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10 Most Interesting Conspiracy Theories

Updated on May 20, 2016

Conspiracies and Government Cover-Ups

Several significant iconic events have taken place in the world over the last century that were surrounded by suspicious circumstances which have led many people to believe there was a conspiracy involved.

The conspiracy theories make several significant allegations of potential involvement of many different influential government officials, including heads of state in several countries.

Review these ten most incredibly interesting conspiracy theories and come to your own conclusions as to whether there is any foundation to be had from these conspiracy theories or if they are pure speculation.

Apollo Moon Landing

Dark Moon

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers
Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers

Information is now coming to light that throws into serious doubt the authenticity of the Apollo record. New evidence clearly suggests that NASA hoaxed the photographs taken on the surface of the Moon. These disturbing findings are supported by detailed analysis of the Apollo images by professional photographer David S Percy ARPS and physicist David Groves. DARK MOON is the answer to the question-did the Apollo missions really land a man on the Moon and return him alive and well to Earth, or is the record incorrect?


9/11 World Trade Center Attack

The Terror Conspiracy

The  Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty
The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty

Primarily using mainstream media and government reports, Marrs has crafted the definitive journalistic account exposing the likely complicity of the Bush administration in the 9/11 attacks, providing a history of the overt and covert causes of the events. However, his analysis goes far beyond 9/11, enabling us to understand the motivation behind American foreign policy, with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as primary examples of the US government’s secret agenda. This is an eye opening account of how the US government has used it power to direct and influence the outcome of many world events to its own advantage.


John F. Kennedy Assassination

The JFK Assassins

On the Trail of the JFK Assassins: A Groundbreaking Look at America's Most Infamous Conspiracy
On the Trail of the JFK Assassins: A Groundbreaking Look at America's Most Infamous Conspiracy

Using newly declassified information, Dick Russell builds on three decades of painstaking research, offering one of the most comprehensive and authoritative examinations of the assassination of JFK. Included are new revelations and new information gleaned from an interview with the widow of Oswald. Russell here comes closer than ever to answering the ultimate question: Who killed JFK?


Marilyn Munroe Died in the Nude

The Last Days

The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe
The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe

With new revelations concerning the "National Security Matter" that led to the cover-up of her murder, The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe is an account of one of the most shocking crimes of the century. Donald H. Wolfe meticulously chronicles her final days, names the killer, documents the mode of death, and identifies those who orchestrated the cover-up. Marilyn Monroe was not only a beautiful woman who had influence in high places, she also knew secrets about others who eventually wanted her dead.


Princess Diana Accident in Paris

The Hidden Evidence

Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence
Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence

The staggering evidence contained in this book offers the most persuasive argument yet that British and US intelligence acted jointly to assassinate Diana, Princess of Wales. The product of a two-year investigation, Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence claims foreknowledge of an M16 plot to "Eliminate one of the most prominent figures on the world stage".


Jesse Ventura Believes In Conspiracy Theories

Jesse Ventura is a strong believer in conspiracy theories.

He and his team of experts have produced a television program which reveals all the frightening and mysterious aspects that surround many of the major conspiracy theory events in the world

In the majority of cases most of the evidence for these conspiracy theories has to be subjective as the authorities do everything that they can to make sure that ordinary people don't find out what exactly is going on.

But there are numerous specific cases, where the evidence is impartial and totally objective, where it is clearly obvious to all who see the evidence that some sort of conspiracy or cover up has taken place.

There are so many things happening in our world where the details of the events are spun to meet the requirements of both the politicians and the media. For some unknown reason it is no longer a democratic requirement for the people to know what is really going on..

Roswell UFO and Aliens

Witness To Roswell

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition)
Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition)

The Roswell Incident remains important for UFO research, and the case remains alive today because of the determined efforts of the team of Carey and Schmitt. Witness to Roswell contains much information from new and credible witnesses who add more weight to the existing testimony and evidence that something extraordinary crashed in 1947.


Pearl Harbor Attack

Day of Deceit

Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor
Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Robert Stinnett, who served in the U.S. Navy with distinction during World War II, examines recently declassified American documents and concludes that, far more than merely knowing of the Japanese plan to bomb Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt deliberately steered Japan into war with America.


Michael Jackson Dies


PSEUDOCIDE Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?
PSEUDOCIDE Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?

Questions like, why is Michael's name still not on his grave?

Why is Michael's name wrong on the will, death certificate, autopsy and other important documents? Why did the coroner use MJ's driver's license to identify the body? Did MJ use a body double? What is the significance of the number 7? The list goes on and on.


Jesus Christ Married with a Son

Over 2,000 Years Ago

The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code

A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a high-ranking agent of this ancient society who, in the moments before his death, manages to leave gruesome clues at the scene to the stunning secret of the ages he was charged to protect.


Obama is a Muslim

The Truth About Obama

The Roots of Obama's Rage
The Roots of Obama's Rage

He’s been called many things: a socialist, a radical fellow traveler, a Chicago machine politician, a prince of the civil rights movement, a virtual second coming of Christ, or even a covert Muslim. The real reason Obama ordered NASA to praise the scientific contributions of Muslims. Why Obama would like to make America’s superpower status a thing of the past.


Tell Me What You Think About These Most Interesting Conspiracy Theories

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    • jeffersonline profile image

      jeffersonline 4 years ago

      The 9/11 Commission set up by the Bushbaby government delivered a document containing no evidence that would be admissible in a normal court of law. It was a their theory on what happened on the day. So...the governments take on what happened on 9/11 is no more than the thing they try to demonise...a conspiracy theory that cannot be proved.

    • profile image

      slappywalker 5 years ago

      The moon landing conspiracy has always been one that I wonder about. It just seems like such an advanced thing for us to have done so often. Then seeing the trouble we had even getting a Space Shuttle into outer space without losing heat shields makes me wonder.

    • profile image

      Dianekmt 5 years ago

      Some disturbing and thought provoking, and some just a good laugh. Very entertaining!

    • profile image

      Shadrosky 6 years ago

      Some of these are probably true, others most likely false, but either way they are all interesting to say the least. Good job!