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Updated on April 14, 2015

By the Archive

It was raining as the lone man picked his way through the ruins. His journey only hampered by the memory of what this place once was. The bones of friend and enemy strewn throughout the devastation, ironic that only in death they appeared equal. And still the man wandered forward, his mind set, his path chosen long ago. Other things moved in the surrounding darkness. They tracked the man as he pushed on, their eye's the only thing visible in the murk. They too had once been like the man, walking his path, sharing his fate, but the weight of power ravaged their mind and bodies long ago.

The man paused to observe the creature's as they closed in around him. Their was only pity and sorrow in his eyes as the shadows began to take form. They appeared to be human from a distance, but twisted and extended, a shadow of what it once was. Their skin the color of mud and stretched so thin it appeared to be only skin and bone. Their faces twisted with madness and hate, their eyes burning with malice. The man sighed as they encircled him, knowing that there would be no escape.

As he readied himself, he could only smile. He knew this was the end of his journey, He was tired and sore at heart. The passage of previous years had taken their toll on his soul. He wanted nothing more than an ending to things, he wanted nothing more than to rest once and for all. He sighed once more as the creature's advanced upon, cautiously stumbling forward towards this man who would dare enter their domain. The man smiled once more, it was a pity he had to show these monsters that destiny was a joke.


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