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I'm afraid to say

Updated on March 3, 2010

September 5 &7, 2002

my teddy bear ( l. )

i don't understand why i treat you this way

i guess because i love you but I'm afraid to say

the things i've done may not be so good

no one is perfect

although i should

you figured me out

more than anyone else

yet that's only one reason you make my heart melt

no matter what happens

your always there

your like no other

your my teddy bear

over it ( ll. )

how could you do this to me

you've unlocked my heart

and swallowed the key

now i live my life

odd and strange

i let no one in for all i feel is pain

for two years

all i've done is think of you

and when we were together

i left my crew

maybe one day

you'll see what you missed

this love is gone

i can't believe we kissed


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