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My yellow rose reflects my harmony for a good thought

Updated on February 2, 2014

I would try to symbolize a good thought in the things that I write.

I shall bless my lovely day in a good thought that is mine.

I shall let go the negative piece of thought that is a corner away of making me sad.

I am thinking of an imaginary ocean beyond a silver cup.

What will I think of?

I like to hold a yellow rose for a good thought today.

I feel thoughtful when I am near the yellow rose in my garden.

The yellow rose has the best of harmony to think of in a short time.

I cannot be giver of my thought.

I like to believe that I can think good things that move me closer to a skillful purpose.

I want to open the way of harmony in me and upon my writing.

The challenge is not the thought but in me.

I should not worry too deeply to think.

Not everything is just a thought for the day.

Copyright© Shamela 29 / June / 2012.

 My photo of A yellow rose.
My photo of A yellow rose. | Source


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    • shamela profile image

      shamela 5 years ago

      Dear Karasu77,

      Thank you for calling my poem amazing.

      I feel very happy after reading your comment.

      It is wonderful to know that you love yellow roses too.

      Thank you for your kind comment.

    • Karasu77 profile image

      Karasu77 5 years ago from Australia

      wow, this poem is amazing, and I love yellow roses as well!