Moshi Goodies - new ones that are about to be released, and information on specials, sales and contests.
Every issue features spotlight on Moshi Goodies - new ones that are about to be released, and information on specials, sales and contests. | Source

Opening Issue #1

The issues available by mail subscription and in stores in the UK come with free gifts like pencils, erasers, moshlings toy figures and more - the US and CA copies are paper issue only and the free gifts are redeemable in game secret codes.

Secret Codes vs Posters n' Puzzles

What's your favorite thing about collecting issues of Moshi Mag?

Oddie hat craft
Oddie hat craft

Craft Ideas

Great monster pet and moshling related crafts

Moshi Monsters magazine is loaded with fun Monstro City craft and recipe ideas for kids. We made this Oddie hat ourselves by painting Oddie the ultra rare donut moshling from the Foodies set in the Moshlings Zoo on an old baseball cap.

We also created hats with Lady GooGoo, Furi, Ecto, Poppet, and then we got really wild and crazy and made a Zommer head costume!

Every issue has great ideas for seasonal crafts for kids, and often you can find rare paper doll cut outs and posters for your real monstar room walls.

Heinz Moshi Monsters Pasta Shapes

Moshi monsters pasta - YUM!
Moshi monsters pasta - YUM! | Source

Yum Yum Kitchen

Super yummy recipes for kids

Every issue of the magazine has a fun moshling inspired recipe for kids to try out - like Mice Krispies, and Coolio cupcakes!

Pictured here are Heinz Moshi Monsters shaped pasta in tomato sauce - we just had to take a picture. Can you see the Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet, Luvli or Katsuma?

Do you subscribe to Moshi Mag? How would you rate it?? We give it a five stars!!

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Moshi Monsters Magazine

Guestbook Comments - Does Moshi Mag sound like some monstrously fangtastic fun?

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