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My Favorite Romance Novels

Updated on July 31, 2013

My love of reading...

I started reading when I was about three years old. My Aunt was always pushing me and she constantly challenged my mind. I developed my love of reading through her encouragement and am still in love with reading. I read about anything and everything you can possibly imagine. I have books in my home about wine and wine pairing, weird and strange facts, and how-to's on everything from plumbing to gardening...

But the books I have the most of are romance novels. I can remember the first time I'd ever picked one up and read it. An Aunt of mine had given a box to my Mom for her to peruse, but she was always so busy working, that she never had the time to even look at them (I think). I read that entire box in a few weeks. I'm not sure what caught my eye - it may have been those cheesy cover or the brief description in the back or cover-jacket letting me know at a glance who would be falling for whom? After reading my first one, I was hooked!

As an adolescent, I think a great deal of the draw was the concept of a happily ever after between the two main characters. They fought against the insurmountable odds that separated them from one another (like feuding families, arranged marriages, childhood dislike and teasing, wars, distance, and social circumstances) and still managed to realize there was no other for them in the end - oft professing their love for one another in spectacular fashion. I will admit to one thing, that was not the only thing I enjoyed about the novels. I also enjoyed the "love" scenes written by the author. I think it was because I knew I probably wasn't supposed to be reading the books LOL.

As an adult, even without a happy ending of my own, I still enjoy these stories. They bring back memories of burning the midnight oil reading when I should have been sleeping and at the same time make me feel like i'm watching a movie inside my head. I loved these stories as an adolescent, and I hope you do too.

If anyone has some recommendations for me as well, I'm open to them. Thanks for reading everyone!

Book Cover
Book Cover

Sweet Enemy Mine, By Ana Leigh

This one was a real favorite of mine. Without going into too much detail, I will tell you that the main characters David and Breyandra are from the highlands of Scotland and come from feuding clans. They met briefly when young and then later as young adults (where they subsequently started to fall for one another). One of my favorite stories ever.

Unfortunately, since this book was published so long ago, there is no e-book for it (I've looked).

Sweet Enemy Mine by Ana Leigh

Sweet Enemy Mine
Sweet Enemy Mine

One of my favorite books in the whole world - it was one of the first romance novels I ever read in my life.


Speak Only Love by Deana James

Speak Only Love gives us the story of Vivian - a beautiful but mute heiress courtesy of a traumatic childhood incident and Piers - a drunken viscount living with his scheming father. Vivian's inheritance is being managed by her dastardly cousin and through the majority of the book, he plots to have her under his guardianship again so he can control her fortune. I don't want to spoil the rest, but just know that amid all the turmoil in the book, they fall into lust, then love, and finally live happily ever after.

Speak Only Love by Deana James

Another personal favorite of mine, also unavailable in E-Book format

Speak Only Love
Speak Only Love

One of my favorites


Sweet Savage Eden by Heather Graham

In this historical romance, we meet Jassy - the daughter of an actress who fell in love with a Duke who dies, leaving them destitute (her mother dies shortly after the book starts) - and the Lord James "Jamie" Cameron, who sweeps her away from her circumstances after delivering her to her father's family. To go into any more detail would ruin the story, but just know that they have their HEA, not in London where it starts off, but in the lush, untamed wilderness of Virginia.

Sweet Savage Eden by Heather Graham

Another of my all time favorites - and the only one I could still find in a bookstore. Also available in E-Book format!

Sweet Savage Eden (The North American Woman Trilogy)
Sweet Savage Eden (The North American Woman Trilogy)

You may find it in a bookstore, but it took me quite a while


I'll Take Manhattan by Judith Krantz

This book is fairly long and rife with sub-plots and family intrigue. This book tells the story of Zachary Amberville - his life, his loves, and his legacy. Throughout the course of the book we meet his long-time mistress Nina, his ballerina bride Lily, his charismatic but evil younger brother Cutter, and his three children Toby, Maxi, and Justin - as well as other key characters that are a part of the Amberville's world. The 1987 T.V. movie mini-series based on the book did it no justice.

My Favorite Judith Krantz Novels

There were several Judith Krantz novels in that box my Mom was given.... I'll Take Manhattan was only one of a few.

I'll Take Manhattan
I'll Take Manhattan

Wonderful story full of twists, turns and plots. Also available in hardcover.

Till We Meet Again: A Novel
Till We Meet Again: A Novel

Tells us the story of Eve De Lancel - Her journey from a pampered soclialite, to a singer in Paris, to becoming the wife of a prominent wine-maker. We also follow the stories of her daughters Delphine and Freddy,

Mistral's Daughter: A Novel
Mistral's Daughter: A Novel

In this book, we are told the tales of three beautiful red-haired women and their ties to one Julian Mistral; Maggy - a model who became his mistress and launched his career, Teddy - Maggy's daughter who became the love of his life, and Fauve - the daughter of Mistral and Teddy's passionate affair.


Danielle Steel Novels

Also tucked away in this mystery box were several Danielle Steel novels. Family Album, Secrets, Star, Fine Things, Zoya, Kaleidoscope, The Promise, and Palomino. I loved every one of these books - especially Family Album, Secrets, The Promise, Palomino, and Kaleidoscope.

Family Album chronicles the life of Faye Thayer (nee Price) and her family over the span of 43 years. We meet her husband Ward, sons Lionel and Greg, and her daughters Anne, and Valerie and Vanessa (who are, you guessed it - twins). Affairs, drugs, homosexuality, and young death are just some of the things that go on in the story. I can't tell you any more than that, don't want to spoil it :). There was a made for T.V. movie made for this also, but I didn't care for it - some of the original story was cut out (as well as one of the twins).

Secrets tells us the stories behind the cast and creation of the T.V. series Manhattan. Each cast member has their own dark secrets but they must all pull together in the end to ultimately make the show a success.

The Promise is a classic rich boy / poor girl love story complete with an evil mother determined to tear them apart. I won't give the rest of the plot-line away, I'll just tell you that they got their HEA :).

In Palomino, we are told the story of Samantha Taylor, whose pretty boy husband left for another woman and heads to her friend's ranch to heal her broken heart. There, she meets Tate Jordan, a ranch foreman who she falls in love with and who in turn, falls in love with her. I can't give any more away, I'm sorry. Its a must read (well, for me anyway).

Kaleidoscope is one of those books that have a story within a story (much like Secrets). In it, we read of a fairy tale romance between a young Frenchwoman and an American actor that ends tragically. Their three daughters - Hillary, Alexandra, and Megan - are then thrown into the foster care system where two out of three of them are fortunately adopted by loving families while one of them fights the entire book to be reunited with the sisters that she loves. I give you any more and I'll spoil it ;).

Danielle Steel Novels

One of my most favorite authors of all time

All comments welcome... any recommendations welcomed too!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @DarlingDragon: Lol, i live reading the back covers too... my homie and i used to read them aloud in the bookstore to try and embarrass one another :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @DarlingDragon: Lol, i live reading the back covers too... my homie and i used to read them aloud in the bookstore to try and embarrass one another :)

    • DarlingDragon profile image


      5 years ago

      @Aminaguirre: lol. Your welcome! I used to really love looking at the backs of them. Although I was really little so for the most part I was pretending to seem smart!

    • Aminaguirre profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @DarlingDragon: Thank you! My son is probably going to remember that when hes older as well lol.

    • DarlingDragon profile image


      5 years ago

      My Mom love these types of books! I remember sitting in her room surrounded by piles and piles of them when I was little. I'm definitely gonna have to show her your lens! ;D


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