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My Unexpected You

Updated on April 19, 2017
Mc Cleann Napoles profile image

Mc has been working in accounting department as supervisor for eight years. Writing a poem is her way to express her feelings.

It was started with a simple question

Followed by an instant connection

Comes with a positive vibe as an addition

Seems that destiny have made an action

You're like an angel sent from heaven

You're making me smile whenever you can

You're like my soulmate destined to be with

You touch my heart whenever it beats

I thank god for having you in my life

You have no idea how you could make my day bright

It was dull & dark until you gave it a light

Thank you for adding color to my life

I don't know how I found you

But I thank god for letting me hold you

And now, I'm asking him if it was you

The reason why I was born thirty years ago

As you noticed, I am not perfect

In the past, I've done a lot of mistakes

And if one day, you decided to disappear

In my heart, you will always be so dear

I want you to know that my angel will always be there

To protect you with all my care

No matter what happen, I will always be here

In my life, you will always be special everyday


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