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my indian song

Updated on April 29, 2010


Yeh Aasman (translated into English below)


Apr 10



Supno ke phool jub mur jate hai,

Apne pyar karne wale jub bhool jate hai.

Dil ke roshni handaro kee gulio meh kho jatee hai,

Yeh toote waade phir mut na karna,

Yeh yaarana ub hai puraana,

Thera dildar hai paraya


Yeh aasman

Mithee meh barbaad ho gaya,

hoton peh dua jo thee

hoton peh reh gayee,

arman jo aakhon me tha,

dil meh so gaya

musafir kee pukar

khamoshee meh mit gayee.


jawane janeman tashreef laiyen,

toode dil kee koi khanai to sonayen,

dil meh jub savun he badaal ho teh hai,

chen milna ka koi khutra nai hota hai,

mohabbat karne walo kee mukaddar

dobee khoon ke samandar meh...




This Sky


Apr 10



When the flowers of your dreams die,

When we forget those we loved,

Love’s light is lost in the alleys of


Don't make any more promises you won't keep.

This friendship is now old,

Your lover is now a stranger.


This sky

Is destroyed into the ground,

The prayer on my lips

Stayed upon my lips.

The sorrow in my eyes,

Fell asleep in my heart,

The travellers cries

Was lost in the silence.


Welcome dear beloved,

Tell me a story about the broken hearted,

When you have monsoon clouds in your heart

There’s no danger of peace,

The fate of lovers

Is drowned in a sea of blood...


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    • kaleem raja profile image

      kaleem raja 7 years ago from luton, england

      o wow. i feel so humbled... i am a writer. i write poems, articles and songs. yeh asmaan was my first song in hindi. you are very kind.

      thank you.

    • tradingxyz profile image

      tradingxyz 7 years ago

      these are lyrics to your song? if so, they are beautiful