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Ninjago Books - Story, Chapter and Fun Books

Updated on December 9, 2013

Ninjago Early Reader Books, Graphic Novels, Chapter Books and Fun Activity Books

An overview of the Lego Ninjago books that are available (we own quite a few of them!) The range of cool Ninjago books includes early readers, chapter books and graphic novels. And there are fun activity books and Ninjago Brickmaster sets too.

These books are great for kids, especially boys, who are learning to read or enjoy reading. And also those who need a bit of encouragement. Reading about Spinjitsu, the Rise of the Snakes and the stories of Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole and Sensei Wu is far more fun that the average reading books!

I have two young boys who are Ninjago crazy. My older son is learning to read and we're starting with the early reader books (for children age 4 ) and then we'll work our way through the rest.

The invidividual reading books are reasonably priced and make excellent Christmas stocking stuffers or birthday party gifts.

Image: A few books from our Ninjago collection

New: Pirates and Green Ninja Readers and Stone Army Graphic Novels

Update: Time has moved on since I first wrote this page and my older son is now a fluent reader - these books definitely helped because he loved them and was motivated to work hard. Now my younger son is almost ready for them, he's just started school and is learning to read.

LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia

Want to find out everything about the characters in LEGO Ninjago? The LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia makes an excellent gift for a serious Ninjago fan who wants to know all the facts.

LEGO NINJAGO: Character Encyclopedia
LEGO NINJAGO: Character Encyclopedia

This set also contains the Lloyd green ninja minifigure with the elemental robes costume which isn't available in other sets.


Ninjago Early Reader Books - Age 4+

LEGO Ninjago Early Reader Books

These early reader books are around 32 pages long and seem to be designed for kids for read themselves.

The first book says from age 4-8 and up to grade 3. We preordered the Way of the Ninja. The book has a colorful picture on each page and large text to read. My son is five and learning to read, he needs help with the trickier words but because he loves the subject so much he's really willing to try hard and doesn't get frustrated. He loves reading if the subject matter interests him and he's a really big Lego Ninjago fan. (And I have to admit I find Ninjago books far more interesting that some of the reading books he brings home from school!)

We have all of these books. My younger son is now learning to read and almost ready to start on them.

Ninjago Early Reader Books - Snakes!

And once you make it through the red series of books following the initial Lego Ninjago story, you can move on to the green Rise of the Snakes series. By the time these books came out my older son was nearly 6 and a fluent reader. He gets an allowance for reading books and chose the Ninjago snakes reading books which he loved and goes back and re-reads now.

New LEGO Ninjago Readers for 2013 - Pirates Vs. Ninja / Green Ninja

Two new Lego Ninjago Readers have been announced for 2013 covering Pirates Vs. Ninja and Green Ninja storylines from 2012.

These books are due for relase in August 2013 and available to preorder before that.

Ninjago Graphic Novels - Age 6+


Ninjago Graphic Novels

The Ninjago Graphic Novels are for children aged 6+ and are around 64 pages long. The first graphic novel is already available and gets excellent reviews.

You can click on The Challenge of Samukai to look at sample pages to see what they are like. They are set out in comic book or graphic novel style with lots of cool pictures. Much of the text is in upper case as is traditional in this style of book. My son loves to draw and he has been drawing lots of Ninjago-inspired picture recently. I think these books will encourage him with his artwork as well as his reading.

We'll definitely be moving on to these books once we've tried the Ninjago reader series. I actually rather enjoy the Ninjago story so I'll enjoy sharing these with my son. The second Ninjago graphic novel will be out at the end of February 2012 and you can preorder before that.

Ninjago Graphic Novels - Snakes!

Oh yes, we get graphic novels for the 2012 Rise of the Snakes storyline too. The snakes storyline was very popular and kids will enjoy it in graphic novel format.

Ninjago Graphic Novels: Stone Army - New for 2013

The next three Ninjago graphic novels cover the stone army episodes of the Ninjago TV series (from late 2012.) These books are being published throughout 2013, keeping fans interested in the Ninjago theme, ready for the new Ninjago shows in 2014.

Ninjago Activity Books

Lego Ninjago: Official Guide

The Lego Ninjago Official Guide covers the backstory to the Ninjago universe. It's packed with information and there is lots to read. The book is written in the voice of Sensei Wu explaining all about Ninjago, it's history and the key facts. There are plenty of neat pictures, but lots of text too.

It has 128 pages and the reading age is 7+ or from grade 3. You can click on the book to look inside and see what the text is like. One reviewer comments that her son found the presentation of this book very approachable although he finds chapter books offputting.

Lego Ninjago: Official Guide
Lego Ninjago: Official Guide

We have this book and most of it is too tricky for my 5 year old to attempt to read on his own. It's very well written and full of interesting words so I read the book to him and we discussed lots of the language. Even my 3.5 year old happily sat and listened.

One warning: the book makes all the vehicles sound very cool - my son really wanted some more of them after we read the book!

Lego Ninjago Guide - UK


Ninjago Ultimate Sticker Book

Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO NINJAGO (Ultimate Sticker Collections)
Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO NINJAGO (Ultimate Sticker Collections)

The Ninjago sticker books are great younger Ninjago fans and a bit of fun for the bigger ones. Great for creative story telling and learning about all the Ninjago characters.


Look out for the snake!

Look out for the snake!
Look out for the snake!

See here for the Ninjago snakes poster

Thanks for Visiting

Ninjago Books

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