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Brasilia opens 32nd Book Fair, which will bring together bloggers and young writers

Updated on July 16, 2016

It started on Saturday (16), in Brasilia, one of the preferred periods for those who consider the book a good companion to all hours. The 32nd Book Fair in Brasilia, at the Convention Center Ulysses GuimarĂ£es, was opened this afternoon with many booths and a wide variety of books, and a number of side events.

"We will find a rich program for every taste. For children, a strong program with many workshops and plenty of storytelling. We will have the National Meeting of Young Writers and a Meeting of Portuguese Speaking Countries ", said Marcos Linhares, one of the fair organizers. According Linhares, is expected to receive daily more than 30,000 people over the nine days of the event.

In its 32nd edition, the fair pays homage to the poet and English dramatist William Shakespeare. In memory of the 400th anniversary of the death of British writer, the fair will promote a talk on his work. The ambassador of the United Kingdom, Alex Ellis, will speak about William Shakespeare and his legacy.

One of the novelties this year is 1st National Literary Bloggers Meeting, which takes place this weekend. The intention is to discuss the internet as a means of dissemination of literature and as an alternative to traditional means of editorial publication, more expensive. "We found that especially young people have their own literary strategy, and one of them is spread via blogs, via Youtube. They have thousands of followers," said Cleide Soares, one of the coordinators of the Book Fair. Cleide integrates the Sectorial Board of the Book, Reading and Libraries of the Federal District and the Book cry: Viva Reading!

The fair also brings Brasilia various names of weight, whose work is present but shelves of thousands of bookstores and over Brazil homes. Leonardo Boff, Antonio Carlos Secchin, André Vianco, FML Pepper, Cristiane Sobral, Mauritius Gomyde will present some of the writers.


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