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Myself In 2025

Updated on January 17, 2012

Myself in 2025? Are you kidding? Is it possible for me to know what will happen to me in 2025? No, of course not, but I can imagine myself ten or fifteen years into the future. Would I be in the middle of an expat community or living outside an expat enclave? Is it possible if I were to marry to a famous artiste or perhaps a billionaire?

I think I would most probably be a nurse. This thought came into my mind when I was in Primary Six. That year, I was admitted to hospital for an operation. I was impressed by the kindness of the nurses. I think I am suited for nursing because I am not frightened by ugly wounds or the sight of blood. Nursing is a noble profession, for nurses to help the doctors in maintaining the life of the sick. It is also a marvelous way to travel and see a bit of the world as there is hardly anywhere in the world that doesn't need nurses.

Talking about travelling, it is one of my favourite hobby too. By 2025, I think I would have travelled half of Asia as I am an avid traveller. Since I am married, I need to take good care of my family and could only afford to visit our neighbouring countries. During school holiday, I would bring my children to visit Phuket. Phuket is one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands in Thailand. It offers me a breathtaking view of the sea. Besides that, it is also a great chance for me to take a break off and experience something different from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are vast array of international and renowned shops for shopping pleasure too.

Moving on to my family life, I think I will have more than three children as I am very fond of kids. By 2025, my eldest child would most probably be seven years old. I will treat my children as my friend and I hope they will treat me as their friend too. They can call me "Dear Dear" instead of mummy. I understand that it is always harder to communicate with our parents. However, happiness shared is happiness doubled, sorrow shared is sorrow halved. As I am couch potato, I don't like doing physically demanding's activities like housework. I can afford to hire maids and butlers to do the house chores and fetch my children to school as my husband is affluent.

Whatever it is, it is always better for us to be independent and not to rely on others. I need to study hard in order to achieve my ambition. Besides that, reading novels can help to widen my knowledge. I would also like to enhance my English further for my own satisfaction. I know if I want to go ahead these days, I need to have a good command of English.


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    • engwah profile image

      engwah 5 years ago from Penang

      Well done

    • profile image

      Vannessa 5 years ago

      Hohhoh!! Keng... xD

    • profile image

      xerro 5 years ago

      is this an essay title?

    • profile image

      Zoanne 5 years ago

      Voted :)