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No subject is safe-2

Updated on August 5, 2009

Flying Solo

 You would think this would be a breeze, and for the most part it has been. This is not one of those days. Its not that complicated really-so I am having a hard time understanding what all the confusion is about. Nevertheless...I'm here, watching these idiots mess up these precious few hours, they have no idea that this might be the last project for a while...oh well,l tell myself, it's not my fault, nor my problem-somehow I feel that is not going to be the case. It has been quiet-all the trouble makers staying away...not helping us finish this thing, I don't understand reminding people to work! In these times?! Endless calls, e-mails and still people don't show up. What am I missing? Come pay day I wonder if they will figure it out. Upstairs will just assume that I don't know what I'm doing. Are they right? Could be. I think it's more like I don't care. That's not entirely true either, I'm just unsure of what I'm suppose to do about it.I know! I could go pick everyone up,heal all of their physical ills, handle their mountains of business and pay them! What is the world coming to?!


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