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be free, just live

Updated on July 5, 2012


no need for love

no need for lust

falling in and out

is not a must

we are here

we are there

but who really knows

do they really care?

happy, sad

lonely, glad

show your emotion

without sacrificing


head in the clouds

what do you say?

look up, look down

how are you today?

undefinable creature

this habit

this nature

where was it born?

do you dare wager?

we laugh

we talk

we cry

we fought

now what is next?

i choose to be me

not the default

what does it require

no need for drama

no need for desire

let it die



time to take a walk

under the stars

quiet, still

no need to talk

live free

breathe deep

do not exist

it is simple

just live


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