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Mushroom tales

Updated on June 28, 2012

As I peer thru my glass, the story unveils, three strippers are working the rack... oh damn and two of them males. Ah snap! I think to myself as figures turn into light and blow away. This is some heavy stuff, I knew I shouldn't play. Panic is in my mind as I start to piece together the day.

Dropping to the floor I start to crawl for the door. Reaching the end of the table symbols appear in green...well letter format. I feel an urge to bolt but find myself anchored, not connected just observing. I start to see waves of music flash by, hey! there goes that bearded Garcia guy. Wait, no that's just a fly. Common pull it together man, it's just one two and I'm out on the street.

Finding my way to the street, I soon discover Ive grown feet. Looking down I can kinda make out toes and instantly start wondering where did my shoes go? This is going to be a life changing trip, that's fo' sho'. Crossing the street I stop a bum and get some heat, inhaling a carcinogenic cocktail of cancer I start to feel better.

Where to go now, I think this is earth but with each flash the memory seems so vast. Cosmos surrounding my head I start to feel pressure, not overwhelming but peaceful. Blackness rushes in, dripping first thru my ears and then covering my eyes.

Complete bliss overwhelms my senses, searching the infinite expanses I recall familiar site's. Memories of triumph and tragedy seem equally unbalanced. Swimming now my feet have become fins, frictionless atmosphere keeps drawing me in.

I just want to go back home, for rumors of a sin. But sin is just a word so where does the real story begin. Deeper I swim flexing every muscle in my fishy little body. Don't go to far you might implode, a guppie smirks, flipping off on a different road. This ocean is so vast many valleys yet to unfold.

This story ends at the toad, sitting high on his stool. Looking down at me he sighs, not you again fool ! I thought you understood never to come back here, that was the rule! Now move along dummy, you're just a stupid little tool. Harsh words coming from a green guy covered in warts, but I guess yes it's true.


Fibonacci Four U


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