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Biography: Nora Roberts - The Master of Romance Fiction

Updated on January 8, 2015

According to Publishers Weekly, Nora Roberts is the only author in the world who has written more bestsellers than any author.

In the year 1999 and 2000, USA Today listed five best-selling novels of the year of which four of them were from Nora Roberts. From 1991-2001, 68 novels of hers both paperbacks and hardbacks were listed as New York Times Bestsellers.

In the year 2005, an estimated 12 million copies were sold, and as of 9th January 2009, more than 400 million copies of her books have been printed. Not only this, Nora Roberts books have been published in 35 nations.

Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts | Source

Early Life of Nora Roberts

Born as Eleanor Marie Robertson, Nora Roberts was born on 10th October 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. She has four siblings of whom she is the youngest.

She attended a Catholic school, a high school, but was transferred during the second year, studying at Blair High School, a local public school. It was at Blair High School she met her future husband, Ronald Aufdem Brinke.

After graduating from high school, she was married to her high school boyfriend in 1968. From the marriage, Nora Roberts gave birth to two children, Dan and Jason.

However, the relationship didn’t last long. They divorced. Nora Roberts met her second husband, Bruce Wilder after she had hired him to build for her bookshelves. In July 1985 they tied knot and became husband and wife.

Bruce Wilder is the owner of Turn the Page Books of which is also the operator based in Boonsboro, Maryland.

Nora Roberts: As engaging as her books

Nora Roberts’ Writing Career

Nora Roberts’s first job was working as a legal secretary.

Her future successful writing career began in February 1979. A snowstorm trapped Nora Roberts and her two sons inside their home for one week. Having tried different crafts, she tried her hand in writing for a change.

As is the case with most authors, Nora Robert’s first script was rejected by Harlequin for publication. She submitted several manuscripts but they were rejected. She didn’t give up.


The breakthrough came in when her first novel ‘Irish Thoroughbred’ was published by Silhouette books in 1981. Her 23 novels were published by Silhouette from 1982 to 1984. From 1987 to 1991 she wrote single title books for Bantam, then single title hardcovers and original paperbacks for Putnam.

She has won several awards, and apart from her successful career as an author, she has also given back to the society by being involved in charity works. The founder of Nora Roberts Foundation, the organization is involved in aiding children involved in humanitarian work, and promoting literacy and arts.

List of Books Written By Nora Roberts

The following are some of the novels written by Nora Roberts:

Irish Thoroughbred (1981)

From This Day (1983)

Reflections (1983)

Untamed (1983)

One Man’s Art (1985)

Summer Desserts (1985)

Risky Business (1986)

Name of the Game (1988)

Rules of the Game (1984)

Less of a Stranger (1984)

A Matter of Choice (1984)

First Impressions (1984)

Promise Me Tomorrow (1984)

Taming Natasha (1990)

Hidden Riches (1994)

Born in Fire (1994)

She has also written books under the pseudonym J.D Robb which are:

Vengeance in Death (1997)

Loyalty in Death (1999)

Conspiracy in Death (1999)


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