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Now Abides by Jerene B. Wright

Updated on March 3, 2014

Written by Jerene B. Wright, Now Abides, is a story of overcoming unforeseen circumstances and renewing and deepening a faith in God, despite family and relationships being challenged. Even more so, it is about a woman who, against all odds and hardships, persevered to accomplish her dream of writing down a story that she believes God has placed on her heart to share with others. It is her hope that others, including you, will be blessed and encouraged to never give up on a God that will never give up on you. Wright knows this from her own personal life and has used her own life experiences to help develop many of the characters within this story. A mother of four, Wright, has loved, sacrificed, and lost, made mistakes, like we all often do, and learned to lean into the sweet arms of Jesus when the world seemed to abandon all that she had hoped to be. It is her hope to reach young people that have yet to truly make Christ the Lord of their lives.

As you read through this book, don't look at the words on the page. Pause. Close your eyes. Listen to the story that Wright, once a young girl, like the character Kars 'hara, is trying to tell. It is a story of love and sacrifice. It is a story of hope and reuniting with a God who longs to be good to His children. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be Lord in you life, just like He Now Abides in so many who have found victory over the darkness.

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