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Nook Color covers and cases for your NookColor

Updated on September 20, 2012

Get a cool cover or case to protect your new NookColor!

Ereaders are very popular these days. And color ereaders are no exception. The Barnes and Noble NookColor is a fantastic option because it's an ereader and can also function as a tablet. What a bargain! It's worth getting a NookColor cover or case to shield it from daily wear and tear.

Nook Color covers

The Barnes and Noble NookColor is a great ereader and tablet. Now you need to protect that investment with something sturdy, but yet something that reflects your fashion taste. They make dozens of nook color covers and cases.

rooCase Multi-View

(Red) Leather Case Cover with 22 Angle Adjustable Stand for Barnes and Noble NOOKcolor Nook Color eBook Reader

Some options include ones that are made of leather or faux-leather. Others are soft like neoprene sleeves, and others are made with a tough material and very solid. Then there are the multitude of color options. In addition, some are flip book style versus regular book style. Also, you'll need to notice how the case or cover closes. Do you want a clasp or zipper? They make several varieties.

Executive Melrose Leather Protective Case Cover for Barnes and Noble Nook Color Wireless Reading Device Wi-Fi 7 inch LCD Display Screen + SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband

If you can't decide on one, why not get 2? This way you can switch out your cover and case when you get bored with the look of it. You can go to Barnes and Noble's site or to one of their stores, but the options over there are beautiful, but a bit pricey. You might want to check out Amazon because you can probably find a good deal on a great cover or case your your NookColor.

Protect that NookColor

This is just a sampling of the options to come. Several of you may notice that there are not as many options for the NookColor as for the Nook. You have to remember that the NookColor is still somewhat new, and there will be more options to choose from in the months ahead. The Nook has been out over a year, so there will be many options for the Nook. The NookColor has only been release truly to the public at the beginning of December 2010. With time, there will be many more options.

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor eBook Reader CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Slim Sleeve

Checker Style

Regardless, you can still pick up a "second best" choice while you wait for the one that you really want. Many manufacturers are working on their designs now.

You can always consider going into a Barnes and Noble store, but the prices for their covers and cases tend to be a bit steep. They are beautiful, however. It's a matter of getting a good deal.

Don't forget to check out Ebay too

When you are shopping for a protective case or cover to guard against bumps and scratches of your NookColor, Ebay should also be considered. You might find a really good deal especially if someone is trying to sell one of their covers or cases that they don't like anymore. It's a worth a look.


The NookColor is the latest ereader from Barnes and Noble Booksellers. It features a large 7 inch color screen that has full touchscreen capabilities. You can also read a variety of magazine and newspapers in full color. There are over 2 million titles through Barnes and Noble's website. Don't forget that you can play audio books too. The NookColor also features a web browser that allows you to interact on your favorite social media site. There are some games included.

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      Jeusdeus 6 years ago

      I am trying to do some similar work to your lens. like your approach its given me some great ideas. thanks

    • profile image

      katesmart 6 years ago

      I have a Nook Color and love it. Always loo,ing for covers. Thanks for the info.