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My First Hubpage

Updated on August 31, 2016

My First Hubpage

ZanaWorld is managed by me and my wife. We both share the login information.

I signed up for HubPages in August 2008. I am writing my first hubpage on 15 Oct 2008. This is my first Hub. It is always a good idea to have a README First page.

This is the facehub of my hubpages. Though there is profile page available on the hubpage, but still I choose have an additional profile-kind of hubpage. You can consider this as an extension of my profile page! Most visitor don’t hit on your profile page. But chances are there that they might like to read your first ever HubPage published.

Readme First

Welcome to ZanaWorld!

I take this as opportunity to give epigrammatic details on me. At the same time, I will also let you know what you can expect in Zanaworld.

I am born and brought up in small town about 150 KM (93 Miles) from Bangalore, India. I lived in Saudi Arabia for over a decade (for work) before returning to India. Currently I live in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

I was attracted to HubPages through a random search link. I saw here community of writers writing on various subjects. The community of hubbers here write, talk and help each other, answer questions. While doing all this, they also earn! Some of the hubbers are earning a great deal of money. But remember this is not getting rich site, though there are a few success stories.

Read below (or here) an interesting and very informative hubpage on the success stories of the hubbers who made good earning out of publishing their writings in

Brigade Road on 1 January 2012
Brigade Road on 1 January 2012 | Source
A markerbangalore, india -
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
get directions

My subjects for hubpages

What subject I am going to write under ZanaWorld. Here is brief list of subjects I planned to touch upon.

  • The Desert Times
  • Movies and Entertainment
  • Recipes & Food
  • Technology & Internet
  • Travel, places & festivals
  • General Articles, Short Stories and poems

The Desert Times

While I was in Saudi Arabia, I published a newsletter called “The Desert Times” for private circulation amongst close friends circle there. We named our group friends as Desert Friends.

One of the Desert Friend Syed Abdul Qadir wrote an interesting and informative editorial on Desert Friends in one of the issues of The Desert Times. Read the article here, it will give you some insight into what the group was all about.

I am planning to re-publish some of the articles published in “The Desert Times” written some of my friends (Desert Friends).

Desert Friends
Desert Friends | Source

Movies and Entertainment

I love watching movies. I interested in Indian cinema – watching Hindi (also known as Bollywood), Tamil (Kollywood), Telugu (Tollywood), Kannada (Sandalwood) movies. You can expect lot of articles on Indian films – specially in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam (also known as Mollywood) film industries.

I will write on my favorite actor, actresses and celebrities.

Besides movies, you can also expect some articles on Indian popular Television entertainment. I have asked my wife to write on the subject related to television, as often glued to TV set.

You will be interested to check this hubpage for watching these movies free online.

Recipes & Food

I am always looking for some good food. And my wife willing to experiment in cooking. My wife has promise to write some good articles on cooking and will share a recipe or two (normally she does not divulge recipes secrets).

Now my elder daughter too has entered the kitchen. I hope she too divulge some good recipe to share with visitors to ZanaWorld. (All the chocolate recipes in ZanaWorld are from her; sample this recipe "How to make chocolate fudge without much fuss").

One of the images from Recipe page
One of the images from Recipe page

Technology & Internet

I am planning to publish hubpages on technology and internet. I am addicted to Internet. So you can expect a few articles related to Internet, and my love to technology.

Did you know that I got my first email in 1994. My hotmail account was opened in 1995 (then it was own by Shabeer Bhatia, he sent a thank you note when I registered). Then my password was only 4 character long!

Travel, places and festivals

I love travelling. Recently I visited Goa (click here to read “travel for fun on beaches - trip to Goa from Bangalore”).

Goa is a wonderful place. The trip is very memorable one, especially thanks to a friend in Goa and his friend who made it doubly memorable.

I am planning to pen details are my past trips to places like Ooty, kodaikanal, Madurai and other places in South India. And will take notes when I travel in future to any exotic locations.

General Articles, Short Stories and poems

Apart from those mentioned above, I will explore subjects on health and wellbeing.

I will write from my life experiences, things life have taught me. There will be some general articles, short stories and poems. I also love books and reading. So you can expect some reviews and opinion on books and articles. I will write articles on people I admire and celebrities I adore and follow. I will also discuss things about Bangalore – the happening city of India.

I will gossip and share some spicy talk – some sweet and some sour!

I am looking forward to your comments and brick bats. Also please feel free to suggest subjects that can turned in to a love hubpage!


Here are the dates when I have some updates to my First HubPage.

  • Edited on 13 June 2013
  • Edited on 12 March 2012
  • First written on 15 Oct 2008

this is ME... Shameel @ Goa, India.
this is ME... Shameel @ Goa, India.


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    • zanaworld profile image

      SA Shameel 5 years ago from Bangalore

      Jollyji... Thanks for your comments, first for this hub in almost 4 years...

      thank you...

      Shameel & Farzana (of ZanaWorld)

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Zanaworld, this is an interesting start off to hub writing. A fitting extension to one's profile page. I guess this type of page/hub makes the reader more aware of the hubber's background.

      You have a nice variety of topics along with your personal ones which I would like to read as and when time permits.