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Mr. Galliano's Circus by Enid Blyton

Updated on June 23, 2014

Running away to the Circus with Enid Blyton - a Children's Classic

There are a lot of Enid Blyton books out there - what makes this one special? Well, this book is very familiar to me, despite not having seen it for about ten years - for years, it was the only book my little brother wanted to read. Looking at the picture of it on Amazon, I can still remember the battered hardback and the way the cover was falling off.

Every night for years, since he was about four years old, until he was eight or nine, we had to read Mr. Galliano's Circus, again and again to him. He LOVED this book. When we moved overseas and it was accidentally sold in the jumble sale we held to get rid of our extra junk, we had to go ask for it back! I think it was the book that persuaded him to learn to read for himself, actually, when we refused to read to him any more - I remember reading to him on the couch and by his bedside when he was ill, in various houses (and the rest of the family had to read it to him as well!). So I can definitely, with great certainty, and clear conscience, strongly recommend this book for children between five and ten!

About Mr Galliano's Circus - Every child's favourite story of running away to the circus

Mr. Galliano's Circus is the story of Jimmy Brown and his parents, who all run away to the circus together! When the circus comes to town, Jimmy's too poor to go and watch, so he hangs around the backa nd makes friends behind the scenes with Lotta and the acrobats, Jemima the monkey, Lilliput the midget, Mr. Galliano himself, and the animals and all the various circus folk.

His father is a carpenter, and various dramas lead to Mr. Galliano offering him a job - add in a runaway elephant and Jimmy playing hero, and the entire family is invited along. They get their very own caravan and happily set about fixing it up, and soon enough a dog comes along - every boy must have his own dog after all! And by the end of it, Jimmy has his own little act with Lucky in the ring.

Mr. Galliano's Circus is the first book in The Circus Series, but I haven't read the others.:

Mr. Galliano's Circus (1938)Hurrah for the Circus (1939)Circus Days Again (1942)

Sadly, it's out of print, but there are a lot of second hand copies around. It's a shame this one isn't in print anymore, as it was definitely one of Enid Blyton's better ones - and every child dreams of running away to join the circus!

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    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

      I loved Enid Blyton books as a child. Didn't come across this one but it sounds like a fun read!