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My Favorite Hobby

Updated on March 31, 2013

Have you guessed it yet?

This lens is about my favorite hobby, and I am doing it right now. Come on, have you figured out what is it I have a passion for? I believe my passion for it started when in I was in high school. My teacher had told me at that time that I had a natural talent for it. Hmm so why did I not further my schooling in it? At the time I did know that I could make a career out of it. I cannot give you any other clues as to what it is, so I guess I will just have to tell you.

Darn, I was so hoping that I could string you a long for just a minute or two. But I cannot seem to bring myself to doing that. My passion is writing and it was a hobby for many many years. I have just recently oh about two years ago, thought about freelance writing. I am still learning a bunch about what a Freelance Writer does, and how to go about creating my very own niche.

Creative Writing

Finding my niche!

How do you know what your niche is? That is a question that I just put into my computer, funny thing I could not find very many articles on this. So, if my understanding is correct then my personal niche is in the style pm which I write. I have written technical reports and then broke it down for the layman who did not need to be bogged down with big words. When they just wanted to know what key would make them go to the next area that they needed to input information. The only thing is that takes time as I have to learn the system as well in order to be able to write it in layman's terms.

My very first article I wrote was "Buyer Beware - Is he/she Prince/Princess Charming". I still think that when you get into a relationship you should be produced an owner's manual so that you know which buttons to not push and when something goes wrong where you can go to return that model. There should be a break in period, a lemon law, and then a means to return to the previous owner. Hey, are you giggling, I could of sworn I heard laughter. Well, I sure hope that is what I was hearing, because I love to laugh too. And yes, I do try to make that come through in my writing as well.

So, now I seem to have two niches, technical writing and writing on relationships. I believe that we should have fun at all times whether we are at work or at home, we should be able to have a good time at whatever we are doing. Before my car accident I worked in a restaurant as a shift manager. My crew loved me, and they worked hard for me. Now the restaurant business is not where I had planned on being at, but I found that I could put my accounting degree to work just as well there as in an Accounting office. The difference is that in the Restaurant I could be more me and crack a few jokes here and there. Whereas while working in an office, I had to dress a certain way and have a certain demeanor about me, and that would entail putting my hair up in a bun and wearing a pinned stripped skit and jacket with a white blouse and black heels. Big difference between the two atmospheres.

Life is...

10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it!

Having the right things to work with. - Very important that you have the tools to work on your hobby.

No matter what you hobby is, you will need to have the write tools to do something with it. These are just a few things that I need for my hobby.

How to Write a Great Story: A Fiction Writer's Handbook
How to Write a Great Story: A Fiction Writer's Handbook

A handbook on Writing a Great Story for Fiction Writiers.

Planning Before Writing
Planning Before Writing

Planning before you write.

InkPad Notepad (for notes)
InkPad Notepad (for notes)

Ink Pad for notes, don't forget pencils and erasers.


Image credit

picture of me in the first module was courtesy of "Jr" Dhilon.

I would love to here from you. Please take a moment and answer the question?

What are your hobbies? - Tell me your hobbies here.

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    • Catherine Frias 9 profile image

      Catherine Frias 5 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      @SusanDeppner: Well thank you. I think just about everyone on Squidoo likes to write. And my passion for it just out of this world. I wrote something the other day for someone, and what the response I got from it, unmeasurable. Again thank you for your comment.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I guess writing is my hobby, too, though now it's also my profession. Always nice to meet someone on Squidoo who really loves to write!