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music &life

Updated on March 21, 2009

~Music & Life~

You know, to be honest sometimes a person might feel really down broken or helpless. The whole world might seem gloomy as if all is up against you. Drowning in sorrow, you might find music regardless to its genre as your savior or way out. Music is a free ticket into a world that sucks you in takes off all your worries and gives you this ultimate feeling on momentary happiness.

Music can be your Savior:

I have to say music helps me focus. Sometimes when I feel really down, I put my mp3 searching for a song that describes my situation and listen to it over and over again. The singers being human might have passed through the same situation and you might be able to relate to them. Some songs might be more depressing and tragic, yet if you are aware you might discover that your situation isn’t that bad. I believe that as long as you aren’t harming someone or yourself music can play an important role in our lives. For me, when the house is really crowded with people and cousins (whom I don’t even know or understand on Sundays ) I’d rather put my mp3 on the maximum volume in order to ignore all their noise especially when I have exams. I mean every Monday I have a physics test (on a regular basis) and it happens that my cousins gather every Sunday at our house, Can you imagine how noisy it could be?

Well, I’ve learned to focus with music! It is like my barrier for the noise outside. I have to sate that I don’t listen to the music it is like muted at the same time with my surrounding.

Anyways, music can be a good inspirer. It’s subject is life so I bet that the writers and the singers don’t write all about alien stuff. I believe that we all share life as one source of inspiration. Once I was asked to write a story. I put my mp3 on found a song that really has a story (the lyrics were awesome but that’s another story) and adopted the lyrics into a story! All I am saying is that music rotates around life and sometimes life could be expressed in music rather than long equations with variables and God knows what else.

No matter what kind of music you listen to , no matter how others react around you due to this fact and long as you are enjoying your time (yet not crossing the lines) well who cares! Have Fun!              

                                              Music& Life! Simply nuts


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    • profile image

      Ally 3 years ago

      Great thkngini! That really breaks the mold!