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My Forest Adventure - Flash Fiction

Updated on January 9, 2011

My Forest Adventure - A fractured Fairytale in flash form

This little story was written as a "what if" or fractured fairytale. I prefer to write in very short form generally known as flash fiction. These stories are under 1000 words long yet are complete stories in themselves.

I hope you enjoy this one.

The Story

The day I stumbled across the cottage, I had been wandering in the forest for hours. At first, it was a big adventure, dreaming that fairies were skipping ahead of me, leading me to their enchanted grove. I followed their fleeting shapes and before long was hopelessly lost.

I was tired and hungry, and rather apprehensive, when I came upon a clearing. In the middle of the clearing stood a neat little cottage, with whitewashed walls. There were roses framing the oak front door, and the tidy green lawn was surrounded by a multitude of wild flowers.

"Help at last," I thought as I opened the gate and walked up the flagstone path.

My tentative knock went unanswered. I knocked a little louder. Still no reply, so against my entire upbringing I tried the latch.

The door opened easily at my touch, and I peeked in. The cottage was still, a clock ticking on the wall the only sign of life. I crept through the doorway; my muscles tensed for a quick getaway, my senses straining for the slightest warning of danger.

I found myself in a large kitchen, a carved wooden table occupying most of the space. The table was set for a meal. Three chairs, three bowls and three spoons. The smell of warm porridge wafted into my nostrils reminding me of how hungry I was.

Without thinking, I took up a spoon and hungrily attacked the largest serving, but it was horribly salty. I rushed to the tap and gulped a glass of water. Still ravenous I tried the medium sized bowl, being careful to taste it first. It was too sweet. Finally, I tried the smallest helping, doubtful that it would sate my hunger, but at least it would take the edge off. It was perfect, and within seconds, the bowl was empty.

Through a doorway, I could see some chairs around a fireplace. Feeling rather tired I thought I might sit down and warm myself whist considering my predicament. The largest chair looked far too hard, so I did not bother to try it. The middle-sized chair however, looked very soft, so I settled into it. I wiggled and squirmed, but no matter what I just could not get comfortable. That left only the small chair, which I eyed dubiously. I decided to try it since it was the only option left to me, and just as I thought, the chair broke, tipping me to the ground and bumping my head in the process.

I began to feel rather frustrated. I was still lost, trespassing in a strange house , and was now liable to be prosecuted for vandalism.

The media reports of my trying the three beds upstairs were vastly exaggerated. I was actually looking for the lavatory, as I was feeling rather sick. I stumbled into a bedroom, and tripped over my feet onto a large, hard bed. It was so hard it bruised my back. As I jumped up from it, I fell backwards onto a very soft bed. My impact set me bouncing, and eventually I bounced right off that bed and onto a small, infinitely comfortable bed.

I lay on that bed trying to regain my balance, and wondered what to do. I must have passed out, because I came round and found three angry people glaring at me.

I leapt up and tried to run past my captors, but the largest one reached out and grabbed me. "Don't bother, the police are on their way," Growled Mr. Bruin.

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    • Infomum LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Infomum LM 

      8 years ago

      @BFunivcom: Thank you for dropping by to read it.

    • BFunivcom profile image

      Allan R. Wallace 

      8 years ago from Wherever Human Rights Reign

      I used to work for Mr. Bruin, tough guy. Better to be an indie writer. Enjoyed your story.


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