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Nook Covers and Cases: The best options to protect your Barnes and Noble Nook

Updated on October 1, 2012

Love the Barnes and Noble Nook? Both the Nook (First Edition) and Nook Simple Touch (Second Edition) Are Great!!!

The Barnes and Noble Nook is a fantastic ereader. There's no doubt about it. So much so that Barnes and Noble has made 2 different versions of their classic black and white ereader that uses eInk technology. Both ereaders have clean lines and a sleek feel. The large e-ink screen is 16 gray scale. For the Nook first edition, the smaller screen below it is the navigational touch screen. For the Nook second edition (Nook Touch or Nook Simple Touch), the entire screen is a touchscreen. If you haven't already, you'll need to find a protective case or cover to shield your favorite ereader from any stray scratches and such. There are so many options to choose from. Lots of color options for you Nook covers. Lots of material choices too.

CaseCrown Epic Standby Case

(Black) for Barnes & Noble All New NOOK, The Simple Touch Reader

It's so important that you protect your Barnes & Noble Simple Touch Reader at all times. A good cover or case will make your ereader last that much longer. You can pick out a good Touch case design that you like. It should also be strong and durable to prevent damage. You also need to pay attention to the interior since it will face the screen. So pick a Touch cover that has its interior lined with non-scratch material. Look for Nook second edition cases and covers that will fit this device particularly. Not the other Nooks available. And not a generic case. Nook Touch cases that have pockets or straps that securely hold your Nook ereader in place is key. Some cases have magnetic enclosures and other have snaps or zippers. It depends on your preference.

CaseCrown Regal Flip Case

(Red) for Barnes & Noble All New NOOK, The Simple Touch Reader

Some cover are really cool and can flip back to form a stand. This allows you to read your nook touch without using your hands. Or you can get a stand that allows you read at different angles. And there are many many different colors. More than just the classic black! all times!

BoxWave Nero Leather Elite nook Case

Buying Barnes and Noble Nook covers has been the trend nowadays. The reason behind is because a lot of people know the importance of accessorizing without compromising on the functionality of the item. If you want to protect your Barnes and Noble Nook from inevitable dents and scratches, buying a nice and stylish cover is the best way to counter accidental falls and bumps.

If you make a quick search online for the best nook covers, you will find lightweight covers that are made with top quality and durable materials that will not impede you from accessing the device's features, ports and controls. This is one of the things that you might want to look at when you are in the hunt of the best nook cover.

You need something that protects and lets you gain access to your device without too much of a hassle. You might also want a cover that will not add bulk to your nook.

Clear mCover® Hard Shell Case for Barnes & Noble 6-inch Nook eBook reader, built-in hard Screen Protector and Retractable Stand included

There are things that you need to look for when you are buying Barnes and Noble Nook cover including:

Is it lightweight? You might want a cover that will not add to the overall weight of your device.

Is the Nook cover thin? You want to protect your device without adding bulk to it. Therefore, you need a cover that is thin.

Does it allow you quick access to your device? There are covers that don't have the right cutouts, which do not make it easy for you to quickly access your device. Look for easy accessibility feature in the cover.

Are the navigational touchscreen and or reading screen exposed? This feature gives you the same feeling as when you are using the device without cover or case.

These are just some of the features that are helpful in maintaining the functionality of your device without compromising on its protection so that you can increase its lifespan.

JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Book Style Case for the Barnes & Noble Nook

(Ocean Blue)

First Generation

Did you know that you can buy Barnes and Noble Nook covers that don't just protect your device but also lets you be fashionable, stylish and stands in the crowd? There are nook covers that allow you both like the JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Nook cover, which has a great Japanese floral design. It also provides a snug fit to your device through its book-style jacket that allows ultimate protection.

Aside from this great item, you can also find other nook covers showcasing your fashion and personality without compromising on its primary function which is protection from scratches and other issues on physical appearance. The top quality materials used to manufacture the covers will definitely guarantee you that your device is safe and will last for long thereby making you get what you have paid for.

When you shop for nook covers, make sure that you go to reliable websites and online retailers so that you know you are really getting what you want.

Bundle Monster Barnes & Noble Nook Synthetic Leather Case Cover Jacket + Skin Sticker + Screen Protector Ebook Accessories Combo

Fit 3G and Wifi Version

It is really tricky to find the best Barnes and Noble Nook covers in the market today. But, it does not mean it is impossible to achieve. Also, buying the best does not mean you have to spend a fortune on expensive nook covers. There are five major criteria that will tell you how special an item is including:



Budget range



You need to find the cover that best represents your personality so that no matter where you go the case of your device will show off who you really are. You can find a lot of nook covers in the internet today and filtering them out one by one will make you waste time. Therefore, it is important that you define what you are looking for before you decide to buy them.

Based on the major criteria, you can narrow down your search and find that one nook cover you both want and need.

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